Connecting To Your Higher Self In The Digital Age

By Sarah Hannan

Connecting To Your Higher Self In The Digital Age

January 19th, 2022 at 6:26 am

There is no denying that with all the extra time we had in hand these past two years, we naturally had time to engage in some soul-searching. Living in the age of information, it was not that difficult for many of us to pick which outlet or platform to help us with that journey.


While I was scrolling incessantly through my social media platforms, I began to notice many self-care apps and programmes filling the ad space. The digital universe seems to have started to hint at the importance of maintaining spiritual well-being.


In a traditional sense, people would reach out to astrologers, go on meditation retreats, go on pilgrimages, or reach out to those who practice alternative medicine to enrich their spirit. Thanks to the introduction of mobile apps, streaming platforms, and social media platforms, we can now practice these in the comforts of our own homes. Therefore, it is no surprise to come across such practitioners offering one-on-one sessions of daily meditation guides, sharing daily affirmations, offering tarot readings, and sharing their experiences of their spiritual awakenings.


What is Spiritual Self-Care?

Spiritual self-care goes hand in hand with the practice of soul-searching. Therefore, we can say that the steps we take towards improving our connection to a higher self are in essence, spiritual self-care. It can start with the simplest of actions, such as practising gratitude, spending time in nature, reading a daily affirmation, taking part in group prayers or meditation classes.


Enriching your spiritual well-being

If we were to look at the simple actions we take towards enriching our spiritual well-being, you would notice that these actions could also help us to decompress, relieve stress, find inner peace and achieve some balance in our minds. Studies have revealed that practising living a spiritual/ religious life could assist with battling depression, responding to setbacks in life in a more empathetic manner, and finding a support system that will be there for us during our life’s highs and lows.


Lately, the spiritual self-care topic has amassed millions of users on TikTok to follow accounts such as @MysticTarot and @babyreckless as they rally around the content that is released for their followers. The app’s informal format has allowed such influencers to post bite-sized videos multiple times a day under tags like #Spiritualtok, #spiritualmeaning, #Spiritual and #wellness that reaches millions and billions of views.


Given the ongoing crises around our world, there has not been a better time to look at nurturing our spiritual well-being. Even if it means that some of us are not religiously inclined, there are still practical methods that are in place to practice spiritual well-being.


Here are some apps that would help you in your journey to improve your spiritual well-being:

  • Co-star – Founded by Banu Guler, this app provides daily astrology readings and zodiac-sign inspired tips.
  • Breathwrk – Founded by Max Gomez, the platform provides its users with breathing exercises backed by science and research that would help them fall asleep, relieve stress and anxiety, improve endurance and energise themselves.
  • LOA – Law of Attraction Toolbox brings you the best teachings of Abraham-Hicks, the app provides you tools, exercises and games to help focus, visualise and improve your mood any time of the day.

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