3 TikTok Tips To Bring New Life To Your Hair

By Wild Ginger

3 TikTok Tips To Bring New Life To Your Hair

July 23rd, 2021 at 4:02 am

Scalp care is increasingly being touted as the new skincare craze – who would’ve thought? But the reasoning behind this new wave is sound — our scalp is delicate, with its skin layer containing a higher number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles. It also has a lower barrier function as compared to the skin on the rest of our body, making it extra sensitive.


Most importantly, it’s directly related to hair health. Taking good care of your scalp will help ensure strong, smooth, and shiny hair that does not break easily, maintains a healthy elasticity, and can withstand external damage from sun rays, styling tools, and hair dyes or bleach.


But how do we achieve optimal scalp and hair health? Off-the-shelf products can be quite the splurge and upkeep may come with a pretty hefty price. They also often contain unnecessary ingredients, such as parabens and sulphates, that may have an adverse effect on the scalp and disrupt our natural hair texture — curly-haired people, we’re talking to you!


Natural beauty remedies passed down from our ancestors is a common occurrence in many Asian and African communities. You’ll find people increasingly sharing their natural hair care secrets online, and if you’re on TikTok, chances are you have had hairtok pop up on your FYP (For You Page). We’ve scoured the net, and rounded up some of our fave natural hair care tips to help you amp up your scalp and hair care routine:


  1. Routinely give your hair an oil treatment
@daniawiththegoodhair@melissasifuentes6♬ Caution – Kaytranada

@daniawiththegoodhair@wardashahzadi♬ Paradise – Bazzi

Pre-wash hair oiling is a time-old Ayuverdic tradition that is increasingly gaining popularity for its benefits. It is essentially the practice of massaging nourishing oils, such as castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and the like, onto the roots of your hair and leaving it to soak for a good amount of time before washing. This hair and scalp care practice promotes hair growth through the stimulation of base-hair follicles and also provides our hair with the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy, shiny, and strong.


  1. Rinse your hair with rice water
@amy_haircareHow I prepare my rice #foryoupage #hairstyle #hair #ricewater #hairtransformation♬ Super flat lad – Matthew_carlin_

@bubblebudgieReply to @bubblebudgie there’s still a lot to explain so I will be making more videos abt this!! #ricewater#hair#EasyRecipe♬ Indie – Adrik

This hair care practice that has recently gained virality on various platforms comes from East Asian cultures, namely Japan and China. Rice water — derived from soaking rice grains ideally overnight — is packed with vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth and provides the scalp with a nutrient-rich rinse. Those with a naturally dry scalp or hair may want to pair this routine with a deep conditioning treatment to balance out the high-starch content in the rice water.


  1. Make your own aloe vera hair mask
@curlystrandsAloe Vera has been my best friend on my natural hair journey 🌱 #hairgrowth #aloevera #curlyhair #blackgirl #fyp #curls♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

@ssvnchezAloe Vera Mask!! SHEESH my curls haven’t been this defined in a minuteeee!🌀Shoutout to @jonathankmonroe #aloevera #curly #hairtutorials #curlyhair♬ original sound – Jonathan Monroe

Aloe vera is everyone’s trusty best friend when it comes to skin — from its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties, to its healing and revitalising aid for troubled or damaged skin. It’s also highly beneficial for your scalp and hair. Besides strengthening hair and controlling greasiness through its vitamins and enzymes, aloe vera also helps calm and reduce scalp irritations such as seborrheic dermatitis — a skin condition that often causes dandruff, scaly patches, and red, inflamed skin. Safe to say, Aloe Vera is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. The next time your scalp is acting up and dampening your mood due to skin-irritations, try applying some fresh aloe vera to the affected area for an instant cooling fix.

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