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Our content cultivates a conversation on overall wellbeing ranging from professional skincare advice and environmentally-friendly practices to mental health and financial wellness. We provide our readers with meaningful topics and the information needed to live a fulfilling life.

Nourish To Flourish

Our mission is to guide and inspire our readers on their personal growth journey. We are committed to seeing them thrive. Join our Self Care Club to connect with others and create a healthy support system. The change starts from within.


Wild Ginger is empowered by five fabulous females who believe in well-being for all. Aida, Amira, Sarah, Amy and Hanis are breaking the boundaries to create an inclusive self-care culture in Malaysia. Let them guide you on your personal growth journey – be it mind, body or skin, with personal and professional content that focuses on achieving a happier, more holistic lifestyle.

Editor’s Message

Hello, fellow millennials!
Welcome to Wild Ginger – an inclusive wellness guide for our generation.

We understand that self-care is a necessity not a luxury, so you won’t find any white caviar facials or 18k gold dumbbells here. Our #goals are to educate and enlighten you on the importance of well-being while trying to change the world. Think self-care for community care.

You can’t pour from an empty cup, so let us fill it up!

Aida Azrin