With the many restaurants at our fingertips, it can be tempting to cave in to our cravings. Greasy pizzas and burgers, sugary cakes and cookies – yes, they make us happy, but it’s only temporary. In reality, these foods make us feel sluggish and invite other physical problems.

To look and feel our best, we need to begin from within. It can be as simple as eating well! With the right nutrients, we’ll be able to have a stronger body and clearer mind, as well as thicker hair, healthier nails, and glowing skin.

What’s even better news is that every single nutrient we need as humans can be found in non-animal sources. From protein and healthy fats to essential vitamins and minerals, we’ve curated the ultimate plant-based grocery list to help you thrive this Veganuary and in the months after!

Grocery Shopping List




Whole Grains

Healthy Fats


Building Your Plate

After crossing grocery shopping off your list, it’s time to pick, mix and put together your nourishing meals.

The Harvard School of Public Health recommends filling the plate with:

If you’re planning to go vegan long-term, you are usually advised to take vitamin B12 supplements and get your daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Please consult your doctor first for personalized medical advice.

Now that you have your diet down, remember to also hydrate with plenty of water, sleep 7-9 hours a night, and stay active for all-round health and happiness!

While working from home has its pros (like wearing PJs all day), it also brings with it some very real pains. Most of our workstations are now beds and couches, but as comfortable as they sound – their lack of support has caused a lot of discomfort. An uncomfortable sitting position is just one of the many distractions you have to deal with when you work from home.

So from improving your posture to tackling blurred work-life boundaries, here are some changes you can make for a healthier and more productive WFH experience:

For the Body

Without our walks to lunch, or even from the carpark to the office, working from home has made us less active. This can lead to stiff necks and sore backs, as well as a higher risk of sedentary diseases, such as diabetes and obesity. 

A healthier body begins with a posture-friendly work desk. Sit up straight, adjust the height of your chair so your feet are on the ground (or on a footrest), and raise your laptop until the top of the screen is at eye level.  

Check out this video for more tips explained by an ergonomics expert.

Your body needs to move to keep the blood flowing, and sitting in the same position for hours can take its toll. Schedule a reminder to stand up and move every 30-45 minutes – why not dance around your room to your favourite songs!

Regular stretches and exercises can help loosen tight muscles, strengthen them, and improve overall flexibility and mobility. Try following an online yoga class or these exercises for better back health.

For the Mind

If you find yourself struggling with concentration or working longer hours at home, you’re not alone. With the line between work and rest as fuzzy as can be, it’s easy for the mind to feel overwhelmed.

Just as your body needs breaks from sitting, your brain needs regular rest from the screen too. Take a break after completing every task or try the Pomodoro Technique, which rewards you with a 5-minute rest after every 25 minutes of work. There’s even a Google Chrome extension you can install.

At the end of the work day, log off and keep your laptop hidden in a drawer to stop the temptation of replying to emails at 10PM.

Write down a to-do list and estimate how much time you need to spend on each task. Having this fresh plan every morning keeps you focused and sets you up for a more productive day – it can also help you avoid the stress of rushing to meet deadlines later on.

From the comfy bed to your furry friend, distractions at home can make it hard to focus – identify what’s distracting you and remove it from your workspace. Is it your bed? Work in another room. Is your family talking a little too loud? Put on your earphones. Is it Netflix? Sign out of your account until you’re done for the day.

Share these tips with your friends who are hustling from home too!