Happy Holidays: Here Are 4 Tips To Avoid Holiday Fatigue

By Audrey Lee

Happy Holidays: Here Are 4 Tips To Avoid Holiday Fatigue

April 30th, 2022 at 2:35 am

Don’t let stress take away the joy and fun!


‘Holiday fatigue’ or ‘holiday burnout’ is the exhaustion that comes from the many events and tasks that can come with celebrating the holidays. Everyday life can sometimes be hectic enough, and even though holiday season may sound like a time for relaxation, for some this isn’t the case. The holidays can bring about a lot more errands, work deadlines, and events to attend – filing up our schedules even more. 


While all of this is happening, it can feel overwhelming and we may notice ourselves being heavily preoccupied, causing us to neglect looking after ourselves and our own needs. This does not have to be the case though. Seasons of festivities don’t have to be guaranteed to stress you out. It is possible to maintain a balanced schedule and enjoy ourselves during the holidays! 


Dedicate time for solitude

Or with someone if that works better for you. Whichever it is, dedicating even a few minutes of your day to do what you enjoy or what helps you destress, allows you to unwind and relax -something much needed especially after restless party planning and non-stop socialising. Look after yourself by doing what you love whenever you can. Even if it’s enjoying your morning cup of coffee for just a few minutes, or slowing down before leaving for a party to do a five-minute meditation. And remember, that self care doesn’t have to be limited to just meditating or doing your skincare routine, it can also be affirmations to let go and enjoy yourself while at a dinner, to enjoy that second round of dessert, or a simple reminder to yourself that you deserve to have fun.


Set realistic expectations

If you can’t meet that friend for brunch at 12 because you have to be at a family event at 1, don’t spread yourself out too thin. You will feel less overwhelmed when you try setting realistic expectations with time and what you are capable of. Another example of setting more realistic expectations during the holidays is being realistic with your bank account. Being realistic with the money you are able to spend rather than showering too many loved ones with lavish gifts. Setting realistic expectations ultimately is simply knowing where your own limitations and boundaries are and respecting them. This is important as it can help you get by through the holidays without feeling guilty, regret, or stressed out. 


Maintain healthy boundaries

Setting boundaries during the festive period could maybe be the most responsible thing you can do for yourself. This can often look like knowing your limits – knowing what time of the night you begin crashing, or knowing what in particular during the holidays trigger you and your stress. Knowing your limits and what you’re comfortable with can help you draw those boundaries you need to draw in order for you to enjoy the celebrations and yourself; without feeling like you neglected your needs and / or self-abandoned.


Practice gratitude

The holidays can be good time to count your blessings. Especially with all the celebrations, and people you get to see and catch up with again. The holidays can be a time filled with an abundance of love, family, and friendship. You may be surprised at how rejuvenating it feels after taking some time at the end of the day to journal down the events from the night before that you were thankful for. For example, you can try asking yourself: 

  • Who were you  grateful to see at the party and why?
  • What you celebrated and how does it makes you feel?
  • What moments have made you feel happy, loved, or excited?
  • What have you enjoyed about this holiday so far?


Besides this, absorbing and savouring present moments too can be a way of practicing gratitude; especially inner-gratitude where you are left feeling not just full of appreciation but also a lot more in touch with yourself. Practicing gratitude can put you in a better mood, remembering all the good things and people you have in your life. 


The holidays can be overwhelming and stressful but, it doesn’t have to be. If you try incorporating these practices into your holiday schedule, we hope they make your festive period a bit easier. And no matter the season or time of the year, prioritising yourself and your mental health is always important. 

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