How Pilates Instructor, Siu Lim, Stays Fit During Fasting Month

By Wild Ginger

How Pilates Instructor, Siu Lim, Stays Fit During Fasting Month

May 4th, 2021 at 2:44 am

A certified pilates instructor at The Flow Studio, and a proud single mother of four, Siu Lim has always been into fitness – she frequented the gym as a college student and squeezed in time for pilates as a new mom. Eight years ago, she turned these exercise habits into a dedicated lifestyle, and now she’s a familiar face in the fitness space, connecting with the community as a passionate pilates instructor and a fun-loving content creator.

With Ramadan entering the second half of the holy month, we spoke to Siu Lim about her current diet and workout routine. If you’ve also been fasting, you may have noticed your energy levels pick back up as your body starts getting used to it. Read on for Siu Lim’s advice on how to start working out and boosting your energy during Ramadan.



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What is your exercise routine like during fasting month?

Quite simple and sweet. Every morning, after Fajr, I do some pilates and yoga. If I have some time, I do indoor cycling. I always stick to this workout routine because it gives me a lot more energy.


Ideally, when should one work out during fasting month?

There is no right or wrong time for a workout, it always depends on what’s best for the person. Personally, I prefer to workout during the day because I find that it gives me a lot if energy, whereas many would think that it tires you out. It’s like a replacement for coffee in the morning for me!


What do you eat to keep you energised during the day?

I do eat my carbs. I am anaemic, so I make sure I eat my sugars, but I eat natural sugars, like dates, and stay away from artificial sugars, like cake. This is probably one of the hardest times to avoid cakes and cookies because they are always coming around as Raya is nearing, but I built up my tastebuds during the year to not have such a sweet tooth – so the cravings are not really there for me. If I do get cravings or hungry, I try to eat more proteins. During fasting month, my diet is more nutritious and I drink more water. It is only then I realise how little water I drink (until I start fasting)!



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How do you stay motivated?

I am a very competitive person, so that means I always follow a person or a group. This year, Lululemon had a running event by Goodspeed Run Club. I joined that to make sure that I kept up with my running, otherwise I would slack off and just be like, “no one is watching me, it doesn’t matter, it’s only a month”. So it is important to be part of a group or have some friends  to stay active with – it doesn’t matter what you do, just continue to be active!


What advice do you have for those struggling to stay healthy during fasting month?

Avoid eating fried foods, salty foods and high-sugar foods. Instead, Include foods from all major food groups, such as fruits and vegetables, rice and alternatives, and meat and alternatives.


You can book a pilates class with Siu Lim at The Flow Studio here or DM her on Instagram to join one of her own workouts – she’s always down to workout with people and provide motivation!

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