#NakedSwapChallenge: 7 LUSH Product Swaps For No Plastic July

By Wild Ginger

#NakedSwapChallenge: 7 LUSH Product Swaps For No Plastic July

July 1st, 2022 at 1:15 am

No Plastic July, also known as Plastic Free July, is a global movement against plastic pollution that educates and empowers millions of people to reduce their plastic waste. With single-use plastic products becoming essential to everyday life, plastic consumption has quadrupled over the past three decades and we now produce around 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Not only does it pollute the environment, plastic pollution also has further consequences on our health, economy and society. 


To help Malaysians reduce plastic dependence in their daily routine, Lush Malaysia has launched their yearly #NakedSwapChallenge campaign to showcase their packaging-free cosmetics. From shampoo bars and pressed conditioner to biodegradable cleansing pads and facial oils, the Lush Naked concept has been around since 2018 as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. It encourages customers to shop more sustainably by offering value, convenience and safety.


How does Lush Naked work?

Lush Naked products contain self-preserving chemicals or do not contain water to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould. Similar to a green grocer, all of the produce is prepared fresh and does not remain on shelves for a long period of time. The Naked range can only be purchased in-store as the warm Malaysian weather can cause damage during delivery.


Now, are you ready to take on the #NakedSwapChallenge? By choosing plastic-free personal care products, which is a major source of plastic waste, you can do your part to help reduce unnecessary plastic waste from packaging. Here are 7 Lush product swaps for No Plastic July (and beyond!) that our editor, Aida Azrin, has tried and tested:


Skin Care

7 To 3 Cleansing Pad

Biodegradable cleansing pad

How to use: Splash your face with water and start exfoliating with the coarser side – dampen a corner and glide it over your wet face and neck area. Work the light cleansing cream into your skin and then rinse clean.

How it felt: “As the first step of double cleansing, it did a good job of gently yet deeply cleansing my skin to remove makeup, dirt and oil. My face felt soft and moisturised!”

How to store: Store the cleansing pad away from water – let it air dry and be kept on a soap dish that allows for drainage.


Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap

Calming calamine soap 

How to use: Lather the soap in your hands, massage over wet skin and rinse off.

How it felt: “I have sensitive combination skin, so this helped soothe and balance it out. My skin didn’t end up feeling dry and tight, and the calming scent added to the pleasurable experience. ”

How to store: Keep the soap in a soap dish that allows for drainage.


Light Touch Facial Oil

Lightly tone and moisturise

How to use: Glide the bar over your skin or warm up the oil in your palms before applying.

How it felt: “For a facial oil, it was lightweight and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. It was easy to apply and glided on smoothly! ”

How to store: Store in a cool, dry area or the fridge to prevent it from melting.



Outback Mate Soap

Tingly mint and eucalyptus

How to use: Wet your hands, lather up and rinse.

How it felt: “The refreshing blend of peppermint and eucalyptus oils helped wake me up in the morning and cooldown in the evening.”

How to store: Keep the soap dry and on a soap dish that allows for drainage.


Hair Care

Soak And Float Shampoo Bar

Keep a clear, calm head

How to use: Lather directly onto wet hair or wet hands, massage into scalp and rinse.

How it felt: “As someone with dandruff, it helped soothe my scalp and didn’t cause it to itch afterwards.”

How to store: Store it somewhere dry and draining between uses.


The Golden Cap Pressed Conditioner

For stout strands

How to use: Hold the conditioner bar under warm water, work it between your hands and massage the creamy consistency on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, then rinse.

How it felt: “I love the vanilla scent and it gave my hair a soft, smooth, shiny finish.”

How to store: Keep it somewhere dry and draining between uses.



Pumice Power Foot Soap

Heal your soles

How to use: Scrub your feet and then rinse clean.

How it felt: “A good scrub without being too rough, the pumice left my feet feeling soft and moisturised.”

How to store: Between uses, store it somewhere dry and draining between.


Explore more products from the Naked Range on Lush’s website.

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