Amazin’ Graze Celebrates 7 Amazin’ Years of #eatingbettertogether!

By Wild Ginger

Amazin’ Graze Celebrates 7 Amazin’ Years of #eatingbettertogether!

August 1st, 2022 at 7:12 am

Amazin’ Graze is turning seven years old in August and is celebrating seven wonderful years of #eatingbettertogether with its community by launching a new product – the Hummus Chips, adding on to its seven categories of amazin’ food.


“We have come a long way in building such a fun and healthy food brand. We would not be where we are today without the support of our amazin’ community and team. To celebrate our amazin’ 7th year anniversary, we have decided to add an interesting and fun twist to our product, the healthy and guilt-free snack – Hummus Chips to hype up the crowd.” says Amy Zheng, Founder and CEO of Amazin’ Graze.


Amazin’ Graze’s seven categories include the timeless and well-loved range of Granolas, which features bestselling flavours like Hazelnut Blackforest and Blueberry Goji Coconut. Also included are the crunchy and savoury Nut Mixes and the range of all-natural Nut Butters.


The list doesn’t just end there; the deliciously filling and convenient range of Instant Oatmeal Goodness Bowls is also a crowd favourite. Many have chosen to pair the meal-in-a-bowl with some Brownie Chips and Amazin’ Graze Healthy Essentials, a range of high-quality raw ingredients that is perfect on its own or as a topping.


Fast forward to early this year, the vegan Protein Blend range was launched, completing Amazin’ Graze’s seven categories. The launch received an outstanding welcome, selling more than 1000 packets since it hit the market. As for the upcoming Hummus Chips, the unique snack designed to satisfy all taste pallets will feature three flavours, including Lightly Salted With Sea Salt, the Southeast Asian-inspired Thai Chilli Lemongrass, and the sweet and sour pairing of Sweet Tomato and Basil.


Like all Amazin’ Graze products, the yearly exclusive Amazin’ Graze Birthday Bundles will also be available for sale during the entire celebration month of August. Not only that, Amazin’ Graze members can enjoy a Private Sale a few days ahead of our Public Sale. All seven categories of Amazin’ Graze’s goods can be purchased through online stores at or at the nearest hyper or supermarket near you, listed here.


Finally, with the presence of Amazin’ Graze in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, customers can enjoy our complete Birthday Bundles and exclusive sales and kickstart the journey of #eatingbettertogether!

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