Monitor Your Mood: Apps & Wearables To Track Your Stress Levels

By Audrey Lee

Monitor Your Mood: Apps & Wearables To Track Your Stress Levels

January 13th, 2022 at 8:16 am

Stress is inevitable, something close to impossible to avoid. It is difficult to prevent, however, what we do have control over are tracking our stress levels and how we manage them.


Monitoring our stress levels can be a huge lifesaver. It can help us to have more control over stressful situations and can be a helpful guide on knowing when it is time to step back, light that candle, and de-stress. 


Have you ever looked back at a week or month that had just gone by and only realized later that you were incredibly stressed out? It’s possible; that we sometimes don’t even pick up on our bodies telling us that something is wrong. There are a number of indicators such as: headaches, changes in heart rate, digestive problems, changes in appetite, and more. It’s definitely a skill that takes practice: feeling our bodies’ responses and listening to them. 


Besides our bodies being our own inner trackers, there are other ways we can monitor our stress levels: through technology! 


Some wearable technology you can invest in: 

  • Samsung Smartwatches – Samsung Smartwatches also come with the Samsung Health App just like with their smartphones. They allow you to monitor your heart rate; and when feeling stressed, provide a guided deep breathing exercise to help you relax.
  • Fitbit – The Stress Management Feature on the Fitbit Sense detects stress responses during guided meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Garmin Garmin watches also allow users to monitor their stress levels by determining their current level of stress based on their heart rate.


Other wearable technology
  • Amazon Halo Band – The Amazon Halo Band is a screen-free wristband that can track physical activity, sleeping patterns, and stress levels. Just connect it to your smartphone to have access to records the wristband has detected.
  • Muse Headband – A wearable brain sensing headband that measures brain activity and stress levels.


But if wearing these aren’t your kinda thing, here are some apps you can check out: 


Available on iOS & Google Play 

An app that allows users to customize goals, journal, follow guided meditations, and tracks sleep and nutrition. 


Stress Scan

Available on iOS & Google Play 

This app helps users measure stress levels by placing their thumb over the camera which Stress Scan then analyzes changes in your heart rate.


Personal Zen

Available on iOS & Google Play

Personal Zen’s features include musical therapy, journaling, breathing exercises, and stress relieving games.

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