The pandemic has been an anxiety-inducing time, so you may have experienced more stress than usual. Many people have reported their highest levels of stress while facing fear, uncertainty, job insecurity, and grief. The prolonged stress has taken an unprecedented toll on our mental health, which can also affect our physical health.


When we are feeling stressed, our bodies produce stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, that trigger our “fight or flight” response. This causes our heart rates and blood pressure to increase as our body prepares to protect us in an emergency. Long-term activation of the stress system overexposes us to stress hormones and disrupts our body’s processes.


The excessive hormones remain in our bloodstream for extended durations, even when we don’t require them anymore. You may have felt the effects of stress as a headache, heartburn, rapid breathing, pounding heart, and / or stomachache. These physical symptoms are our bodies response to the changes, which in turn, causes other internal changes and an imbalance in our hormones.


What is a hormonal imbalance?

A hormonal imbalance occurs when our bodies produce either too little or too much of a particular hormone. Hormone levels naturally fluctuate as we grow and pass different life stages; however, an imbalance in our hormones, especially for a prolonged time, can have negative effects on our overall health.


Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include:

Experiencing one or more of these symptoms can be an indication, but it does not guarantee that you have a hormonal imbalance. Please make an appointment with a doctor for a diagnostic test.


Other than stress and anxiety, there are numerous other causes of a hormonal imbalance, such as:


To reduce stress and anxiety, try:

Elevating a whole new joyful experience of Healthy Made Tasty, Hellmann’s introduces an all-new range with three flavours that put life into pleasure by featuring a bold and exquisite taste – Blueberries & Lime, Triple Citrus andMiso Ponzu.


Inspired by a combination of Asian flavours with fresh premium ingredients, ranging from farm-fresh Blueberries, a concoction of Yuzu, Lemon and Lime, as well as Japanese styled Miso and Ponzu that are naturally healthy and tasty. Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, these new dressings will not only up your salad game but can be integrated into other healthy meals, making your daily meal even more scrumptious.


Hellmann’s have been all about bringing the best in real, pleasurable food moments – and in every culture, food plays a big role in people’s lives. At Hellmann’s, the brand believes that both taste and health are made possible through their delicious dressings. Today, Hellmann’s aims to cultivate Malaysians to make healthier choices with the selection of the best, premium ingredients. Healthy food can be tasty and rightfully so.


While the pandemic has brought many Malaysians together, Hellmann’s aims to continue connecting people by bringing a fun way to celebrate life and deliciously healthy food through a dance challenge. Truly, there is no better time than to move to the beat. In this challenge, Hellmann’s will be selecting 10 lucky winners to receive the exclusive Hellmann’s giftset and a chance to participate in a virtual cooking class with social media star, Jestinna Kuan.


With many Malaysians are spending most of their time at home, Hellmann’s have envisioned to bring the winners into a journey of Healthy Made Tasty with recipes to try from the new range. To participate, contestants would need to follow Jestinna x Hellmann’s dance challenge and post on Instagram with the campaign hashtag #HealthyMadeTasty #HellmannsRealTaste #HellmannsMY, and tag @HellmannsMY and @Jestinna.


With the trendiest flavours to excite your palette, Hellmann’s brings you tasty and healthy meals. Grab them today in stores or online at Shopee store or Lazada’s Grocery store. Explore many more healthy and tasty recipes that you can pair with new Hellmann’s salad dressings here.


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‘Yes, I will have the meatball sub. Again’. 


Don’t get us wrong, we love a meatball sub. But while Subway’s flavour combinations across breads, proteins, fresh vegetables and sauces are endless, it’s not uncommon to fall into a ‘signature Sub’ rut. 


To help you try something #fresh, we’ve got 5 fun Sub suggestions for you to try the next time you’re hungry. 


#1 – Add some mac and cheese (yes, for real)

Did you know that you can add mac and cheese to your sub? While it may sound odd at first, it makes a lot of sense to add some cheesy goodness to your favourite sub to create an indulgent treat. 


Don’t fancy having mac and cheese in your sub? Enjoy mac and cheese on the side instead! That’s right, mac and cheese can be purchased as a side  to accompany your delicious sub.


#2 – Tuna goes on everything 

Don’t be outraged – hear us out! According to Subway’s Sandwich Artists, the most popular protein combination is meatballs with a scoop of tuna. Who would have thought? This is closely followed by egg mayo with tuna, and chicken teriyaki…with tuna. Our verdict? If the people love it, there must be something to this surf-and-turf approach. Why not give it a try and see what all the fuss is about? 


Pro Tuna Tip:  A plain tuna sub is best paired with sweet onion sauce! 


#3 – Add corn for some extra crunch! 

It’s time to expand your vegetable horizons! If you’re looking to hit your vegetable quota for the day in a fun way, try adding some corn to your sub. An extra scoop of corn doesn’t just taste great, but it’s also a healthier way of adding some delicious crunch to your sub. Yum! 

#4 – Turn up the indulgence-factor with some chips! 

If you’d like to make your sub a little more indulgent, order a bag of potato chips as a side and do what a lot of our guests like to do – have a seat, rip open the bag of potato chips, and add them straight into the sub! *crunch*


#5 – Try the hottest sub!

Love spicy food, but adding chili sauce just isn’t enough to get that heat kick you crave? We got you! For a limited time only, we’ve brought back the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub with a new recipe that is hotter than ever! Head on over to your nearest Subway if you’re ready to feel the heat. 

Most of us are very routine-oriented and those routines are always planned around the 24-hour clock, where we have separated our time for rest, play, sustenance, and work. But as menstruating persons, there are days that we struggle to find the necessary energy or motivation to get on with our routines, especially around the days before we start our period or while we are menstruating.


We often forget to keep track of what is going on inside our bodies, and at times, get overwhelmed by what we are expected to do and our actual capacity to fulfil such tasks. What if we told you that there was a healthier way to adjust our lifestyles and optimise our productivity?


A study has revealed that hormone fluctuations play a key role in how a menstruating person’s body responds to the changes that are taking place within the 28-day hormonal cycle. According to the study, the changes in the hormone flow affects the physiological, neurological and psychological development and function; impacting the thought process, eating habits, emotional status, energy levels and more.


What is Cycle Syncing?

In recent years, cycle synching has become a buzzword and the hashtag returns a considerable amount of content across social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, sharing tips on the how’s, what’s and why’s.


Alisa Vitti, who is a Functional Nutritionist (HHC, AADP), hormonal expert and the founder of Flo Living, popularised her now trademarked term Cycle Syncing after taking into consideration her years of study, and her personal experience in understanding the female reproductive-system and wanting to assist.


According to Vitti, the 28-day hormonal cycle has four phases, and based on which phase of the cycle a person is, they should adjust their lifestyle (i.e. food intake, physical activity and work schedules) to improve productivity, as well as their overall physical and mental well-being.


Cycle syncing can also benefit groups that have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), struggle with weight fluctuation, looking to improve fertility, and improve their libido.


The Infradian Rhythm 

For persons who menstruate, it is quite beneficial to take note of their infradian rhythm, which takes place through four phases during their 28-day hormonal cycle. The infradian rhythm affects a person’s mood, health, as well as energy levels as it cycles through the four phases; that is follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual.


It is important to understand how your hormone levels fluctuate, and the changes that are taking place within these four phases, so you can adjust your lifestyle around it.


Phase 1: Follicular Phase


Phase 2: Ovulatory Phase


Phase 3: Luteal Phase


Phase 4: Menstrual Phase


Period-Tracking Apps

My Flo – A period-tracking app that helps you to achieve hormonal balance; recommending what foods, exercises and activities are best suited for each phase of your cycle. It also keeps track of any symptoms and provides necessary food-based tips to resolve them.


Clue – An app that uses gender-neutral language to help you track your cycle and health. The app predicts your period, PMS, fertile window, and provides additional information on birth control, cramps, emotions, skin, hair, sleep, sex, pain, moods, cervical fluid, and more.

Cheap, plentiful, bad for the environment – fast fashion is much like fast food. We crave the convenience that allows us to keep up with the latest trends in the age of social media. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a few fast fashion pieces, especially because there aren’t many affordable options available. The problem lies within throwaway culture.


Throwaway culture is the misuse of fast fashion. Only the wealthy used to have wear-it-once wardrobes, but now many are able to afford clothes as single-use purchases. The pressure to look good on social media has people viewing outfits as perishable and disposable. This has caused an estimated 85% of textiles to end up in landfills each year.


What Is Second Hand September

Oxfam, a global movement that’s working towards a world without poverty, sees second hand clothing as a way to protect the planet and help people beat poverty. Their 30-day campaign, Second Hand September, encourages consumers to form more sustainable shopping habits by only buying second hand clothing all month.


How To Get Involved


Where To Buy & Sell


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Where To Donate

Have you noticed when you think back on a certain time in your life, there is usually one overarching scent that immediately triggers your old memories? With just one whiff of that particular smell or fragrance, you are automatically transported to another place or time. This phenomenon is known as the Proust effect and is caused how close the olfactory processing system is to the memory hub in the brain.


With that in mind, The Body Shop Malaysia has just relaunched their iconic White Musk fragrance range – the nostalgic ’90s cloying scent that teenage girls, including myself, religiously doused themselves in during high school. Now vegan certified, this cult classic fragrance has been reimagined, making it more sustainable than ever. Not only did they vend and revamp their signature scent, the brand has also launched three new fragrance toppers, all of which have been specially created to be layered over the original White Musk Eau de Parfum – for your very own customised scent!


@thebodyshopmalaysiaOur iconic scent just got better 🍃💕 Follow us to find out what our new White Musk collection is all abt! #thebodyshopmalaysia #whitemusk #fragrance♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) – Dusty Sky


These new fragrance toppers allow you to play with the notes you love:


Fall back in love or discover the signature scent of a generation at The Body Shop!

Ever catch a whiff of a clean invigorating scent when you’re out and about, one that instantly captures your attention? You then realise it is coming from someone’s hand sanitiser? It then finds a place on your must-have list! That’s totally the case with Canvas Goods and their irresistible range of sweet and heavenly smelling hand sanitisers.


If you are inclined towards nice smelling products, which are kind to your skin and to the Earth, it’s time to ditch the shelf-standard industrial-smelling sanitisers laden with harsh chemicals and often dizzying alcohol smell. Opt instead for Canvas Goods’ nifty and super affordable sanitisers that leave your skin feeling baby soft without sticky residue!


Canvas Goods’ Pocket Mist Hand Sanitizer not only stands out for its unique range of scents that are vegan and cruelty-free, but also for its sleek and compact product design that makes it super chic-looking to carry around and spritz. Those with sensitive skin will be pleased to know that the dermatologically-tested formula is packed with good-for-you ingredients and extracts that will leave your hands feeling wonderfully clean, soft, and smooth. 


Shop the new range 


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Earthy and citrus scent lovers will instantly feel refreshed and at one with nature with Forest Citrus – an orange and grapefruit cocktail scent layered with notes of flint, and with a rich body of woodsy base notes of oak moss and Benzoin. 



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For those who gravitate towards floral fragrances, Florescence offers a symphony of lush floral notes comprising of water jasmine, green mandarin, and ginger lily, that works in perfect harmony with its middle notes of vanilla and salt, balanced with base notes of cashmere wood, ambergris as well as sandalwood that gives off a Moroccan Summer-esque feel.



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Luminiscent offers a perfectly balanced ambrosial fragrance profile with its top notes of pear and melon, softened by freesia and rose, and sharpened with base notes of musk, patchouli, rhubarb and amber. 


Whether you’re gifting these pocket mist cleansers to a friend or switching out your current ones for something new, these do the job of eliminating harmful germs and bacteria all while lifting your mood with its invigorating scents. Happy with your purchase? The environmentally friendly silicone bottles are refillable, in keeping with the company’s commitment to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. 


Shop Canvas Goods’ online store here!


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As we prepare to return to normalcy, you may find yourself focusing on the changes that your body might have gone through over the lockdown period. Most of us would be experiencing increased levels of anxiety due to staying indoors and feeling very anxious about our body image.


Just know that you are not alone in feeling so – a recent survey conducted in the UK on body image uncovered the scale of the problem. It reported that 61% of adults and 66% of children feel negative or very negative about their body image most of the time, and the figures were higher for specific groups including women (62%), people with disabilities and transgender people (57%). This means that the lockdown has worsened existing body image anxieties and inspired new insecurities in such groups.


Rather than focusing on your insecurities and pushing yourself to achieve unrealistic post-lockdown body expectations, here are some body acceptance practices you can adopt instead:


Even after we return to normalcy, we should continue to work on loving and accepting our body regardless of the season or the occasion. Some days may be harder than others, but the real body goal is to promote and maintain a positive body image. If you still struggle with how you feel about your body, please seek professional help.

Some stress and anxiety is normal, especially during a global pandemic. But for someone with a pre-existing anxiety disorder, the uncertainty of the coronavirus and the future has been more difficult to cope with. I went for counselling, but I also had physical tension, which was my body’s reaction to the stress. My facial muscles were tight from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth overtime, so when I heard about acupuncture being able to release tension and reduce stress, I was like, “sign me up!”.


What Is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that involves inserting thin needles (very thin!) into specific points in the body. These nerve-rich areas are targeted to help stimulate muscles, tissues and organs. According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture brings the body’s flow of energy, known as “qi”, back to balance. When a person’s qi is imbalanced and blocked, it is said to cause illness and poor health.


The Session

I made an appointment at TMF Academy, which is The Mind Faculty’s affordable therapy arm, and went with an open mind. The session started with the acupuncturist, C.M.D.R Joanne Wong, examining my body in terms of Chinese medicine and ensuring that the session will treat the source of my symptoms. 


She took my pulse by hand and as I focused on my breathing, I was surprised by how much she was able to tell about me from my diet to my menstrual cycle. She then had a look at my tongue and eyes, and took my blood pressure with a digital monitor. After getting a clearer picture of my physical and mental health, it was time to get poked!


The session targeted four areas: my stomach, lower legs, forehead and the top of my head. I started to get nervous as the first acupoint on my stomach was being sanitized. My pain tolerance has varied, so I couldn’t help but to hold my breath as the needle penetrated my skin. Guess what: it didn’t hurt! I was relieved as three more needles were inserted into my tummy, until it was time to add the mild electrical pulses. To my surprise, that didn’t hurt either – it produced a slight tingling sensation and a heater was added to provide warmth.


I felt very relaxed by the end of it. My mind was at ease for the first time in (what felt like) years! This newfound sense of peace was so strong, it had me purchasing a 10-session package that filled my weekly routine with acupuncture. Not to mention, I had an amazing sleep right after.


Who Should Try It?

As TMF Academy is a mental health clinic, their acupuncturist works closely with the mental health practitioners to support those with:

They also do acupuncture for beauty and wellbeing, which includes improving complexions and sleep.


How Can It Help?

Clinical studies have shown that acupuncture:


How To Prepare For A Session

If you are undergoing any treatments or are on any medications, please discuss acupuncture with your doctor first. If it isn’t a risk to your health and you’re ready to try it, look for a licensed acupuncture practitioner – you can make an appointment with TMF Academy here. Schedule your appointment on a day that isn’t stressful, so you can rest after the session. Before the session: make sure to eat an appropriate amount, avoid caffeine and wear loose-fitting clothing.


Our bodies and minds may seem separate, but our mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Poor physical health can cause mental health problems, and poor mental health can develop into physical symptoms. Please take care of your overall wellbeing, especially during these stressful times!


@wildgingermyTW: Needles • Did you know that acupuncture can help alleviate depression & reduce anxiety? We tested it out at The Mind Faculty! ##mentalhealth

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Food delivery services have always been popular – even before the pandemic, we indulged in the variety and convenience of food delivery applications, such as GrabFood and FoodPanda, that allowed us to enjoy our favourite meals in the comfort of our own homes. It comes as no surprise that the demand for these flexible food delivery services has surged since we’ve had to stay indoors to curb the spread of the virus. Although it has helped some restaurants stay afloat, it has also accelerated the consumption of single-use plastics.


In 2019, Malaysia banned single-use plastic straws and imposed a plastic bag charge for customers of all businesses. Less than a year later, when the coronavirus broke out, that progress was reversed due to health concerns and fear that reusable items could spread the disease. This makes it crucial for us to make more eco-conscious decisions and become ethical consumers, like ordering from restaurants that have embraced sustainable practices or choosing not to use plastic cutlery on GrabFood.


To make your search for eco-friendly restaurants easier, we’ve compiled a list of seven F&B businesses you can support that champion the cause through sustainable packaging, plant-based meals, and promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.


1. Rawsome


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Rawsome is a health food brand that serves up Asian-style vegetarian and vegan meals made from organic ingredients. You’ll be able to dig into their Vegetarian Nasi Lemak or Ramen Pan Mee without feeling guilty afterwards!

Sustainability Practices: Plant-based food and uses paper packaging, bio-degradable cutlery, paper straws.

Order via GrabFood.


2. Strangers At 47


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This award-winning cafe is known for whipping up both sweet and savoury fusion crepes. Their menu does include other hearty meals, such as rice bowls and pasta, which you can enjoy with their specialty coffee and cakes.

Sustainability Practices: Uses plant-based and compostable packaging, paper wrapping, paper bags.

Order via GrabFood or BeepIt.


3. KyoChon


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Who doesn’t crave KyoChon‘s famous and flavourful Korean fried chicken? You can now chow down a meat-free version of their wraps and bibimbap, made from Harvest Gourmet, which still has the same crunch!

Sustainability Practices: Plant-based options and uses paper packaging, paper bags.

Order via their website or GrabFood.


4. Vegelab


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Offering an array of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, from Western cuisine to local, Vegelab is on a mission to spread awareness for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. They are determined to improve health and wellness for both ourselves and the planet!

Sustainability Practices: Plant-based, uses paper packaging and paper bags, and promotes sustainability on their social media.

Order via Oddle.


5. Salad Atelier


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Looking for healthy fast food? This salad joint puts together quick and easy bowls filled with fresh ingredients! From Omega 3 dense poke bowls to healthier versions of classic sandwiches, Salad Atelier will make sure you get all the nutrients you need.

Sustainability Practices: Uses paper packaging and promotes sustainability on their social media.

Order via GrabFood.


6. Cauli & Rice


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Filled with antioxidants, like Vitamin A and Vitamin C, cauliflower rice is a satisfying way to up your vegetable intake. Cauli & Rice offers this with their nourishing bowls made with familiar flavours, such as Tom Yam, Belacan and Curry.

Sustainability Practices: Uses paper packaging.

Order via their website or GrabFood.


7. Charlie’s Cafe


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A post shared by Charlie’s Cafe Since 2015 (@mycharliescafe)

Known for their chicken chop, Charlie’s Cafe is a social enterprise restaurant that has been around since 2015. The friendly neighbourhood cafe serves up local comfort food, from Sarawak Laksa to Nasi Lemak, using fresh produce purchased directly from Orang Asli communities.

Sustainability Practices: Uses paper packaging.

Order via GrabFood.


Something as small as ordering from an eco-friendly restaurant can collectively make a big difference on our environment! Let’s start being more eco-conscious consumers to help the sustainability of our planet. 

Avocado smoothie, avocado pesto, avocado cheesecake… The type of dishes that can be created with avocados seems literally endless when starters, mains, and desserts can incorporate the fruit. Yes, avocado is a fruit, for those unaware!


In fact, avocado is known around the world for its nutritious benefits but what exactly does that mean for your body? Wild Ginger celebrates Avocado Day this 31st of July by sharing some fun facts and scientific facts on avocados with you:


Let’s Hass Some Fun


Bravocado To the Scientists


All You Avo Wanted


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Type of Avocado: Unspecified type from Australia, America, & Mexico

Order: via Beepit

Price Range: From RM 5.50 per piece



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Type of Avocado: American Hass, Australian Hass, Australian Shepherd, Mexican Hass, Kenyan Hass, & Indonesian Butter

Order: via WhatsApp

Price Range: Varies according to type



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Type of Avocado: Australian Hass, Mexican Hass, & Philippino Hass

Order: via Instagram

Price Range: Varies according to set chosen



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Type of Avocado: Unspecified American type, Kenyan Hass, & Unspecified Indonesian type
via the official website or Grab Food
Price Range:
From RM 10.60

You might have heard about it from your health-conscious yoga instructor or seen your in-the-know Instagram friend swear by its benefits. But if you are still clueless to what kombucha really is, for the love of gut, you’re about to get a Kombucha 101 crash course!

At its simplest level, kombucha, or the “booch” as some like to call it, is fermented tea. It is typically made by brewing together tea, sugar, liquid from a previous batch and a colony of live bacteria and yeast known as SCOBY, essentially short for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

This beverage, with the perfect balance of tang and tart, has managed to gain a cult following over the years as it’s known to be a great source of probiotics – but most of all, it just tastes really good! The probiotics found in kombucha can improve gut health and aid digestion.

Now, if that pitch got your attention and you would like to taste the benefits of the booch for yourself, we’ve put together a list of some homegrown Malaysian kombuchas below:

  1. WonderBrew Kombucha


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Sourced from local farmers and the first Halal-certified kombucha in Malaysia, WonderBrew Kombucha is produced in small batches to preserve its quality and freshness. The company also encourages sustainability by upcycling its SCOBY into vegan leather, as well as running recycling programmes for its customers. Their popular blends include Markisa Breeze, a concoction of passion fruit with a hint of mint, and Lite Green, for those who prefer lite tea with a smoother and floral after-taste.


  1. Belly Good Kombucha


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A post shared by Belly Good Kombucha (@mybellygood)

Founded by two good friends in 2017, Belly Good Kombucha is brewed and bottled right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Made using premium tea biscuits sourced from their various tea plantations in Yunnan Province, China, Belly Good’s kombuchas are guaranteed to give you an optimally balanced brew with the right amount of crisp and refreshing flavour. Their current flavour combinations include First Love (lychee and pu-er tea), Piña Colada (pineapple, coconut and green tea), Lululemonade (lemon, ginger and green tea) and Golden Goddess (ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and pu-er tea).


  1. Wild Kombucha


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Wild Kombucha is the brainchild of Jason Tan who recognised what a simple, fizzy booch could do for his health and skin. The Malaysian artisanal kombucha brand handcrafts its brews in small batches using natural ingredients, such as real fruits, to make every sip pleasantly fragrant and delightfully healing. With 12 flavours to choose from – some of which include The Apple Aid, Lavender Lemonade, Tropical Mango and Sencha Pear, there’s something for every taste bud. If you’re feeling bold, you can also go wild with their Cultured Coffee kombucha, a refreshing fermented coffee that helps promote good digestion.


  1. ChaCha Kombucha


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Founded by plant-based chef, Matthieu Morisset and fitness trainer, Ishaq Vadillo, ChaCha Kombucha is made with 100% natural ingredients for guilt-free drinking pleasure. Brewed in a microbrewery in Damansara Perdana, ChaCha’s kombuchas are expected to pack a fruity and fizzy kick to help make healthy living enjoyable. Customers can enjoy a range of flavours such as Love Bucha (raspberry), Green Bucha (apple, carrot, spinach, celery and cucumber) and Buzz Bucha (vanilla).


  1. Zenboocha


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A post shared by Zenboocha Kombucha 🇲🇾 (@zenboocha)

Fairly new in the market, this homemade kombucha brand was created with the purpose to make Malaysians feel good both on the inside and the outside. Zenboocha carefully selects its natural ingredients to produce unapologetically flavourful and annoyingly guilt-free brews. All four flavours from Ginger Honey to Passion Potion has refreshing flavours packed with antioxidants that are great for your gut.


We don’t know about you, but you can never go wrong with a fizzy bevvy that’s also rich in probiotics, especially on more scorching days. We’ll drink to that!