How FEV3R Is Transforming Primary Healthcare

By Wild Ginger

How FEV3R Is Transforming Primary Healthcare

May 24th, 2022 at 7:35 am

A digital-first subscription-based solution for employees


FEV3R, a healthtech company that provides affordable e-patient services through a healthcare-as-a-service platform, has been launched today with a long-term aspiration to transform the landscape of personal health in Malaysia.


As an integrated healthcare service utilizing a mobile application to provide access to doctors anytime, anywhere, FEV3R is set to significantly reduce the cost of primary care for corporates and consumers, based on an affordable subscription model, with easy access to patient health data.


Its Chief Executive Officer, Adlan Hercus, said, “In this new environment where we have been learning to live and work through a pandemic, and now transitioning to an endemic phase, the conversation around healthcare has never been so important. Despite the increased interest in personal health, it remains a topic that would only come to mind when someone is unwell. While getting more people to care about their general health and wellbeing is important, what’s equally crucial is empowering them to do so. Understanding the challenges of primary care during a pandemic, FEV3R has been working towards injecting change to the traditional primary care doctor-patient relationship to facilitate a higher degree of health innovation.”


Employing technological advancements, FEV3R is set to support doctors with instant access to a patient’s health data which will enable better diagnosis. These tools are geared towards helping doctors improve their diagnosis with the help of AI technology. This, in turn, reduces a lot of the legwork, so that doctors can focus on patients. FEV3R employs world-class technology that adapts and supports individual needs and preferences, while at the same time prioritizing the security of confidential personal data.


“Our doctors are all certified and registered with the Ministry of Health which means they can provide professional consultation with ease of mind for our clients and their employees. We have also adopted stringent data processes to ensure all patients’ medical data are kept secure and private,” Adlan added.


“Digital healthcare is here to improve our approach to delivering primary healthcare. Addressing the concerns of patients by being more accessible and affordable, digital healthcare also ensures higher efficiency levels for doctors. It is no longer business as usual for us, but rather providing better diagnosis, prognosis and referrals, as demanded by patients,” said Medical Director FEV3R, Dr Sashidharan Janisein.


Affordability is also one of the key aspects of the FEV3R platform. With a simple subscription model, employers can expect to reduce up to 80% of employees’ healthcare costs with our subscription of RM288 per employee annually. Additionally, the platform runs on a totally cashless model providing further convenience for patients.


Adlan further said, “FEV3R’s subscription model can translate to savings for companies while still providing employees with the best healthcare they deserve. The savings could be used to fund internal engagements and other employee activities.”


Currently focused on employees, FEV3R has a network of 120 clinics (own and partner) with more than 250 doctors on board. FEV3R is also equipped to dispense medication and conduct laboratory tests, while our doctors can provide referrals to the best specialists for more complex cases.


For more details on FEV3R, please visit

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