Optimising Living Spaces For Health And Mental Wellness

By Wild Ginger

Optimising Living Spaces For Health And Mental Wellness

January 31st, 2022 at 6:59 am

According to a study conducted in 2011, the physical environment that we reside in has the ability to influence our mental health, both positively and negatively. In an increasingly hyper-connected world, to truly enhance our well-being, home design needs to go beyond single parameters such as flooring and ambience, and instead extend to more holistic approaches that take their cues in healthcare and psychology. The materials, surfaces, colours, light, and acoustics all play a role in creating successful environments for living spaces.


Here are some ways to optimise living spaces for health and mental wellness.


Provide a visual connection to nature

One of the most effective ways of uplifting mental wellness is by providing a visual connection to nature. To enhance the feeling of natural elements, outdoor tiles that resemble wood and structured-surfaced tiles exudes the natural terrain and are good combinations to try out. Wood-designed tiles that mimic real wood in look and feel are better options for outdoors as they are more susceptible to moisture and provide seamless integration of the space outdoors.


Homeowners can also opt for a natural stone tile look indoors, which is an easy way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. The durability of stone tile makes it perfect for high traffic areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas, and are especially ideal for households with children and the elderly. The surface of the tile should be slip-resistant, accommodating to the safety of the people living within the spaces.


A biophilic approach to interior design helps to reduce stress while promoting creativity, improving productivity and enhancing well-being. It also advocates a humanistic approach to design. It celebrates how we live and work together with nature, something that is in need of in our increasingly urbanised cities.


Legacy from Niro Granite comes with a Slip-Stop (anti-slip surface) feature that is practical when applied to areas that are prone to water. It  is designed after a pattern inspired by the Cipollino Marble, an Italian stone from Tuscany – a metamorphic rock that comes with thick, wavy veins and crystalline.


Natural light helps improve mental health and overall attitude

Research has shown that natural lighting allows people to be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer. Natural light plays an important role in creating a comfortable environment for its inhabitants, as well as helping to regulate the body clock, improving concentration and creating a calm, tranquil setting.


Direct sunlight and the natural patterns, movements, and shadows caused by light can be observed in reflective materials, whether through the wall surface or floor tiles. This can help change the ambience and mood of the people who are in the room. Large windows which allow visual access to the outdoors are another excellent way of allowing natural light into your home.


Lux 4.0 by Niro Granite is simple yet stylish. The Lux 4.0 tiles – a classic beauty that brings out the timeless elegance of design to any interior architecture. The light shades of colour bring brightness to living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, visually creating a bigger space for the rooms, whilst reflecting the lights within space to brighten it.


The Difference is in the Details

While house and apartment layouts are becoming more homogenous, the new breed of homeowners, interior designers and architects are finding innovative ways to differentiate their living spaces through their unique individual styles through accessories or interesting combinations of muted shades.


From big slab tiles to mosaic art, feature walls are another way to help one’s space stand out from other spaces. Simple textures, artfully matched, can create a variety of different look and feel according to your preferences.


Another way to spruce up an area is to introduce a little greenery. Potted succulents, hanging plants, and creepers are all excellent ways of adding life and serenity to your outdoors. Adding simple décor pieces such as bamboo stalks, wind chimes and glass lanterns can help you achieve a calm, peaceful vibe – or you could even go for broke and have a fully landscaped garden with tasteful stone effect tiles like Pedregal acting as stepping stones.



Individually, each mosaic tile is pretty small, but they work together to create a much greater whole. Muzze Da’s mosaics are produced uniquely in different materials, colour tones, shapes and sizes to meet the design concept and ambience that you will aspire to enhance your living spaces.


The design of our built environment affects our health and well-being and can have long-term implications on the quality of life. Essentially, living spaces should reflect what people want — to feel good, and to live well. Niro Ceramic Group offers a wide range of wall and floor tiles. To find out more, visit Niro Granite’s Facebook page or their website for more information on their products and services.

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