DIZO, the first brand under the realme TechLife ecosystem, today announced its venture into the Malaysian market with the launch of its two new electronic products – DIZO Watch 2 and DIZO Buds Z.


The global AIoT brand comes with proposition for the trendy and tech-savvy, targetting chiefly the fashionable youngsters, ages 15 to 28.  More than just being a technology brand, DIZO embarks on a philosophy and a journey that aims to empower everyone to enjoy their desired life, enhanced by Smart Tech Life. Pronounced as ‘dee-zoe’, the new brand aims to break the clutter of tech similarities and offer solutions that are aligned to the needs of every different consumer. Urging its consumers to “Be Different”, DIZO offers the technology that complements individuality of a consumer, empowers them, and becomes an extension of their personalities.


Malaysia is a large and emerging market with increasing numbers of tech savvy purchasers in pursuit of smart tech lifestyle products. The brand aims to offer cutting-edge digital products suitable for modern living, starting with DIZO Watch 2 and DIZO Buds Z.  Other products are in the pipeline will be launched here in stages.


DIZO is celebrating its launch in Malaysia with its Super DIZO-Tech Days campaign at Shopee: DIZO Official Store from Jan 24 to 28, 2022 with a store-wide discounts of 70% on its products, starting from RM49.


DIZO products will be introduced soon to countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, etc. DIZO forecasted a turnover of RM30 million of sales for next year for the APAC region and intends to capture 30% of market share in Malaysia.


Built around the mission to offer Smart Tech Life for Every Different You, DIZO along with realme, is committed to bring the best of both the brands to its consumers. In fact, DIZO has unflinching support from realme around three key aspects – Industrial Design, Supply Chain and AIoT experience that works perfectly with realme Link.


DIZO’s focus is to create a portfolio of an entire range of AIoT solutions that consumers can use in their daily lifestyle. And with that focus in mind, DIZO will enter into four major product categories, which are Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care and Accessories for its consumers across the world.


DIZO has seamlessly and efficiently integrated the global supply chain with its local operational resources to meet the varied needs of its consumers. Also, the entire core team members come from global technology brands with stellar experience.


DIZO Watch 2 

Building up to its commitment of providing Smart TechLife along with premium and trendy solutions at competitive prices, DIZO Watch 2 is a smartwatch bring functionalities and features that complement the health and fitness regime of the users and cater to their everyday styling needs as well.


The DIZO Watch 2, with its largest screen (4.3 cm) in the hundred price range, comes in premium metal frame, exciting features and trendy colour options. There are 100+ stylish watch faces to customize to suit your mood of the day.



It’s more a pair of ear phones. DIZO Buds Z boasts a classic Natural Light Design and amazing features. The latest stylish earbuds by DIZO come in three stunning colours – Onyx, Leaf and Pearl.


One of the lightest in the segment, each DIZO Buds Z earbud weighs only 3.7g. The ergonomic design with 3-ear tip sizes matches your ear and let you feel nothing but the music.

The hardest part of working out is showing up, but that changed when we began working out at home – the hardest part became starting. It was easy to get motivated at spin classes and running clubs, but at home, the lack of energy and readily-available equipment makes for an excuse to not workout.

You can still enjoy a (safe) group workout or get the help of a trainer through Zoom, but with the right equipment – you can do your own sweat-inducing exercises at any time. From living room essentials to easy-to-do moves, we asked Coach Kyrie, a strength and conditioning coach at District 13, for his recommendations and advice when it comes to working out at home:


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What equipment do we need to set up our own home gyms?

I believe we only need 3 to 4 pieces of equipment to really maximize our home workout sessions:

  1. A yoga mat – this helps create the surface area you need with the right grip, support and cushioning with the right thickness, so invest in a good yoga mat!
  2. If strength training is your thing, then adjustable dumbbells are definitely an essential to have at home with you. They don’t take up a lot of space and are sufficient enough to get that strength in.
  3. A good jump rope is one of the best investments you can make, especially when you’re unable to move regularly and get your steps in on a daily basis. Personally, it’s a good alternative to get your steps in and also improve your cardiovascular exercise. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require much space! 
  4. Lastly, a pull up bar – they fit in most door frames without taking away too much space in your lovely home, and it’s easy to put away when not in use. It’s definitely a game changer if you’re looking to get your first ‘pull up’ at home!

If we can’t get the equipment, are there any household items we can use instead?

For sure! Need a kettlebell? Fill up a backpack with some books / magazines, and you’ve got yourself a homemade kettlebell. Looking for something heavier? Try using a gas cylinder! What about a dumbbell? Pick up large laundry detergent bottles. If those are too heavy for you, you can use soup cans as small weights.

When there’s a will, there’s always a way! One of our most experienced members at the gym took it to the next level by filling up two pails of water and using a broomstick to simulate an olympic weightlifting movement. That’s dedication! There are plenty of ways to get creative when using household items for your workout, but the most important factor to consider when using them as equipment would be safety.


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As a fitness coach, what are your favorite home workouts to do? 

I love my Olympic weightlifting setup at home! I am lucky to be living in a house with a decent amount of space on the porch to store my equipment – such as my barbell, plates, squat rack, and rubber floor mats. 

You were previously an indoor-cycling coach at Cycology. For those who are used to spin classes, but don’t have their own bike, what similar exercises can they do?

I just had this conversation with my coach a couple of days ago – on how to simulate the same stimulus of being on the bike if you don’t have a bike at home. You definitely can’t simulate the feeling of riding on a spin bike, off the spin bike. It’s like asking someone to practice their pedalling skills on the bike without having a bike. It would be best to work on exercises that could improve your riding performance on the bike, such as glute and core strengthening exercises!


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Personally, how do you find the motivation to workout at home?

I used to believe that you need motivation to do anything, but then I realised, how am I supposed to look for motivation every single day for 365 days? My advice to everyone out there is to start with understanding what your goal is when it comes to working out at home. The next step would be to have a plan of how you’re going to execute it. Thirdly, action. With action, motivation will automatically kick in and more motivation will flow once you slowly achieve those goals.

What’s your go-to pre-workout snack and post-workout drink?

I consume dates as a pre-workout snack. Post workout drink would be coconut water – nature’s best electrolyte!


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As a former competitive athlete (Kyrie was a state volleyball player representing Selangor, an amateur competitive cyclist representing Reclaim Sports, and an amateur CrossFit athlete under Reebok Malaysia), what empowered you to become an instructor?

Helping others in need work towards self development on an individual and global scale. 

If you need assistance in setting up a home gym, an online home program or nutrition, you can email Kyrie or drop him a message on Instagram!



During the lockdown, social media became one of the only ways we could connect with each other. By sharing our experiences, we all became inspired to make the most of our time from the bread baking frenzy and TikTok takeover to “Hey MTV, welcome to my workout routine!”.

We loved that – the cyber community spirit brought us closer than ever, allowing people from all over the world to help one another become their best selves. While we showed support from behind our screens, we, too, put in the work and it became so routine that we still try to follow it until today.

Have a go at these workouts we’ve saved on Instagram:


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A crowd pleaser for targeting our favorite parts – this signature Sculpt Club workout will leave you feeling the burn (that means it’s working, woo hoo!). All you need is a mat, a pair of weights and if you don’t have a slider – replace it with a towel. Get sculpting!


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Now that you can enjoy the physical support from a workout buddy, take a jab at this superset – a fitness challenge by PWRHOUSE. Let’s see how many sets you can motivate each other to do.


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No equipment is needed for this complete home workout. Just grab a chair, lay out your mat and getting going with Karen Kho’s simple but effective routine for beginners.


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If where you live has a gym – make the most of it! Brand New Waves Running Club shares how they do strength work, a technique you can master if you’re up for the challenge.


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Stretch it out and release your stress and anxiety with this home flow by Omology Yoga founder, Kylie Denis. With how fast everything has been moving, sometimes we just need to slow down and find our ground.

If you enjoyed any of these workouts, make sure to show them your support by signing up for their classes and joining their clubs. Let’s keep the fitness community alive and well running!