How To Accomplish Major Goals With Minimal Effort

By Raisa G

How To Accomplish Major Goals With Minimal Effort

July 8th, 2021 at 2:45 am

Most likely, you know who Kanye West is but did you know that he practices micro-productivity? In his song ‘Spaceship’, he says that he made five beats per day for three summers – no wonder his diverse album ‘The College Dropout’ was an instant hit!


Although you’re probably not creating an album, micro-productivity is still relevant to you; especially if you’re prone to feeling anxious or overwhelmed by tasks (work and non-work related). Micro-productivity is actually easy to implement into your day-to-day: simply break down a complex task into less intimidating tasks.


By dividing a big task into smaller tasks, that big task will not only feel more approachable but it will become easier to achieve, too. The fact that dopamine (a neurotransmitter connected to feelings of pleasure) is released every time a smaller task is completed is a total bonus – instead of just one dopamine rush upon completing that big task, you’ll experience several. In turn, you will feel more motivated to keep working towards smashing your goals!


Who Should Consider Micro-Productivity:
  • Anyone working on a major project
  • Anyone with a tendency to procrastinate
  • Anyone currently feeling demotivated
  • Anyone prone to stress and/ or anxiety


How To Implement Micro-Productivity:
  • Choose a goal (major or minor)

To walk you through micro-productivity, here is an example of a non-work related goal: to finally finish reading that book you started!

  • Create micro-task(s)

Remember that the micro-task should be manageable but, most importantly, the micro-task needs to be realistic. So, plan to read for 10 minutes per day.

  • Outline a schedule

If you feel that reading for 10 minutes after awakening will help kickstart your mind, then opt for that. Alternatively, you can read before sleeping as to unwind from your day or you can schedule reading into another part of your day.

  • Surprise yourself

Considering how short 10 minutes can be, particularly when reading, you may just surprise yourself. Instead of reading for only 10 minutes per day, you may start reading for 10 minutes whenever you have time to spare. That’s the upside of micro-productivity: you get into the habit of using your free time productively.


Apps To Consider for Micro-Productivity:


The Takeaway

As mentioned, micro-productivity can become addictive, so gentle reminder to always allocate enough time for daily self-care rituals. Yes, using free time to get things done is good but not when it means you’re neglecting yourself! If you haven’t established a daily self-care ritual yet, then here’s 6 Underrated Self-care Activities to Try This Weekend.

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