Buy Your Medicines Safely From This E-Pharmacy

By Wild Ginger

Buy Your Medicines Safely From This E-Pharmacy

July 16th, 2021 at 3:33 am

Malaysia’s largest prescription pharmacy chain, Alpro Pharmacy has recently launched its e-pharmacy service to allow the public to seek doctor’s or pharmacists’ consultation and purchase prescribed medications online.

Rapidly adapting its service to help the community in dealing with the unprecedented demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alpro has been active in the online environment; delivering essential counselling, sharing valuable medical information and supplying medicines to patients and local communities through the official e-commerce platform, Alpro One Click (, backed by a dedicated team of professionals comprising doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians.

“As the first and only community pharmacy that has successfully obtained RM1,000,000 Product Liability Insurance for all medications in the country, our mission drives us to always put the betterment of the community first before anything. Following the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases reported in the country, we felt the e-pharmacy would make it easier for the public to consult a doctor, get a prescription and buy their medications by staying at home instead,” said Ph.Lee Yin Chen, Alpro’s Director of Branding, Promotion and Trade Marketing.

Alpro has been actively serving the community through the various phases of Movement Control Order (MCO) since last year and the pharmacy chain has specifically been introducing new services to continue supporting those who need medical attention or help.

“During MCO 1.0 last year, we came to understand that there were many who were avoiding a visit to the doctor when they were unwell due to financial constraints and concerns over visiting a clinic.

“This was why we launched the Minute Consult service, an alternative for the public to seek medical consultation and treatment in our pharmacies. This was a hugely successful initiative as the public only needed to pay an all-inclusive amount of less than RM20 for consultation, treatment and medication. Over 400,000 patients have benefitted from the Minute Consult service in the past one year,” Lee said.

Under its community-driven approach in serving the country, the Malaysia Book of Records recently recognised Alpro for becoming the community pharmacy with the most prescriptions dispensed in a year in Malaysia – dispensing over 185,000 prescriptions in a year.

Speaking of the recognition and the company’s prolonged commitment towards social empowerment, Yin Chen mentioned that the pharmacy chain takes great pride in being able to add value to the community through its products, services and offerings.

“We hope to continue leveraging on our wide online reach and network of over 140 outlets nationwide to drive a positive impact in the society. Our e-pharmacy can be accessed via our website or the public can also call 019-7021923 / 019-6129006.”

“The indefinite nature of the pandemic has meant that we now have to work overtime to stay engaged with the public, be it through public awareness sharing on social media or via live chats on Facebook Messenger to answer medical-related queries,” said Lee.

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