8 Common Facts About Breast Cancer That Just Aren’t True

By Wild Ginger

8 Common Facts About Breast Cancer That Just Aren’t True

October 1st, 2020 at 12:27 pm

2.1 million women get diagnosed with breast cancer each year, making it the most frequent form of cancer among women. According to the Breast Cancer Foundation, this places one in 19 Malaysian women at risk.

As common as it is, there are still so many misconceptions about the disease. These inaccuracies can prevent women from receiving the treatment they require. Below are 8 myths about breast cancer you’ve probably heard before:

1.Young adults can’t get breast cancer.

Breast cancer can occur at any age, but a person’s risk of developing it increases as they grow older.

2. It is only hereditary.

According to the National Cancer Foundation, Inc., only 10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer actually have a family history of the disease.

3. Men can’t get breast cancer.

Yes, they can – although the percentage is small, the mortality rate is higher than women because of the lack of awareness.

4. All lumps are cancerous.

Most lumps found in your breasts are not cancerous, but you should still go and get them check.

5. Breast cancer is fatal.

No, the Breast Cancer Foundation noted that only 20% of women diagnosed with breast cancer suffer from metastases – the dangerous spread of the disease.

6. Underarm antiperspirants and deodorant cause breast cancer.

Nope! There is no conclusive evidence to this claim, so don’t let it stop you from smelling fresh and clean.

7. The hormones in birth control pills cause breast cancer.

No, the birth control pills available on the market these days contain a lower dose of estrogen and progesterone.

8. High-fat foods cause breast cancer.

Eating too much high-fat foods is unhealthy, but studies have not been able to link the two.

With the rise in fake news, it has become imperative for us to stay informed and identity misinformation about breast cancer. If you are concerned about your health – reach out to a doctor and nurse as they would be able to provide the most reliable information.


8 Common Facts About Breast Cancer That Just Aren’t True

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