Breaking Stereotypes With Diabetics

By Wild Ginger

Breaking Stereotypes With Diabetics

November 16th, 2020 at 1:58 pm

Seeing a 5% increase since 2015, last year’s National Health & Morbidity Survey found that 18.3% of the adult population has diabetes – meaning: almost one in five Malaysians!

As important as it is to live a healthy lifestyle, it is also necessary to know the myths and facts about diabetes. For Diabetes Awareness Month, we interviewed two dynamic type one diabetics, Sheena and Jacob, who were both diagnosed at the mere age of 20. The two copywriters are well-articulated, sharing their stories about the lesser known type of diabetes – an autoimmune disease.

Sheena and Jacob already break the stereotype by being young and fit, but they were once embarrassed of having diabetes as they were constantly accused of eating too much sweets and cakes. Jacob was even convinced he gave it to himself – he reveals that he still has a sweet tooth, contradicting the popular belief that diabetics can’t consume sugar.

With insulin, they are able to eat whatever they want as it allows them to act as their own pancreas. Sheena, however, had difficulty getting insulin at the start of her diagnosis as doctors in Malaysia are afraid of patients misusing it.

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, know that it may be tough at the start, but it will get better. These two prove that you can still live a normal life – enjoying good food, having drinks with friends and working out (Sheena is a marathon runner!).

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