Cut Down On Coffee With These Alternative, Superfood Lattes

By Raisa G

Cut Down On Coffee With These Alternative, Superfood Lattes

June 7th, 2021 at 5:37 am

What is an alternative latte and why would any latte be labelled as a superfood? In a nutshell: an alternative latte is caffeine free, dairy free, and filled with much needed nutrients. The fact that superfood lattes are served in various shades of the colour wheel is a definite bonus for consumers demanding functional ingredients that can boost energy and the immune system – and according to Grand View Research, it’s a growing demand.

If you’re obsessed with caffeine and frowning at the idea of anything other than an actual latte then here’s:

Why You Should Consider Reducing Your Caffeine Intake and / or Ditching Caffeine Altogether
  1.    If You Want More Sustained Energy Throughout the Day

For those unaware: caffeine is a stimulant and like any other stimulant, the effect is temporary. The reason you feel that distinctive caffeine buzz is due to adrenaline and cortisol being released – hormones that kickstart your fight-or-flight response.

  1. If You Want to Feel Less Anxious

Unfortunately, that fight or flight response can cause anxiety, heart palpitations, nervousness, and even panic attacks. For adolescents, a high intake of caffeine has shockingly been linked to increased chances of depression.

  1. If You Want to Efficiently Absorb Nutrients

Without getting too complicated, caffeine contains tannins and tannins can potentially inhibit the absorption of calcium, iron, and vitamin B. By lowering your caffeine intake or refraining from caffeine, this side effect is then reversed.

  1. If You Want to Balance Your Hormones

Research has found that caffeine can change the way estrogen is metabolised – especially in younger women. Ironically, for women experiencing menopause, caffeine may increase estrogen which can result in increased symptoms (such as hot flashes).

  1. If You Want Better & Deeper Sleep

Unsurprisingly, caffeine has been proven to alter sleep cycles which results in restless sleep. If you switch to superfood lattes over traditional lattes, you may find that falling asleep becomes easier, too.

The Various Benefits of Superfood Lattes
  1. Hojicha Latte

As Hojicha comprises of L-Theanine, it’s the perfect superfood latte to start with if you want better sleep. L-Theanine has a calming effect and can actually help to lower your heart rate. Considering how the Covid-19 is still rampant, boosting your immune system remains more important than ever. Guess what? L-Theanine does exactly that as it helps your immune system function better (but of course, stay safe)!

Purchase a Hojicha Latte from Oh Cha Matcha

  1. Turmeric Latte

You probably drool over curry, but have you tried consuming only it’s main ingredient (turmeric)? Most likely, your answer is ‘no’ although if you were to ask any health freak, they’d reverently nod ‘yes’. Reason being that turmeric contains a compound known as curcumin which is anti-viral, contains anti-inflammatory properties, and has anti-parasitic qualities.

Traditionally, it was yogis who combined turmeric with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and dairy-free milk. Nowadays, this concoction, known as Golden Milk, can be tried by anybody in the world who has access to superfood lattes!

Purchase Golden Milk from Damai Café

  1. Beetroot Latte

Totally surprising: recent studies have shown that beetroot can improve athletic performance. As beetroot is rich in nitrate, it can improve blood flow, too, which leads to notable health benefits. A major reason why city-dwellers especially should try a Beetroot Latte is because beetroots are a source of betalains which supports liver detoxification.

Purchase a Beetroot Latte from Urbean Café

  1. Charcoal Latte

Almost every Asian is aware of how important it is to have charcoal pills on standby, so it makes sense to include activated charcoal into a superfood latte. If you’re unaware of why charcoal pills should be an essential item in your household, then know that activated charcoal helps gastrointestinal issues – such as bloating, indigestion, and irritable bowel syndrome. It helps by reducing tension and discomfort by binding to toxins which in turn, eliminates said toxins.

Purchase a Charcoal Latte from Fittie Sense 

  1. Rooibos Latte

Yes, Rooibos is a tea but it can also double as a superfood latte when non-dairy milk is added! Due to its antioxidant properties, it’s known for boosting overall heart health and lowering cholesterol levels. Like most antioxidants, Rooibos has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer – a definite win/ win situation (yummy and healthy).

Purchase a Rooibos Latte from RGB Café

Start Your Superfood Latte Journey

Note that every café and / or restaurant chosen was specifically picked due to being able to provide alternative milk options. If you’re ready to taste the rainbow, then place your superfood latte order ASAP and tag @wildgingermy to let us know your thoughts!

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