Cheap, plentiful, bad for the environment – fast fashion is much like fast food. We crave the convenience that allows us to keep up with the latest trends in the age of social media. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a few fast fashion pieces, especially because there aren’t many affordable options available. The problem lies within throwaway culture.


Throwaway culture is the misuse of fast fashion. Only the wealthy used to have wear-it-once wardrobes, but now many are able to afford clothes as single-use purchases. The pressure to look good on social media has people viewing outfits as perishable and disposable. This has caused an estimated 85% of textiles to end up in landfills each year.


What Is Second Hand September

Oxfam, a global movement that’s working towards a world without poverty, sees second hand clothing as a way to protect the planet and help people beat poverty. Their 30-day campaign, Second Hand September, encourages consumers to form more sustainable shopping habits by only buying second hand clothing all month.


How To Get Involved


Where To Buy & Sell


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Where To Donate

On the heels of World Environment Day, comes World Oceans Day – an annual celebration of the heart of our planet and its importance to all life on Earth. The ocean provides us with oxygen, nourishment and even employment, but now, it is in need of our support. This June 8th, the theme of United Nations’ World Oceans Day, The Ocean: Live and Livelihoods, reminds us that the ocean is our lifesource, so we must protect it from global warming, pollution and overfishing.


We may not be able to go out and clean up the beaches this year, but we can still help save the oceans from inside our homes. Through small actions and sustainable decisions, we can make a big difference! Don’t give up on sustainability during this time, if anything, the pandemic has shown us how dependent we are on the ocean, which is why we must work together to protect it. 


When it comes to conscious shopping, a brand that is making it easier for consumers is terrae – while other fabrics release microplastics into the ocean, theirs is made from repurposed ocean waste. Founded by two friends, Azalea and Suan, the sustainable fashion brand focuses on inclusivity, innovation and information. “Our goal is to create activewear and athleisure pieces for real bodies in real situations, while doing our best to minimise our impact on the planet”. 


With a name inspired by the word “Terra”, the Latin / Italian name for Earth, terrae aims to integrate sustainable practices into their production and supply chain processes, and at the same time, raise awareness and educate their followers on issues such as climate change and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. “Doing well and doing good don’t have to be mutually exclusive, and our goal is to achieve both in the long term”.


Read on for their take on sustainable fashion and how you can help save the ocean from home!


Why did you start terrae?

About a year and a half ago, we were on our way to lunch after attending a workout class together and what was supposed to be our usual car ride from the gym to our favourite chicken rice shop, turned into a conversation about wanting to make a difference in areas we felt strongly about — sustainability, fitness and (cute) clothes. That’s how it all started!



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How did you come up with the creative idea to use ECONYL®?

We spent quite a long time researching sustainable fabrics that were suitable for activewear. ECONYL® is one of the most innovative and sustainable alternatives to virgin nylon, having been made from ocean waste such as discarded fishing nets and other materials bound for landfill.



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What is the sustainable fashion industry like in Malaysia?

We believe the concept of sustainability is still in its infancy in Malaysia. In recent years, we’ve noticed a number of sustainable fashion brands sprouting up in Malaysia and around SEA, but none that really focused on activewear or athleisure in particular, which is where we aim to fill the gap. We still have ways to go as a nation when it comes to shopping more mindfully, but we’re seeing signs that we’re on the right track, which is encouraging.



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What challenges have you faced as a sustainable fashion brand?

There’s no question that fast fashion continues to dominate the fashion industry with new design launches every week, and prices being cheaper than the cost of a meal. It can be difficult to connect fashion to the destruction of our environment as the effects and consequences are so far removed from the end consumer by the time the final garment reaches us. Compared to seeing plastic bottles floating in our oceans or litter in the streets, the environmental damage caused by the fashion industry is a lot less obvious because it doesn’t happen in our own backyard. The negative impacts occur in developing countries where the majority of our clothes are produced today.


As a sustainable brand, one of our biggest challenges is pricing our products in a way that is fair for our manufacturing partners, our customers, as well as ourselves to be able to continue to operate and grow as a business. Additionally, the challenge with activewear compared to everyday garments (that can be made out of natural fibres), is that there needs to be the right balance between stretchability, compression, breathability and comfort for it to be suitable for work outs. This unfortunately means that they need to be made from synthetic fibres like polyester and spandex, which release microplastics into our waterways when washed. While ECONYL® is a good starting point, our goal is to be able to improve on our product offerings with the introduction of better and more advanced technology.




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Other than your fabrics and packaging, how else do you promote sustainability?

We work with a number of non-profit organizations, as well as the local community throughout the year! Here are some of our initiatives in the time since we’ve launched:


We’re also organising an online activation this World Oceans Day! Due to movement restrictions and rising Covid-19 cases, we won’t be able to do organise a physical cleanup, but we’d like to encourage our community to show us how they lead a more sustainable lifestyle, be it through cultivating good habits, or even doing a cleanup of their own in their neighbourhoods.



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How can we protect our oceans from home?
  1. Eat less seafood (watch Seaspiracy on Netflix if you haven’t already!)
  2. Take shorter showers
  3. Refuse single use plastic as much as possible
  4. Support organizations working to protect our oceans
  5. Learn about why oceans are a critical part of our ecosystem, then share your wisdom with your friends and family!



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“With so much negative news in the world today, trying to effect meaningful change or create lasting impact as an individual can feel overwhelming, isolating, and even impossible at times. It’s important to remember a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step — we just have to start somewhere.”


Support terrae by shopping their pieces here and follow them on Instagram for more sustainability tips!

I remember the start of the new millennium – I was a wide-eyed four year-old sitting on the boot of my parents’ car as they explained what it meant. It was really just another new year’s eve, but I gazed into the night sky with excitement, imagining the same flying cars and high-rise buildings from one of my favorite TV shows, The Jetsons. We were all feeling hopeful and it even transcended into fashion – if you’ve noticed, the mismatched Y2K trend actually blurs the lines between retro styles and futuristic aesthetics. Music videos extracted shiny elements from sci-fi movies as a backdrop for ringtone-friendly tunes and metallic-looking pop stars. Furniture and electronics were transparent but brightly-cloured, experimenting with cutting-edge shapes and miniature sizes. In all aspects, the dot-com age was glaringly optimistic and openly visionary – something we could all use right now.


I was still a child during the Y2K era – I got to enjoy butterfly clips and baguette bags, the stickiest lip glosses and most pigmented eyeshadows, and even the embarrassing trend of wearing skirts and dresses over jeans, but I missed the bold streaks, video vixen aesthetic, and because of this weather, the velour tracksuits: a socialite staple. Gwen Stefani was my fashion icon at the time with her innate sense of cool and creative expression of different styles. She exuded confidence and freedom from the opinion’s of others – traits I couldn’t wait to emulate as an adult. But as a teenager and young adult, I ended up wearing all-black and a face full of makeup in an attempt to look older. I smized more than I smiled, worked more than I played, and was in such a rush to grow up, that now at 26, the thought of getting older has triggered genuine panic attacks. Enter: my inner child.


We all have an inner child and it has nothing to do with maturity. The definition differs for each person – some may long for the carefree years of their childhood, others may have buried the traumatic years of their childhood. Either way, it’s important to get back in touch with your inner child to heal the pain or reclaim positive qualities, such as creativity and zest for life. Our inner child is our way of being, so it takes real self-care to address any past issues and treat the wounds we’ve carried into adulthood. Tapping into this awareness can help us deal with future challenges better, relieve stress, and even lead a more fulfilling life as we reconnect with our dreams. Here’s how I embraced my inner child after experiencing fear and anxiety about growing up.


The Y2K trend couldn’t have come at a better time. It started popping up on TikTok when I was dreading turning 26. Thrifty Gen-Z kids were sporting the laid back looks that were once even appropriate for red carpet events. The easy-going attitude from the early 2000s was making its way back, bringing with it fearlessness and vitality in fashion and throughout. It’s been a much-needed pick-me-up during this pandemic. Polly Pocket has returned to shelves, Lizzie McGuire has been revived by Color Pop Cosmetics, and Instagram has been actively remembering classics, such as The OC and New York Minute. These unlocked meaningful memories that I had kept away, evoking dreamy, childlike feelings of faith and possibilities. From painting my nails the brightest colors (they used to rotate between black and nude), and decorating my sleek bob with striking streaks and multicolored clips, to dressing in a combination of bold hues and even bolder prints – these seemingly small things have made me feel happy and wondrous again. Embracing my inner child has me less focused on the destination, and instead, busy painting the moments in between with contentment and light-hearted pleasure.


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That’s right – everyone’s favourite bazaar and food court experiences are back on-ground this year, teaming up for Tiffin Ber-RIUH Raya on the 1st and 2nd May at Sentul Depot! As one of the very first ‘new normal’ events to take place, there will be tightened and strict COVID-19 SOPs, including event admission by registration only. Registration starts 23rd April onwards, so make sure you register here to get Raya ready with RIUH!

As always, in the spirit of ‘support lokal’, Tiffin Ber-RIUH Raya will feature 52 homegrown retail brands with a fabulous array of apparel, accessories, cookies, home decor and beauty offerings to shop from. Popular picks include Whimsigirl, AnaAbu and Tangsi, while Machino, Bloom Batik and Jamuglo will bring some new names to the lineup. Also get ready to delight your culinary senses through Tiffin’s curation of 12 food and drink purveyors that will serve Raya flavours with a twist!

Not forgetting the giving spirit of Raya, you’ll be able to give back to society when you purchase from twelve Buy For Impact retail vendors – discover food, fashion, lifestyle and gifts that benefit different communities, such as single mothers, refugee youth, the hearing impaired community, and the environment.

The RIUH stage will also be returning this year with live performances, headlined by Ushera, Colour of Voices, Mafidz, Merakki, MAI and ASK Dance Company with a special Raya showcase.

Find out more about this festive event on RIUH’s website or follow them on Instagram for more updates!

The athleisure industry has been redesigned with a more inclusive approach, shifting the new wardrobe staples from a product to lose weight to one that helps people of every size embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. One of these body-positive brands is FIT.CO – a homegrown label focused on empowering their community of women by redefining what it means to be fit in today’s world.


Bella Mobijohn, the founder, designs fitness products for the modern woman – or in her fabulous words, ‘babes with busy schedules’. Through comfortable activewear that allows them to feel their best everyday, and effective exercise equipment to elevate their daily workouts, FIT.CO doesn’t disrupt busy lives, but instead integrates activity with self-love and confidence into fast-paced lifestyles.



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How would you describe the FIT.CO community?

We’re all each other’s workout buddies! Our FITbabes are strong, confident, empowering and tenacious! 


What are your bestsellers?

The FITbox – it is equipped with 14 high-quality, light-weight, durable and travel-friendly fitness essentials to help burn belly fat, tone, sculpt and strengthen the body. You can also curate your own as it is Malaysia’s first customisable fitness box!


What sets your activewear apart from the rest?

Made to empower and help women feel their best everyday, we believe that being confident in an outfit can make you feel good and perform better.  What sets our athleisure apart from the rest is definitely its affordability, design and quality! We offer unique designs and colours for matching top and bottom sets, that are made with breathable fabric and following a unique colour palette. 



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The top 3 things your brand values the most are:

Our brand is a platform where women can get inspired to stay fit and healthy, regardless of their busy schedules and whatnot. It’s more about preparing yourself to be more active and physically strong. Here at FIT.CO, we are also making sure that we are doing our part to be a more environmentally conscious brand – we have made sure that our product materials and packaging are as environmentally-friendly as possible. A number of our products are handmade right here in Malaysia by talented local artisans, in order to lessen the negative environmental impacts while still being able to create quality products at an affordable price. Everything we create under the FIT.CO brand is made to help boss babes reach their fitness goals while still keeping it in line with our own goals


As a brand that promotes body positivity, how do you choose your models and influencers?

We believe that “you are more than a body”, hence the diversity seen in our models. Whether you’re petite or plump, short or tall, fair or dark, young or old, all are welcome to be part of our campaign shoots! Most of the time we get DMs or emails stating that they would love to be part of our future shoots. 


What does self-love mean to you as a brand?

Self-love is something that must be allowed rather than something that must be taught. In essence, self-love is all about knowing yourself, and loving whatever it is that makes you uniquely you. As a brand, we encourage our community to express their genuine selves, values and uniqueness.


Shop FIT.CO’s new designs here and follow them on social media to keep up with their latest collections.


There’s a lot of heart and soul that goes into Stitchworks, from handmade pieces to the use of pre-loved fabrics, the slow fashion label has become a safe haven for dreamers, lovers and survivors. With a focus on hand embroidery and repurposed up-cycled clothes, as well as accessories, each design stays true to the authentic brand by being one-off pieces that are tailored to charm and provide comfort. Now, almost a year later, StitchWorks has blossomed into an independent textile, design and creative line.  


Behind the bubbly brand is its founder and designer, Hannah Nazasli, who developed an interest in fashion while living in the UK. At age 10, after laying her eyes on the prestigious Central Saint Martins building, she vowed to return to the art school and study the vibrant world of fashion – she ended up doing so in 2020, and thus Stitchworks was born out of drive, passion and inspiration. We spoke to the budding entrepreneur about starting a business as a creative, sustainable fashion, the challenges of opening a store, and squeezing in self-care as a one-woman show.



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What do you love most about owning a business?

The fact that I am my own boss and answer to myself. It teaches me to be more responsible, but also driven to keep learning and growing from my own business as there’s always more to learn. If I do something right and customers are happy, that adds value to my customers and my business, and if I end up making mistakes along the way, I learn from that and challenge myself to seek stronger strategies – to be better not just for me, but for the people I meet and encounter for StitchWorks. 


What advice do you have for other creatives looking to start their own business?

JUST GO FOR IT! There is no right or wrong time to start your own business – especially if it’s something you love and are passionate about. I had my doubts while creating and assembling plans for StitchWorks and even when creating designs, but then I realised that it’s all in my head and I have to push through it to prove to myself that I can do it. I believe that we all have the power to create our own realities, we just need to keep working towards our goals and out of our comfort zones to achieve success, greatness and above all, do everything with LOVE. 


How would you describe Sitchworks’ style?

Bringing together simplicity, contemporary design, and abstract / experimental form, StitchWorks’ style translates emotion into wearable products. It has notes of Y2K vibes, as well as a sophistication for emotion and passion. Whenever I create a design, I am channeling all my emotional energy (whether I’m sad, angry, stressed, happy, excited, in love) and that drives me to create my designs and see them come to life. 



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You recently opened your first store, what would you say was the biggest challenge in doing so?

Yes! We have opened a small studio at KEDAI, Level 3 Mahsa Avenue. We opened on the 9th and 10th of January; however, the week I was supposed to officially launch the studio quickly turned into MCO 2.0 on the 13th of January. I had my friends and family help me out at the end of December and I had the opportunity to paint a mural with Adam Ummar – a talented aspiring local artist. It was my first time painting a mural, but it was a lot of fun! We felt like mad scientists expressing our colourful passions on a massive blank canvas. The biggest challenge was time and the short time frame we had with potential closures from the MCO’s extension. However, we managed to pull everything together in 10 days and the studio was ready for operation. All I had in my head was MCO or not, “The show must go on!”. If you put your mind, heart and soul into anything, you can achieve what you envision!


Your studio also showcases other brands, what are your favourite local brands at the moment:


How does Stitchworks itself practice sustainability?

StitchWorks uses purely up-cycled materials, fabrics, threads and beads to create our designs and apparel. For example, using vintage jeans to make denim tote bags. I used to study textiles in school and have made many passion projects for myself throughout the years, so I never threw my materials away and have a good collection of them. This gave me the opportunity to repurpose those fabrics and threads into new creations. If I ever need to resupply my materials, I will seek items from second-hand shops, friends’ or family’s pre-loved clothes, or thrift shops. StitchWorks is also open for donations of pre-loved clothes, so if you’ve spring cleaned your closet and found that you have clothes you want to donate, feel free to give them to us – we’ll be happy to recreate and transform your pre-loved items!



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As a one-woman show, what do you do when you feel yourself burning out?

I always need to take a step back into nature, or travel somewhere for the beach where I always feel calm – I am always inspired by flowers, the ocean and even animals for textural designs. As well as listen to my favourite tunes and have a boogie to relax and unwind. I usually need to treat myself a little, (whether it be getting my nails done, a massage or my favourite ice cream) to get back into a lucid state of mind and dream bigger about future designs. It’s the little things you do for yourself that matter too, to get yourself back into the groove. 


What are your self-care essentials?

I take my skin care very seriously, so I must have my holy grails with me at all times. I have practiced a strict skincare routine for myself by cleansing, toning and moisturising my face every morning and every night at the bare minimum. I can’t leave anywhere without a facial cleanser, face toner, face moisturiser and body lotion. 


Any last words?

I believe that even through pain and suffering, you can utilise that energy and manifest beauty in your own creations – I perceive it as alchemy! There is always something new to learn whether it be a sewing technique, knowledge or an experience shared with friends, and I am excited to see where and how StitchWorks will grow, independently and with fellow creatives. StitchWorks is not just a slow fashion label, it is also a hub for any creatives (artists, writers, musicians, foodies, health and fitness) to share their vision and passions, as well as a creative event space for anyone who wants to share their work. 


Shop Stitchworks here and follow them on social media to stay-up-to-date with their drops.

PUMA aims to inspire women around the world by gathering their top female brand ambassadors and celebrating the astounding women who have moved culture and sports forward! Led by the record-breaking, chart-topping global pop superstar Dua Lipa, PUMA will be pumping out empowering content all year long, such as talks, videos and interviews with their female ambassadors following the theme “She Moves Us”.

“She Moves Us” tells the story of how PUMA’s female ambassadors pushed to become the women they are today – it highlights the women who helped them, how they overcame challenges in their personal lives and careers, and how they made it to the top in their respective fields. The campaign will also support girls and young women through PUMA’s partnership with Women Win, a global women’s fund which uses sport to advance gender equality from the bottom up.

“Sharing stories of success is all part of changing the narrative, especially in fields like sports and entertainment that have tended to amplify the accomplishments of men,” says Dua Lipa. “Women are already nailing it across the board and celebrating their achievements is exciting and empowering. It also encourages those rising up to aim for the stars. That’s why I’m so grateful to PUMA for including me in their She Moves Us campaign. Now let’s show the world what we are capable of!”

The superstar will be joined by supermodel and body-positive advocate Winnie Harlow, as well as WNBA star Skylar Diggins-Smith, golfer Lexi Thompson, footballer Nikita Parris, high jumper Yaroslava Mahuchikh and more.

Watch the “She Moves Us” anthem below:

Galentine’s Day may look different this year, but it doesn’t have to feel any less special! Even with dinner off the table, you can still dress your best for a fabulous Zoom call to celebrate your fave friends. Show your pals some love with handmade and heartfelt gifts – think of it as a socially-distanced hug and the perfect reminder that you’re still there for them!

We’ve found 8 TikTok tutorials to provide you with some Galentine’s Day #giftspo:

@samishomeTried making candles for the first time! Let’s make 2021 bright 🕯#homemade #candle #candletok #diy♬ midnight sun – Ramzoid

Beach holidays may be on hold right now, but you can still bring the vibes to your best travel buddies with these adorable shell candles! Mix together a tropical scent (fruity like the pina coladas you would sip), and have them light it up during sunset.


@ellena.10She do be bending candles doe #bendingcandles #candle♬ pretty girl – ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

These candles are too cool to light! You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram, adding a pop of colour to dressing tables and bookshelves. Pick their favorite colours and twist them into fun shapes!


@interhiorsDIY modern art decor 💓 pt 2 coming soon! #tiktokmalaysia #diy #paint #interhiors♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

You don’t have to be artistically inclined for this one – pull out your paints and just doodle for some fabulous wall pieces. Since they’re abstract, they’re simple enough for anyone to try! You can find more ideas on Pinterest.


@interhiorsDIY Pampas using a broom!? Idea from @manaff_maspur ✨ #diypampas #pampas #tiktokmalaysia♬ YRN (tik tok) – Tyler April

These will perfectly complement your modern wall art decor, as well as add a soft, natural touch to any space. Instagram has been digging the classic vintage vibe it exudes – making it the perfect prop for photos!


@theloveoftiedye2 for 1 on masks and reveals for some customers in the US. Comment and Like to see more dual videos!! #theloveoftiedye #brightcolours #tiedyetutorial♬ 1,2,3,4 (One, Two, Three, Four) – Fun Elektro Mix – Funbeat

Face masks have become essential, but they don’t have to be boring! Jazz up a plain white face mask with tie dye – a trend that’ll never go away. It allows you to unleash your creativity with bold colors or pastel feels.


@theloveoftiedyeNew idea from a customer, some hair scrunchies #theloveoftiedye #learningontiktok #colourselector #scrunchies♬ Suit & Tie (feat. JAY Z) – [Radio Edit] – Justin Timberlake

Scrunchies, on the other hand, are a trend that’s come back as wristwear. Create a cute matching set for your bestie, with a tie dye scrunchie and face mask, to help accessorize their fave loungewear looks!


@samishomePrada keychain flip. Turning a vintage find into 3 necklaces 🌟 #diy♬ Drake GREECE Slowed L.Dre Remix – L.Dre

You don’t need pricy designer pendants to make a statement piece, just grab anything cute and shiny, and put it on a chunky necklace. What about making matching friendship necklaces with pendants that best represent each other?


@tiffoodsReply to @caleb_sungaa Matcha cookies 🍵 #fyp #matcha #matchacookies #foodtiktok #foodie♬ drivers license x ocean eyes – carneyval

Sometimes, the way to our heart is simply through our stomachs. Fill up your friends’ hearts, and stomachs, with these yummy matcha cookies! Cut them into fun shapes to accentuate the cute color. 

We now have more time than ever to make heartfelt gifts for our loved ones. If you’ve been stressed and anxious, handmade gifts can also help with your mental health. They go easy on your budget as well. Happy creating!


Social media has fashion moving faster than ever! And that’s not a good thing.

You’ve probably seen the term ‘fast fashion’ plastered all over social media, but what is it exactly? Fast fashion can be described as inexpensive, mass produced clothing designed to meet the latest trends.

With Instagram and Pinterest taking over magazines and catalogs as the place to find #outfitinspo, clothing brands are constantly having to keep up with the fast-changing trends churned out by these sites. Have you ever noticed how everything the Kardashians wear is already available to wear just a few days after they press post – at only a fraction of the price?!

These high speeds, and low prices, have caused a huge problem with pollution, waste and human rights abuses. As the issues become more pressing, many consumers, and brands, have become more conscious about their fashion choices – keeping an eye out for sustainable, as well as ethical, alternatives that benefit the planet, people and animals.

One of these brands is Love, Light, Lemons – a local charity initiative with the intention to curate sustainable products while continuously uplifting the lives of communities in need. Founded in 2017 by writer and yoga instructor, Raisa Gabrielli, they’ve offered the public sustainable products, from candles to now activewear, that benefit different charities each year.

Why should you choose their activewear? Well, for starters, its made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) and sewn by refugees under UNHCR. Not to mention, their designs are super cute, just like the animals at their current beneficiary, The Strays of Shah Alam.

The brand aims to raise awareness on the impact of fast fashion, as well as the unfair treatment of refugees in Malaysia by providing a sustainable and ethically made alternative to consumers. Those who purchases these pieces will be supporting the production of 100% organic cotton over modified cotton (which has led to environmental degradation, and even deaths within Indian farming communities), and avoid wearing clothing made with plastic.

When it comes to reducing the negative impact of fast fashion, we all have the power and ability to make responsible choices. Play your part by supporting fair brands who strive to make a positive impact. This can help influence the industry to become more sustainable and ethical!

The COVID-19 pandemic has unmasked plenty of negative environmental impacts and one of them is single-use surgical face masks. These disposable face masks are plastic-based, water-resistant, and allegedly have a lifespan of 450 years – making them a big problem for our oceans and landfills. To add insult to injury, a lot of people carelessly discard their disposable face masks on the streets, drains, and even beaches, causing pollution.

There is no running away from wearing a face mask during these dire times, but we can limit the negative impacts of it by using eco-friendly and reusable face masks – while also supporting local Malaysian brands!


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A post shared by Pestle & Mortar Clothing (@pestlemortarclothing)

These Pestle & Mortar Frontal Utility Face Masks are made with a durable ripstop outer and an ultra soft mesh inner for breathability. They also feature adjustable and removable nylon straps that take the strain off your ears! The straps also have a quick release clip and can be used with other face masks. 

All of their masks have a filter pocket for disposable PM2.5 filters.


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A post shared by Magicopper (@mymagicopper)

This 100% recyclable face mask utilises antimicrobial nano-copper technology to stop germs from growing and spreading. The face masks have also gone through several tests and is approved by FITI, SGS. It is one of the only 16 products reviewed and recommended for COVID-19 Response by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH). 

Each mask also comes with a foldable pouch for mask storage, antimicrobial cooling layers, a necklace to hang your mask on (yes to accessories!), and an antimicrobial inner copper sheet.


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A post shared by Oh Sebenar (@ohsebenar)

Oh Sebenar’s washable and reusable face masks are made of two-ply linen and hemp that comes with an additional three pieces of removable mask filters and a face mask casing. Linen fabric is known to have antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties while hemp fibres are antimicrobial and breathable.

The masks come in a variety of natural and earthy colours that go with any outfit! 


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Hanya’s Reusable Satin Silk Face Mask features soft elastic ear loops and a customisable conforming nose bridge for comfortable wear! Its modest-friendly option has a string extension that allows the face mask to be hung around the neck when it’s not worn, as well as a stopper.

This four-ply face mask is WHO-compliant, safe to wear with or without a filter, and has a pocket for adjustable and removable filters. 


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A post shared by WHIMSIGIRL (@whimsigirldsgn)

The Botanica Series Everyday Face Mask from Whismsigirl is made of three-layered 100% cotton, with breathable cotton lining fabric, and features elastic ear loops that can be adjusted for ease and convenience. It also has a soft nose wire for a better fit and a pocket for filter inserts!

The masks come in several adorable colours and prints, making them perfect gifts for your loved ones. 


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A post shared by SILKFAIRY Silk Pillowcase (@silkfairyofficial)

SilkFairy’s silk face masks are hand-sewn and made from three layers of 100% pure mulberry silk that is dermatologically approved – making it the perfect mask for those who experience maskne! 

The masks also feature an adjustable nose clip, built-in filter socket, and adjustable ear loops. 

Protect yourselves and the environment by using sustainable and stylish face masks!


As consumers grow more aware of the harm caused by fast fashion, it’s been refreshing to see sustainability rise as a trend. But wait, what exactly is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion uses materials that are carefully sourced and produced with the environment in mind. It’s also known as ethical fashion as it ensures safe and fair working conditions for their employees. In some cases, sustainable fashion can also refer to thrifting and repurposing – this involves upcycling old clothes and turning them into completely new pieces of clothing!

We’ve been seeing more and more local brands commit to making a difference, and they look good while they’re at it. Here are 6 local sustainable fashion brands you can support:

  1. Terrae

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Wind down and take a deep breath. You deserve it.

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Terrae, which means ‘Earth’ in Latin and Italian, is a sustainable activewear brand that focuses on being both durable and timeless. 

Their clothes are made from a material called ECONYL, which is regenerated nylon derived from discarded fishing nets, and fabric scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills. This virgin nylon alternative has great recovery power, so you don’t need to sweat about its performance! Even their packaging is produced from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

2. Ozero Swimwear

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Inspired by the Russian word ‘озеро’, which means ‘lake’ in English, Ozero stays true to its creative name with each swimwear design being named after lakes.

By using ECONYL, their fabulous pieces are made from rescued plastic waste, such as fishing nets and industrial plastic, and offer everything you look for in good swimwear – like great shape retention, chlorine and suntan cream resistance, and excellent UV protection!

  1. Dona Plant Base

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✨TROPICAL AFFAIR 20✨ @ithinkimsarah in Dona’s Back To Classic Up-cycle Vintage Batik Choker Top. We will be restocking up to 200 new back to classic up-cycle batik series pieces on the 24th of august Monday!!

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Batik lovers, this one’s for you.

Dona Plant Base is a sustainable brand that strongly believes in ethical practices and giving back to the community. Their beautiful batik pieces are made by artisans in Bali and therefore, each piece is completely unique and made in limited quantities – like a work of art.

They use natural dyes from locally grown plants, upcycled textiles, organic sustainable materials, as well as plastic-free packaging. Dona Plant Base offers the most gorgeous tops, dresses, bags, face masks and more!

  1. Ghostboy Club

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Cutie @inez_nggg decked in Suckerpunch 🏹 Rocket Top and Blondie Skirt

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Fast fingers are needed to get a Ghostboy piece since their tops are always sold out within minutes!

Founded by David and Cyii Cheng, Ghostboy Club is known for its distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces that can be spotted from a mile away. Each item is uniquely designed and handmade with used clothing sourced from thrift stores and donations. The end product is an eccentric piece of art that’s attracted their cult following.

  1. Lazii Vintage

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Rare vintage rework sweatshirt sets. |RM90 Note: There is some holes spotted so price is reduced.

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Lazii Vintage is a sustainable brand that turns the oversized ‘dad shirt’ into all-the-rage goodness!

They rework and upcycle vintage sweatshirts and other clothing to increase the lifespan of each item. Their pieces are carefully curated and uniquely reworked by hand with no two pieces alike. Lazii also extends its sustainability efforts to the packaging by using eco-friendly and recycled materials.

  1. Lemon by ACK

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Dyed w/ lemon skin & avocado pits n skin 💛

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Lemon by ACK is a slow fashion label that uses ethically sourced fabrics and materials such as 100% organic cotton to create eye-catching apparel and accessories.

Their beautiful tops, bags and swimwear are manufactured at a local sewing facility run by the non-profit organization, Life 2 Life El Shaddai, which focuses on fostering life-long skills and knowledge to displaced individuals. 

Feed two birds with one seed and shop from these sustainable brands – you’ll be saving the Earth, ensuring fair practices and supporting small businesses!