5 Ways To Add More Creativity To Your Self-Care Routine

By Wild Ginger

5 Ways To Add More Creativity To Your Self-Care Routine

January 26th, 2022 at 4:36 am

Ah, creativity. Many people think of creativity as child’s play. For most of us, access to our creativity ends once art is no longer a required subject at school. It’s something we did as kids, but by the time we get to adulthood, we dismiss it on the basis of not having time for such trivial activities.


But here’s the kicker: engaging in more creative routines can help support your mental health. Turning to creativity in self-care has been proven to have mental wellbeing benefits – relieving both stress and anxiety.


So, whether you’re in need of some calm, a positivity boost or just a bit of self-love, we’ve rounded up five bangin’ activities to keep you company through this rollercoaster we call life.


Flour Power

Feeling anxious? Beating a gooey batter mix can be a very therapeutic way to work those stresses out of your system. Baking is a great creative outlet as it allows you to channel your energy in a productive manner. The step-by-step process will get you to focus on the task at hand allowing your mind to relax.


From cupcakes to flower-shaped homemade breads, there’s always a new recipe to try out! Best part, it gives you delicious results to enjoy at the end.


Get Hooked

Fun fact: Knitting uses two needles and crochet uses just one hook.


Why crochet? Because all the cool kids are doing it! Crocheting is especially good for overcoming bad habits, like smoking or snacking on junk food, as it keeps your mind and hands busy. You don’t have to be a crocheting maestro to get started. Beginner tutorials are available on YouTube.


Not only is it a fun challenge, but you can also gift your personalised mittens to a loved one!


Learn the Lingo

Opening up your mind to a new language helps increase your brain’s ability to learn and change. Simply picking up a flashcard is a wonderful creative workout for your mind. Start simple with an app like Duolingo. You could finally learn how to order that paella in Spanish!


If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe give American Sign Language a go.


Carve a Connection

Need something totally left-of-field? Try soap carving! Soap is cheap, and everything you need to get started on this is almost definitely in your kitchen. Adorable designs aside, soap carving can be a very sensory experience. If you have a fascination for ASMR, this activity is a no brainer.


So why not try carving something the next time you’ve some time to yourself?


Time to Brick Free

For those who spend a lot of time staring at a screen, a tactile hobby might do the trick in helping to switch off. When you think of mindful and relaxing activities, Lego building may not immediately come to mind. But getting in touch with your childlike imagination, can also have the benefit of stimulating creative thinking.


From a city skyline to your favourite Star Wars character, choose a time to get away from the distractions, and start connecting those bricks, piece by piece!


Before you jump into a new creative routine, remember to keep a beginner’s mindset. You may be learning a new skill and that’s not always easy. Feel good that you completed even the smallest part of a new task. The important part of pursuing a new hobby is listening to your curiosity and following it.


So, put away your phone, and get busy on that Baby Yoda Lego set you’ve been dying to try!

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