5 New Year’s Resolutions For Mental Health

By Wild Ginger

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Mental Health

December 27th, 2021 at 3:50 am

New Year, New Goals, New You. With 2022 on the horizon, many of us are starting to wonder about how we’d like to better ourselves in the New Year. The classic New Year’s resolutions we hear every January range from working out to eating healthier. While these are great goals, there are plenty more ways to improve your well-being.


Your resolutions don’t necessarily have to be flashy – in fact, they can be totally invisible to others. The past two years have been full of adjustments in all our lives. So, why not make 2022 the year of mental health?


Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Commit to Kinder Self-Talk

We all have a voice in our head, constantly narrating throughout our day. When was the last time you examined that voice? For many of us, our inner voice tends to be our harshest critic. Luckily, with some effort, we can gently shift our self-talk to be kinder and compassionate. Next time, when the voice in your head sounds a little harsh, try thinking about what you would say to a close friend in that situation. With time, “I messed up” can morph into “I’m learning and growing”.


  1. Learn to Say No

Our time and energy are our most precious resources, yet many of us struggle to expend these resources the way we want it. People-pleasing is a surefire way to feel burned out. So, in 2022, evaluate which people, activities and interests are your priorities. When you have this figured out, you will slowly master the art of saying “no” firmly (and kindly) to things you don’t have time for at the moment. Remember, you have the right to politely decline, and you don’t have to qualify your no(s) if you don’t want to.


  1. Make Sleep a Priority

Once you’ve learned to say no if that’s the right choice for you, this is the part where you bag in the rest you deserve. We’re a sleep-deprived generation. Some people consider lack of sleep a badge of honour, a signifier of success. But remember, growth doesn’t always mean grind. Start turning off your phone an hour before bedtime. Instead, use this hour to relax in your bed without any distractions.


  1. Try Gratitude Journaling

Keeping a gratitude journal can be one of the simplest things you can do for your mental health. Gratitude journals aren’t like the diaries you may have kept as a teenager. Instead of writing random thoughts, write about the things you’re grateful for – big or small. Maybe start by writing once or twice per week. Gratitude is a skill you can cultivate, and in turn, shifts your mindset towards seeing more positivity!


  1. Ask for Help

Finally, recognise that in 2022, you don’t have to do it all alone. Many of us often feel embarrassed to request for help – be it a ride to the airport or a simple talk on a big decision. Sometimes, we may have a lot on our plate, and it can get difficult to cope with it on our own. And if you’re struggling with your mental health, seeking out professional help is one the kindest things you can do for yourself. Consider going for therapy. The empathy, care and support you’ll get can help reduce your stress and live brighter in the New Year.


As we move into 2022, remember that we’re all works in progress and always will be. Our mental wellness isn’t a box to check off, instead it’s a practice we commit to. With some reflection and help from our loved ones, we can tackle 2022 head on with all our beautiful messiness and imperfections.

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