“Kekal Kenyang, Rasa Lazat” with Amazin’ Graze

By Wild Ginger

“Kekal Kenyang, Rasa Lazat” with Amazin’ Graze

April 6th, 2022 at 4:56 am

Building a healthier sahur meal


During Ramadan, a healthy sahur, the pre-dawn meal consumed by Muslims, is an essential part of fasting. It equips the body for a full day of fasting, making it vital to focus on proper nutrition. “Kekal Kenyang, Rasa Lazat” with Amazin’ Graze is all about preparing a well-balanced meal that provides the necessary energy to maintain fitness levels throughout the day. Going back to their basics, Amazin’ Graze’s “Build Your Own Breakfast” Bundle (exclusively available online) can be used to build a healthier sahur meal for you and your loved ones fuss-free!


Build Your Own Breakfast

Step 1: Pick an oatmeal as a base

Consumers can pick their choice of Amazin’ Graze’s Goodness Bowl Instant Oatmeal. The combination of ancient grains, nuts and seeds, and delicious fruits will help you feel full for longer. For those fasting, they recommend 2 sachets per serving for extra satiety. 


Step 2: Mix it with nut butters

Amazin’ Graze’s spreads are made with high-quality nuts, blended into silky smooth butter – completely natural and emulsifier-free. Nut butters are high in protein and healthy fats. Stir 2 spoons into your oatmeal for a creamy and filling breakfast.


Step 3: Top it off with granola

For an extra crunch and nutrition boost, add Amazin’ Graze’s granola as a topping. Antioxidant-rich superfoods like seeds, fruits and nuts are great energisers.


Add-Ons: Buka Bites

Need some snacks for Buka? Amazin’ Graze’s snacks are great for breaking fast as they help you avoid excessive food intake in a short period of time, which may impact your digestive system. 


The “Build Your Own Breakfast” Bundle currently has an ongoing Ramadan promotion on their website. With 15% off, you can enjoy an easy, fuss-free yet nourishing sahur meal of your preferred choice!

“Kekal Kenyang, Rasa Lazat” with Amazin’ Graze

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