Looking For A Job? A Recruitment Consultant Shares How You Can Stand Out

By Wild Ginger

Looking For A Job? A Recruitment Consultant Shares How You Can Stand Out

March 25th, 2021 at 1:35 pm

Last year, since the pandemic first struck, almost 1000,000 workers were laid off in Malaysia. This has been happening everywhere around the world, with COVID-19 causing record unemployment rates. If you have just lost your job, or have been out of work for a while, we understand how terrifying it can be. It can also be discouraging to get back into the job market, especially with how much it’s changed. From shifting industry hiring patterns to fundamental changes to the way we work, it’s important to understand the current circumstances and be prepared for uncertainties in these times.

To increase your chances of finding a job in this environment, you must stand out. Although companies have started hiring again, their budget cuts mean reduced hiring – intensifying the competition. If you’re not confident about how you’re approaching your job search or the application process, you can always seek the help of a recruitment agency. These firms can help provide you with the necessary market information needed to look for a job, strategize your profile to appeal to employers, hone your interview skills and knowledge to prepare you for interviews, manage your salary expectations according to market information, and advise you on career moves that best align with your aspirations. Here are some tips from Jane Foong, a Recruitment Consultant (Language and Finance Shared Services) at HAYS:


What’s the most common mistake people make with their resumes?

One of the most common mistakes is over elaborating or under elaborating on their resumes. You should not try to copy out your current job description word for word, but instead state your main responsibilities and highlight your leadership experience and achievements. Remember that HR managers go through more than a 100 CVs everyday, so don’t be afraid to bold or underline your best achievements to get their attention.


How can candidates stand out from the rest?

A concise write up on your aspirations, key skills and achievements in your resume is key to appealing to recruiters. It is also important to research your company and even your interviewer’s background before your interview so that you can ask the right questions. Don’t forget to smile and have a positive attitude to leave your interviewer with a good impression!


What is the most important thing to prepare for interviews?

In this day and age where a majority of our interviews are conducted online, one of the most important things is to prepare the tools you will use. Whether that’s Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Bluejeans – try to play around with the software in advance. Always log on 10 minutes earlier to avoid any sort of technical issue. And finally, dress smart even if you’re just sitting at home!


How should a candidate negotiate their salary?

When it comes to salary negotiation, we generally recommend that our candidates ask for an adjustment of about 10-15% more than their current salary package, which includes any fixed allowance and/or contractual bonuses. But before a candidate starts negotiating their salary, I would encourage them to look at the company’s benefits, such as job security and career exposure, to inform their decision of how much they should ask for – sometimes other factors can make up for a salary that may not be as high as they may have originally wanted.


If you’re interested in working in recruitment itself, HAYS is hiring! They’re looking for young professionals who are interested in developing their careers in a fast-paced environment and learn about a spectrum of industries and sectors. 

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