Cultivating A (Healthy) Morning Routine

By Raisa G

Cultivating A (Healthy) Morning Routine

June 22nd, 2021 at 5:14 am

Quick question: do you start your morning intentionally? As in, do you actively choose the mood you want to maintain throughout the day? Don’t judge yourself for your (honest) answer – instead, understand that every day is different which is why cultivating a morning routine can help set the tone, regardless of external circumstances.


In order to feel nourished, your day-to-day habits need to be nourishing. Just think about it: bad habits will consistently reaffirm behaviour, thoughts, and emotions that may not serve you physically, mentally, emotionally, and / or spiritually. Thus, carefully curating your day-to-day habits is imperative for maintaining balance in every aspect; which in turn, keeps you happy!


Here are some time-based ideas to add into your morning routine, inclusive of a yogic perspective:


If You Have 0 to 5 Minutes

If you’re chronically stressed then know that taking deep breaths actually helps. It’s been proven to help anxiety and depression – probably because diaphragmatic breathing lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Even if you’re not chronically stressed, connecting to your breath will help you to remain in a calm state.

Yogic Twist: Practice Nadi Shodhana to balance the brain hemispheres and to improve concentration.


If You Have 5 to 10 Minutes

The amount of research that can verify the benefits of gratitude is growing daily. In short, practicing gratitude improves not only your mental health but also your physical health. You can practice gratitude by mentally or physically listing what you’re grateful for. As to really reap the benefits, remember to feel that gratitude and not only think of it.

Yogic Twist: Chant Mantras, such as Om Asatoma Sadgamaya.


If You Have 10 to 15 Minutes

When was the last time you journaled? And would you believe that journaling can help your injuries heal faster? This is most likely due to how journaling can make you feel happier. If you don’t know where to start, you can reflect on your dream or even plan your schedule for the day – it’s your journal so do you!

Yogic Twist: Practice Jala Neti to improve your overall health (especially to relive sinusitis).


If You Have 15 to 20 Minutes

If feeling uninspired is the funk you’ve been in, then why not listen to a podcast before starting work? This way, you can establish a clear boundary between you morning routine and work. Choose from these Self-Care Picks: Podcast Edition.

Yogic Twist: Find a meditation that’s best for you then practice it for 15-20 minutes.


If You Have 20 to 30 Minutes

Moving your body in the morning will increase your energy levels and will help your brain health. It can help with decision making as well! For those that don’t particularly like exercising, know that moving your body can range from stretching to dancing to anything else that makes you feel good.

Yogic Twist: Practice Sun Salutations or any other yoga flow.


Be Patient with Yourself

Growth is not linear – just look at trees! Be kind to yourself as you foster your new morning routine and understand that if you miss a day, there’s always tomorrow. If you’d like to learn more about breathwork, chanting, and / or Jala Neti, then watch this IGTV of Raisa’s Head To Toe Yoga Flow.

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