Do You Believe in Yourself? Here’s Why You Should

By Raisa G

Do You Believe in Yourself? Here’s Why You Should

July 12th, 2021 at 5:20 am

Most assume positive affirmations to be nothing special but in reality, positive affirmations can literally change your life. Mainly, by changing your perspective of yourself and of others. Instead of staying stuck in limiting beliefs, positive affirmations can deepen your internal self-awareness and can help with how you handle external situations.


Here’s Why Positive Affirmations Are Special

Countless of scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of positive affirmations. Here are several that may convince you to start incorporating positive affirmations into your life:

  • Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience is a scientific journal that published a study revealing how self-affirmations activate the ‘rewards centres’ in the brain (the ventral striatum & ventromedial prefrontal cortex).
  • The Department of Psychology of Stanford University found that self-affirmations can improve academic performance, health, and relationship outcomes; the benefits can last for months and sometimes even years.
  • The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology detailed a study that highlighted how verbal affirmations are registered and absorbed more quickly than mental affirmations.
  • Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University verified a boost in problem solving abilities when participants used self-affirmation techniques while under pressure.


How to Incorporate Positive Affirmations into Your Day to Day

As mentioned, positive affirmations kickstart regions of the brain that can elevate your mood. In order to reap the benefits, though, you will need to practice positive affirmations daily (several times a day) and preferably aloud. To make it easier for you to get into the habit, here are some suggestions:

  • Write your positive affirmations(s) on a post-it note then stick it against your mirror or any area frequently in view.
  • Alternatively, find or create a wallpaper for your phone that clearly states your positive affirmation(s).
  • Turn your positive affirmation(s) into a catchy melody (The Chicken Rice Shop has taught every Malaysian that jingles do work).
  • Recite your positive affirmation(s) before sleeping as the brain learns more effectively in the evening.

For your positive affirmation(s) to be as effective as can be, consume content along the lines of the change you want to create – internally and / or externally. If you’re telling yourself one thing but then subconsciously absorbing another, you may not experience the benefits of your positive affirmation(s).


Take What You Need

Struggling to think of a positive affirmation? Here are some ideas:

  • I am in control (you can repeat as is or add your own twist, like: I am in control of my happiness).
  • I am manifesting my highest reality (you can even specify what that would entail, like: I am manifesting a fulfilling career as a XY).
  • I do everything with love and greet everyone with love.
  • Everything is working out best case scenario.

Yes, positive affirmations work but you still need to take some type of action. Repeating to yourself that you will manifest a fulfilling career may not work if you’re uncertain of what that career is or if you’re not working towards narrowing down your (employment) options. Set some time aside to really get clear on the positive affirmation(s) you need and remember to believe in yourself as much as we do 

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