Scalp care is increasingly being touted as the new skincare craze – who would’ve thought? But the reasoning behind this new wave is sound — our scalp is delicate, with its skin layer containing a higher number of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, and hair follicles. It also has a lower barrier function as compared to the skin on the rest of our body, making it extra sensitive.


Most importantly, it’s directly related to hair health. Taking good care of your scalp will help ensure strong, smooth, and shiny hair that does not break easily, maintains a healthy elasticity, and can withstand external damage from sun rays, styling tools, and hair dyes or bleach.


But how do we achieve optimal scalp and hair health? Off-the-shelf products can be quite the splurge and upkeep may come with a pretty hefty price. They also often contain unnecessary ingredients, such as parabens and sulphates, that may have an adverse effect on the scalp and disrupt our natural hair texture — curly-haired people, we’re talking to you!


Natural beauty remedies passed down from our ancestors is a common occurrence in many Asian and African communities. You’ll find people increasingly sharing their natural hair care secrets online, and if you’re on TikTok, chances are you have had hairtok pop up on your FYP (For You Page). We’ve scoured the net, and rounded up some of our fave natural hair care tips to help you amp up your scalp and hair care routine:


  1. Routinely give your hair an oil treatment
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Pre-wash hair oiling is a time-old Ayuverdic tradition that is increasingly gaining popularity for its benefits. It is essentially the practice of massaging nourishing oils, such as castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and the like, onto the roots of your hair and leaving it to soak for a good amount of time before washing. This hair and scalp care practice promotes hair growth through the stimulation of base-hair follicles and also provides our hair with the nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy, shiny, and strong.


  1. Rinse your hair with rice water
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This hair care practice that has recently gained virality on various platforms comes from East Asian cultures, namely Japan and China. Rice water — derived from soaking rice grains ideally overnight — is packed with vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth and provides the scalp with a nutrient-rich rinse. Those with a naturally dry scalp or hair may want to pair this routine with a deep conditioning treatment to balance out the high-starch content in the rice water.


  1. Make your own aloe vera hair mask
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Aloe vera is everyone’s trusty best friend when it comes to skin — from its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties, to its healing and revitalising aid for troubled or damaged skin. It’s also highly beneficial for your scalp and hair. Besides strengthening hair and controlling greasiness through its vitamins and enzymes, aloe vera also helps calm and reduce scalp irritations such as seborrheic dermatitis — a skin condition that often causes dandruff, scaly patches, and red, inflamed skin. Safe to say, Aloe Vera is nature’s gift that keeps on giving. The next time your scalp is acting up and dampening your mood due to skin-irritations, try applying some fresh aloe vera to the affected area for an instant cooling fix.

To get you in the summer mood, The Body Shop has launched two new vegan summer special edition body care ranges – floral and refreshingly scented Cool Daisy and juicy and tangy Fresh Raspberry. Meet your summer’s MVBP (most valuable beauty products)!


Each treat in the range is enriched with nourishing raspberry seed oil or fruit extract. Scrub and nourish normal to dry skin, with a fruity scent to leave your skin smelling like fresh raspberries: tangy, juicy, with a hint of green.


Feel fresh as a daisy (and smell like one too) with Cool Daisy. This special edition, vegan body care range will leave you feeling refreshed. Perfect for hot summer days. Enriched with daisy extract, it has a cool and refreshing floral scent that’s blooming lovely.

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If your skin has been acting up more than usual since the onset of the pandemic, it’s likely that you’re experiencing ‘lockdown’ skin – yes, that is a thing!


A change in our daily environment and routine, combined with the emotional and mental toll we are all facing during these unprecedented times, could show up on our skin as stress-induced acne, hives, and other skin flare-ups. Our skin is the first to show signs of change in our physiological health, so taking preventive measures beats having to put up with the added stress of bad skin.


In a time where having glowing skin and extensive skin-care regimes are all the rage — getting clear skin may seem like quite an overwhelming process, especially when you’re struggling with stress-induced breakouts. We’ve stripped it down to the basics to help you combat stress acne and turn your skin into total skin goals:


  1. Maintain a daily skincare routine

Being home 24/7 can get you to fall off what used to be a daily skincare routine — one that we were once motivated to keep to because we had to go out each day. But consider this at-home time as bonus time to start sprucing up your skin for the near future, post-MCO. Maintaining a basic routine, such as double-cleansing, moisturising, and applying SPF, will go a long way towards revitalising skin health and maintaining hygiene to prevent clogged pores, dry skin, ageing, and damage from harmful sun rays. Despite being indoors, experts say that SPF protection is still important to help protect our skin from exposure to harmful sun rays and blue light from our devices.


  1. Keep ‘maskne’ at bay with calming treatments

Skin irritations and breakouts from wearing face masks plague us as we continue to stay safe and protect ourselves in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to help reduce this side-effect on our skin is by investing in facial masks that help fight maskne. These calming treatments help temper pesky breakouts, and make for a relaxing experience in reducing overall stress. Complete your cleansing routine and wind down at the end of a long day with a soothing and rejuvenating mask to aid your skin and your overall well-being. Masks can also help strengthen your skin barrier to help it stay healthy in times of stress.


  1. Switch to chemical exfoliators 

Exfoliation helps keep skin soft and smooth by removing stubborn impurities buried deep within our skin and helps buff away dead skin that builds on the surface. That said, physical exfoliators, such as scrubs with microbeads, can be extremely abrasive to our skin and cause micro-tears. Chemical exfoliators, as daunting as they may sound, are a better option when giving our skin a thorough cleanse. The active ingredient in chemical exfoliators, such as AHA and BHA, penetrate the skin to aid in texture and pigmentation, and fight acne by reducing sebum and oil production.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste that enters our landfills, The Body Shop Malaysia turns recycled plastic bottle waste returned by customers into recycled plastic combs.

To encourage customers to recycle, the brand incentivises customers to bring back their empty plastic bottles through the “Bring Back Our Bottles” campaign. In August 2020, The Body Shop Malaysia also included an additional platform for customers to gain from recycling their bottles via The Body Shop mobile application. Customers who brought back their bottles would be able to get RM1 off their next purchase. Customers would also be able to receive a stamp on the App, and upon collecting 10 stamps, customers can redeem a recycled keychain-fragrance for free.

More than 3,000 empty plastic bottles were returned in 2020. As a brand that believes Business As A Force For Good, The Body Shop looks forward to the day when incentives are no longer needed to do the right thing! This year, The Body Shop introduced the recycled plastic comb made from used packaging. For each comb produced, two plastic bottles will not end up in our landfills.

This World Environment Day, The Body Shop Malaysia urges customers to help restore our planet by returning its packaging to The Body Shop stores, thus closing the loop, and moving towards zero waste packaging.

Was your skin not a fan of the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine? Do ‘must-have’ products end up gathering dust on your skincare shelf? Here’s some good news for you (and your wallet): when it comes to sensitive skin, less is more. We know, it’s always so tempting to buy the latest ‘miraculous’ skincare products on the market because let’s face it, who doesn’t want healthy, glowing skin? But before you allow these impulsive purchases to cause reactionary breakouts, remind yourself that everyone’s skin is different – what works for others may not work for you, and vice versa.

Skincare acids have been all the rage, but they can be damaging when not used properly, especially to sensitive skin. That’s why it’s so important to research skincare ingredients and avoid combinations and frequencies that trigger irritation, redness and flare ups. You can check out our beginner’s guide to chemical exfoliation here. Don’t let that discourage you though (or give you FOMO) – read on for our review on two multi-tasking products from Threebs, a local online health and beauty store, that can help you benefit from the skincare acids without having to worry about getting a skin reaction!

Some By Mi

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of one of the best-selling K-Beauty brands in the world, Some By Mi. They were made famous by their cult-favourite Miracle toner, which has sold millions of units (one bottle every three seconds) with the promise of gently getting rid of sebum and spots. The clean beauty brand has made sure it’s suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin by using naturally sourced ingredients that comfort the skin, excluding worrisome and provocative ingredients that cause skin to become sensitive, and putting all products through a skin irritation test so that they can be safely used on sensitive, problematic skin. Here’s what we tried:

1. Some By Mi’s AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

The combination of three skincare acids in one product may sound daunting to some, but fear not – we found that this toner quickly calms sensitive skin. While the AHA, BHA and PHA work together to remove dead skin cells and impurities, the 10,000 ppm of Teatree water acts as a good calming agent for the skin.

Key Highlights:

It left our skin feeling smoother, fresher and more hydrated!

2. Some By Mi’s AHA BHA PHA 14 Days Super Miracle Spot All Kill Cream

Another 3-in-1 product, this intensive care spot cream clears out sebum and impurities with the help of D-Panthenol, to control oil-water balance and recharge the moisture, and 750,000 ppm of Truecica™, an exclusive calming ingredient to quickly calm the skin. Unlike other spot treatments, this does not dry out problematic areas.

Key Highlights:

It didn’t cause a burning sensation, our spots felt calm and comfortable.

The Verdict: If your skin is prone to redness, stinging and tightness, give Some By Mi a try. Shop their products now on Threebs!

One of the secrets to healthy, glowing skin is a strong skin barrier. Having a well-functioning outer layer means that our skin is being guarded against infections, breakouts and dull, unhealthy appearances. 


To learn more about this shield, we turned to Dr. Hanhushar Gunasagaran, an aesthetic doctor and co-founder of TheoryBox, to break down the importance of skin barrier defense. TheoryBox is a clinical brand of skincare designed and developed to help people of all ages to achieve happier, healthier skin. 


What is the skin barrier?

“The skin is made up of layers that protect your body from harmful environmental toxins and pathogens that can penetrate your skin and create problems. The outermost layer, often called the skin barrier, is made up of skin cells that are bound together with lipids. In order to function properly, the skin barrier needs to be in good health as it protects you from external stressors, and also locks water in your body.”


What weakens the skin barrier?

“The skin barrier can weaken as a result of over-exfoliating, harsh chemicals and alcohol-based products, and pollution and environmental toxins. Other causes include excessive UV exposure, genetics, aging, and certain skin diseases.”


How to strengthen the skin barrier?

“To strengthen the skin barrier, avoid the triggers mentioned above. 

We have two masks that can help: 


You can shop TheoryBox’s skincare products here.

We made it through another month. Woo hoo! From the arrival of the vaccine to the ending of the MCO (movement control order), things are slowly starting to look up. Even our houses are beginning to feel more like home again, with work moving back to the office and workouts moved back to the gym. 


Since you loved the self-love gifts we shared last month, we’re going to make it a monthly feature – just in time for payday! Take it as a much-needed reminder to do something nice for yourself because you deserve it. You’ll also be supporting some stellar local brands, so it’s a gift that’ll keep on giving. Spoil yourself with these self-care picks:



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You can never have too many candles, especially when they’re from Barn & Jones! The natural soy wax candle brand offers an array of soothing scents that allow you to experience the tranquil outdoors in the comfort of your own living room, such as hiking through alpine trails and dancing among wildflowers. What we love about their bestseller, Northern Lights, is that its scent evolves with each burn – the lemon, bergamot, winter berry, flowering succulent, violet and white musk take turns to shine.



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A tote bag created to be carried through heartbreak, joy, celebrations, speed bumps and high roads, this item from Oh Sebenar is a classic. A wardrobe staple, it goes with everything and can fit more than just your essentials! It can also help reduce decision fatigue – just grab your trusty tote bag and go, instead of wasting time and energy trying to decide which bag to carry.



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As calming as they are, you can’t fall asleep with candles lit, but you can enjoy the same aromatherapy with Vase Creation’s pillow mist. Spritz it on your pillows and linen, get comfy, and slowly start to breathe in and out. The hand-blend of organic pure essential oils (lavender patchouli, sweet orange, roman chamomile, vetiver and cedarwood), will help you journey into a deep, quality sleep. Enjoy the smooth, relaxing ride!



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A post shared by Sugar And I (@sugarandi)

Known for their ‘boxes of happiness’, Sugar And I are on a mission to make people smile with their delicious desserts. Their combo box includes fan-favorites, Bombolonis and Japanese Cream Puffs, which are comfortingly soft, bursting rich and fabulous flavours in your mouth – a celebration (of happiness) indeed!



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A post shared by Millefleur™ (@millefleurskin)

If your self-care rituals include following a therapeutic skincare routine before bed, add this hydration booster from Millefleur to your nightly roster. The organic serum is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that aid in the repairing of cells for healthier, radiant skin. Its gel-based vegan formula is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to also be able to achieve a fresh feeling and glowing complexion!

Looking to level up your self-care beauty routine? Drop by ZALORA‘s week-long digital festival starting March 8th and celebrate their dreamy beauty category! Show your skin some love with deals, giveaways and gifts from the biggest makeup and skincare brands. This includes getting up to 50% off on must-haves from their participating brands: Paula’s Choice, FOREO, Laura Mercier, NARS, Benefit, Sulwhasoo, Make Up For Ever, Laneige, Aveda, Elizabeth Arden, Shiseido, Ogawa and more. We’re already excited for our next pamper sesh! The party continues on their social media platforms with Instagram Live tutorials by beauty experts, and amazing giveaways.

What we love most about The ZALORA Beauty Festival, other than it’s what dreams are made of, is that it’s also using this incredible opportunity to create conversations surrounding beauty in the world today: celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and female empowerment over International Women’s Week. As unrealistic beauty standards start to fade to allow for more inclusive beauty to shine through, ZALORA is taking this opportunity to expand the discourse of representation in beauty and celebrate women from all walks of life.

Shop the ZALORA Beauty Festival here from the 8th to of 15th March!

As the month of love comes to an end, we wanted to remind you that showing yourself some love will always be necessary. You can gift yourself a little self-love every night with a calming cup of tea, relaxing aromatherapy oil, or even a soothing scented candle – anything that will help you press pause and indulge in some quality me-time.

We also wanted to share our self-care must-haves with you! Treat yourself to a well-deserved break with these small gifts from some of our favourite local brands:


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A soothing blend, this herbal tea promotes relaxation, helps reduce stress and anxiety, and improves sleep.



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Lavender, Clary Sage, Peppermint – this is the perfect combination for deep relaxation, as well as the relief of headaches.



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A post shared by Purpose Skin (@purposeskin)

This night serum will have you waking up with glowing skin thanks to its exfoliating AHA and collagen-boosting Vitamin C ingredients.



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A post shared by Borneo Candle Studio (@borneocandlestudio)

A refreshing blend of eucalyptus, mint and lavender, lighting this candle will help put your mind at ease after a long, stressful day.



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A post shared by @shelbijou

This heart-shaped rose quartz gua sha stone evokes the spirit of self-love – use it give yourself a relaxing facial massage with your go-to oils.

Has your skincare routine become more lenient now that you’re working from home? Staying indoors doesn’t mean your skin is safe from environmental aggressors – in fact, your skin is exposed to new types of pollution, such as fine dust and smoke from cooking. If you haven’t been protecting your skin whilst indoors, The Body Shop has made it easier to with their new Bouncy Jelly Mist.

Here to help block your skin from the effects of environmental aggressors, including indoor pollution and blue light, the Drops Of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist also aids in restoring your skin’s moisture, and preserving its healthy-looking glow and freshness throughout the day. It contains 96% ingredients of natural origin, including edelweiss stem cells and Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil, and can be spritzed on all skin types to protect, refresh and hydrate for up to 24 hours.*


Edelweiss? Yes, like the song from The Sound Of Music, it’s a mountain flower found in the Italian Alps. This plant is marvelled for its resilience, and power to protect and repair itself, which is why you’ll find its stem cells inside every bottle of The Body Shop’s Drops Of Youth range. A hero ingredient, it helps give your skin that fresh, hydrated feeling all day long!


*The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist does not protect from UVA/UVB rays.

Since we started in September, you’ve probably seen one of our carefully curated self-care kits that focus on pampering the mind, body and skin, while supporting local brands. We put these packages together with love to share the gift of self-love, including essentials such as calming crystals, plant-based protein powder and soothing sheet masks. It’s the best way to show a loved one that you care! Create your own personalised pick-me-ups with some of these wellness items – they’re bound to put a smile on your special someone’s face:

For the mind


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These planners may look too pretty to write in, but their functional layouts and fun features will have your best friend using it all the time! We love the habit tracker, inspiration board, as well as the values and beliefs page.


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A post shared by Little MooMooCraft (@littlemoomoocraft)

Available in cute shapes and different sizes, a deliciously scented candle can create a warm and cosy environment for your goal-getting friend to unwind in. Their nostalgic Christmas Special soy candles have a comforting scent for those who are missing home.


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After everything that’s happened this year, we’re all in need of some good vibes and pleasant energy! Grab a few of these shiny crystals and gift them to someone who’s been meaning to manifest their dreams and desires.

For the body


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You can’t go wrong with yummy snacks! Customise their gift collection with flavours that are natural, hand-crafted and sourced from premium ingredients – we know the vegan in your life will appreciate their Pandan Gula Melaka Granola.


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Treat your workout buddy to this vegan-friendly pea protein powder. Choose from two delicious guilt-free flavours – Himalyan Salted Chocolate, and Cookies and Cream, or get them both with a protein shaker when you purchase the starter kit.


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Got a yogi friend? Help them enhance their poses and elevate their experience with this recycled cork wood yoga block. We are living for the positive reminder to “do good everyday” engraved on the environmentally friendly block.

For the skin


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A post shared by BAD LAB Malaysia (@badlabco)

Designed exclusively for men, this all-inclusive self-care package includes some of their best-sellers: a 3-in-1 Hair, Face, and Body Shampoo, Facial Cleanser, and Pomade / Hair Clay. Users will feel more energised and revitalised after doing this routine.


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Combining LED light treatment with a silicone facial brush, any skincare fanatic would be excited to deep cleanse their skin while rejuvenating it. Give them the gift of cleaner, clearer and glowing skin!


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For the friend who’s always on the go, a hydrating face mask is a fast and easy way to practice self-care. These Korean sheet mask sets are curated for each skin type, but their Christmas sets also include extra goodies from earrings and scrunchies to coffee and granola.

The Body Shop has your Christmas list covered with the perfect presents for everyone! Their stellar range of glorious gift sets include Secret Santa, body care, skincare, pampering, stocking fillers and a wonderful variety of vegan products to spoil your loved ones silly.

Convenience isn’t the only reason to grab your gifts from this beauty brand – in the spirit of giving, The Body Shop will also be donating 10 sen from every transaction to the Women’s Aid Organisation (WOA) all month long. The Come Together, Act Together campaign helps the WOA in their work with domestic violence survivors.

The more pressies you get, the merrier! The Body Shop’s latest limited edition season scents – Festive Berry, Winter Jasmine and Warm Vanilla are available as gorgeous gift sets with handy sustainable packaging that can be reused as a pouch (that counts as a gift too). If you’re spoilt for choice, opt for an e-gift voucher instead.

Don’t worry about delivery – it’s free with any purchase from The Body Shop’s Christmas Gifts & Seasonal Ranges until Christmas. The convenience continues with their Click & Collect, Call & Collect, Call For Same Day Delivery Service.

Get shopping on their website today!