6 Underrated Self-Care Activities To Try This Weekend

By Wild Ginger

6 Underrated Self-Care Activities To Try This Weekend

July 5th, 2021 at 1:12 pm

We’ve established that self-care is not a luxury, it can include buying a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home workspace, but taking care of your mental health and wellbeing is mainly cost-free, like unfollowing social media accounts that make you feel bad about your body, and setting boundaries with difficult family members. As we remain under lockdown, you’ve probably tried all the popular self-care activities the Internet has to offer, such as journaling your feelings, meditating while doing yoga, and stocking up on scented candles.


What else can you do to feel better about yourself and the current situation? We’ve compiled a list of underrated self-care activities for you to explore, that won’t require you to confront your thoughts or break the bank either. Tapping into creativity and play, these mindless actions will allow you to enjoy calming tasks and fun activities simply for what they are. Read on to find your new weekend plans!


  1. Cooking / Baking

Challenge yourself to cook a new recipe with the ingredients or leftovers in your fridge and pantry. Have fun plating your food like a chef and don’t forget to share your fancy presentation on Instagram. You can also make a movie night at home more special by baking something delicious and indulgent to snack on with your family members or housemates.


  1. Decluttering / Organising / Deep Cleaning

Yes, cleaning does seem more like a chore, but if you make it a fun project, it can provide you with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction! Getting rid of things that you no longer use or enjoy is an effective way of clearing stuck and stagnant energy. You’ll find that having an organised desk and closet, as well as a sparking clean kitchen, will definitely help improve your mood.


  1. Pick Up A New Hobby / Learn A New Skill

If you have a hard time not being productive, picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill will make you feel less guilty about practicing self-care. Embrace your inner child by solving a puzzle, painting, or colouring, instead of spending your evenings scrolling on your phone. If you’ve always wanted to be a plant parent, brush up on your gardening skills so you can surround yourself with greenery, that can also benefit your mental health.


  1. Soak Up The Sun

Whether you have a garden, balcony or just a big window, use it to get some fresh air and catch some rays. You can even stay on your phone for this! All you need to do is relax in the sunlight for a warm serotonin boost. Don’t forget to slap on the sunscreen first.


  1. Add Fruits To Your Water

We told you, self-care can be that simple! Not only will fruits, vegetables and herbs make your water more enjoyable to look at, it tastes good too and is packed with vitamins. If you’ve been struggling to meet your suggested daily water intake, try switching out those sugary beverages you prefer for a tall refreshing glass of fruit-infused water.


  1. Getting dressed up

As comfortable as they are, are you bored of wearing pajamas or loungewear? You may even find yourself feeling more lazy or demotivated while wearing them because, after all, they are meant for sleeping and relaxing. Psychologists believe that the way we dress can have an affect on our mental health and general productivity. See how you feel after getting dressed in the morning, you may find a positive change in your mood, confidence and behaviors!

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