Circle Of Control: How To Become A Proactive Person

By Sarah Hannan

Circle Of Control: How To Become A Proactive Person

February 21st, 2022 at 4:23 am

Stop worrying about things out of your control


Many of us have lately been reacting to things that are out of our control given that a pandemic is still looming over our heads. The world is struggling, and everywhere you see there is a protest, assigning blame, and even just people downward spiralling because their lifestyles have been affected.


Lately, I have been reflecting on how it has changed the way I look at things in life. The first year was filled with frustration, as I was angry with the authorities for not taking action on time. But on the second year I realised assigning blame was not going to take us anywhere, instead, it was easier to improve on how I looked at things and worked on improving my outlook on life.


Among the self-improvement books that I have read in the past, I particularly gravitated towards books authored by  Dr. Stephen R. Covey. In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Covey talks about seven habits that one should adopt, I also came across Coveys Circles of Control Model that could be of use to many of us that are easily overwhelmed by the things that happen outside our control. 


According to the Circles of Control Dr. Covey distinguishes people into two segments; proactive people and reactive people:

  • Proactive people – focus on what they can do and can influence (the inner circle)
  • Reactive people – focus their energy on things beyond their control and tend to maintain an attitude of victimisation and blame (the outer circle)