Emotional stress is not a joke!


Have you ever found yourself zoning out in conversations with people you love, or even while trying to get through an episode of your favorite Netflix show? Perhaps you have found that you are having trouble sleeping, are more irritable, or are simply more prone to headaches and tummy aches than before?


If any of these symptoms sound like something you’re currently experiencing, you may be emotionally exhausted.


Emotional exhaustion is a state in which you feel burnt out physically, mentally, and emotionally. This could be sprouting from stressors you may be feeling from either your work or personal life. However, it often takes a lot more than a hard day at work or a petty argument with a loved one for you to experience emotional exhaustion.


The essence of experiencing emotional exhaustion comes from a build-up of multiple stressors over a period of time. The troubling thing is that you may not even notice it immediately.


So, what causes emotional exhaustion?

They always say that prevention is better than cure, so here are a few things that can cause emotional exhaustion:


Being aware of the situations you are in and the symptoms you may be experiencing can save you from the long-term complication of having to recover. Evaluating your environment and your emotions often can help you be more mindful of what you are feeling.


With all this in mind, how can you then treat emotional exhaustion if you already have it?


Here are a few tips that you can take to help yourself:

Being aware of where your emotional stress is sprouting from can help you create solutions to reduce the exhaustion you may be feeling. It can help if you were to write it down in order to be able to create a clearer image of the changes you can make to help yourself.


Getting enough sleep. Eating mindfully. Drinking water. These are elements we often forget to prioritize in our lives. Yet, the reality is that if we were to be more mindful of keeping these habits, they would help sustain us better by reducing the stress we experience so that we may have a more well-rounded life.


Seriously. Take. A. Break. It can be as simple as opening a window and allowing yourself to breathe in that fresh air. Make yourself a cup of coffee. Or you know what? Go outside! Take a walk. Go to the mall. See your friends and give yourself the time to unwind, because even though we have heard it multiple times, you really do deserve to take a break.


Sometimes stress can make you feel isolated – like you’re the only one experiencing this tremendous amount of responsibility. Therefore, it is important for you to realize that you are not alone and that everybody else is experiencing burnouts similar to yours.


Breathe. Be mindful of the way the air fills up your lungs and the way it slowly exits through a long exhale. By focusing on our breathing, you will be able to draw your consciousness back to the present moment and give yourself that time to recharge.


Everybody is prone to experiencing emotional exhaustion at some point in their lives. It is our own personal responsibility to be aware of the state of our mental health so that we may be better people for ourselves and the people around us.

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard


When you hear the word “exercise”, what are the first images that come into your mind? For most of us, it is running, weightlifting, spin classes, and every intense workout regime we can think of. But what if I told you that there is another way we can move our bodies? Something a lot less intimidating, but a more fun and gentler way of taking care of your physical wellbeing?


If you’re looking to work out your body as well as your mind, flexercise is a great way to get you there! The initial concept of flexercising is “meditation in motion”. Through a series of moderate, low-impact movements, flexercise can help you focus on strengthening your mind, body, and spirit.


We all know that it is important for us to get a regular dose of movement every day. It is not only meant to help us look good, but to also feel good. Exercising our bodies has been proven to increase our energy, improve our moods, and our overall physical wellbeing – such as lowering our risk of cardiac disease, diabetes, and so forth. However, even when we are looking for moderate workout regimes, it can still seem so tiresome and scary when the majority of fitness circles focus on the phrase “no pain, no gain” and pushing our bodies to extreme limits.


But that is not the case with flexercise! Flexercising is less intimidating and more fun. It has been described to be part exercise, part dance, and part meditation. This friendlier method of fitness focuses on strengthening your body, helping you achieve a good posture and balance, and to feel great about yourself.


So, what are the ways you can start flexercising? Well, you can start by:

Going for a walk.

It is the easiest thing you can choose to do and there is so much to love about it! A short 20-minute walk around your neighborhood, or a nearby park, is an awesome way for you to ground yourself and your thoughts. Going out for nature walks can boost your energy levels and reduce your stress. So go on and surround yourself in nature, and take a deep breath of that fresh air!


Have a dance party!

Yes, really. Have a dance party. Pick your favorite upbeat tunes, crank up the music, and get moving! Dancing is always a great way for you to get creative, not to mention the empowerment you will feel by allowing yourself to be free. Aside from it being fun, dance parties are also beneficial to your health. It can improve your motor fitness, endurance, heart and lung functions, as well as muscular strength. What better way is there to take care of yourself aside from doing it in the most freeing method possible?


Lazy Bed Workout

Let’s face it: not everyone is a morning person! Sometimes (or most of the time), it can feel so challenging to get up and do your morning stretches. So, who said you can’t do them on the bed itself? There are several ways for you to get active in the morning without leaving your bed. Doing a few stretches and breathing exercises can help you wake your body up gently and start your day on the right foot. Additionally, there are several ways for you to work out your legs and core while laying down as well. By taking turns laying on your side and lifting one leg repeatedly, or lifting your glutes to build your core strength – there are various methods you can use to improve your wellbeing in the gentlest way possible.


It’s important to have a healthy relationship with your mind and your body. Ask yourself: what do I feel like doing today? Listen to how your body feels and let it guide you to your first step towards flexercising. Remember, a healthy body gives birth to a healthy mind. So, let’s start our self-care journey of flexercise today!