Ever Wondered How To Track Self Growth?

By Raisa G

Ever Wondered How To Track Self Growth?

July 31st, 2021 at 10:59 am

Here’s a bet: you’ve grown exponentially within the last year – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Just think about how you’ve changed for a few moments. Then, realise that you’re constantly changing. In fact, in one day, you probably experience a plethora of thoughts and emotions; not to mention, move physically in countless ways. As cliché as it sounds, change truly is the only constant and eventually, that change surmounts to self-growth.


Yet, personal development can be hard to track, especially when it’s intangible because what’s intangible is easy to forget. This can turn self-growth into a concept always out of reach – even if you have reached your goals. The fact that society has taught us to always crave more means you’re probably giving yourself less credit than you deserve, too.


It doesn’t have to be like that! Here’s how you can reclaim your power and track your own self-growth:



Yes, physical growth can be visually tracked but increased endurance and flexibility, for example, can’t be. The solution would be to commit to a physical practice that you can use to gauge your fitness goals – such as yoga! By dedicating yourself to a traditional sequence, like Ashtanga, you will have to return to the same postures over and over again. With time, you will be able to notice certain postures becoming easier, and your flexibility improving.



When was the last time you wrote your future self a letter? Not just any letter, but a letter describing your emotional state and emotional goals. If you thought journaling was so 2000s, then think again because it actually helps regulate your emotions. By writing to your future self, you also cultivate emotional awareness because when you read your letter at a later date, you can understand easier why you were feeling that way and what’s changed emotionally. Pro tip: instead of writing to your 2022 self, write to your next week self.

For a clearer idea of how to journal, read Journaling Is Not Just Dear Diary.



Tracking how you’re developing mentally can be tricky, but mindfulness can help. The easiest way to familiarise yourself with mindfulness is through meditation – remember, There’s More Than One Way to Meditate. Once you develop awareness of your thoughts through meditation, you will become more mindful of your inner critic. This internal awareness will help you recognise if you’re clinging onto mental habits that you’ve outgrown and how you can be mentally kinder to yourself.

If you’ve tried meditation but weren’t satisfied with your mental space after, then read Debunking Meditation Myths.



Spiritual development is incredibly intimate and there is no ‘one size fits all’. So, find a way that works best for you and once you’ve found your ideal method, do it every day. You could even doodle a specific symbol, or place a sticker onto your calendar to mark the days you’ve connected with your Higher Self and / or Source. Alternatively, you could keep a journal and note down the times you got a gut feeling and if it was right. Slowly, you’ll be able to notice if this connection has been increasing.



If you’re unhappy with your career, then it’s time to start creating career-oriented goals as to get clear on what will make you happy. To walk the path you desire, set minor goals as to accomplish that major goal. Most importantly, though, don’t forget to celebrate small wins (and replying all your emails in time is a small win)!

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