Zig Zach KL: This hair stylist puts your hair health first!

By Wild Ginger

Zig Zach KL: This hair stylist puts your hair health first!

November 19th, 2020 at 6:00 am

This year started with a bang of bright colors and Zach of Zigh Zach KL was behind some of the town’s most-talked-about looks. The home-based hair stylist has always been known for his bold use of color, but not only does his work look vibrant, it looks healthy too – a rare combination, usually resulting in lackluster hair.

For those with dark hair, which is a majority of us Malaysians, the only way to achieve a pop of color is by bleaching your hair. But bleach is no joke, and the damage it causes takes away from the appeal of having colored hair. This is why Zach has made hair health his top priority – creating the perfect canvas for his cutting-edge work. We asked him for his expert advice when it comes to having dyed hair.

What is the most common hair problem you come across?
Most of my clients come in with over-processed hair, which has been damaged from bleaching. After the MCO, I saw a lot of dry hair because they would usually get it treated every month, as well as breakage from keeping their hair up all the time.


How serious are these problems – why is hair care so important?
Because your hair is part of your body, but like skincare – you need to know your hair type and understand that not everything will work for you. There are also many threats to our hair, including shower water – some contain chemicals that can cause hair fall.

In your experience, do men take care of their hair well enough?
Surprisingly, my male clients don’t have damaged hair. I always suggest that they use conditioner when they bleach their hair, and grow it out.


How often should one go to the hair salon?
Once a month, especially if you’ve dyed your hair and would like maintain that specific colour.

What has been your most popular request?
It’s between a bleach and colour or a balayage.


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What hair trends do you predict are going to be big next year?
For men, bald with different shapes and colours, and women – curtain bangs and babylights!


How can people maintain their dye at home?
Make sure your shower water isn’t too hot and use a shampoo that is specifically for coloured hair (and your colour). Dry your hair with a microfibre towel, which is more gentle than a normal cotton towel, and before using a heating device – apply a heat protector to avoid any discolouring.


DM him now to book an appointment!

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