Safe Space™ Shares How To Make The Most Out Of Online Therapy

By Wild Ginger

Safe Space™ Shares How To Make The Most Out Of Online Therapy

April 13th, 2022 at 6:04 am

They aim to be the leading trusted digital mental health ecosystem partner


Therapy has become more common than previously thought. Before it secured a spot on self-care checklists, most people feared being stigmatised for seeking treatment. Even those who received external support experienced an internal stigma that prevented them from coming forward and asking for help. Now the public perception of mental health has changed for the better. While we were isolated during a global pandemic, it became part of the national conversation and gave many people courage knowing that they were not alone.


“With the global pandemic accelerating the awareness of mental and holistic wellbeing, the topic is steadily gaining the attention it deserves, especially in Southeast Asia,” says Safe Space Co-Founder, Lynette Seow. “Currently we see a spike in people coming forward to seek help and expressing their vulnerabilities to our expert therapists.”


Although there has been a shift, there are still obstacles to recovery and treatment, including accessibility. Safe Space allows more people to have access to therapy by offering comprehensive online and offline mental health solutions. They aim to be the leading trusted digital mental health ecosystem partner by driving value and positive outcomes through social impact and innovation. Safe Space’s system makes it easier for clients to find a therapist they connect with and communicate from wherever they might be. We spoke to their co-founder, Lynette Seow, about prioritising mental wellness and the use of online platforms for therapy.


What are the current barriers to face-to-face therapy?

“With working from home still being the prevalent mode of work, one barrier could be the challenge of finding space to engage in face-to-face therapy. It also requires more travelling time to go down to a physical location versus turning on your computer. For some who might be more cautious or immunocompromised, going to a physical location for face-to-face therapy is a challenge. Giving clients the decision to choose their preferred mode is empowering and results in more fruitful sessions.” 


What are the opportunities and challenges of online therapy?

“The key advantages  include the affordability and convenience of having access to a therapist on demand. Clients can reach out to a therapist at the click of a button without having to invest their time, money and energy to reach out to one. . Online therapy is extremely helpful in emergency situations or during a breakdown when clients need immediate support to be able to talk to someone and  feel settled, which helps their overall mental state. Moreover online therapy offers a range of therapists that clients can choose from, picking from different countries, race, gender, specialization and more.” 


What is the importance of mental wellness and how do we know if help is needed?

“Mental wellness is as essential as physical wellbeing, if not more. Mental health shapes our identity and pushes us to be the best version of ourselves every single day. A stable and positive mental state, helps individuals tide through different obstacles throughout their lives and be more “present” in reality. When you sense yourself frequently gravitating towards a dark place mentally or have trouble focusing on reality – it is advisable to reach out and talk to someone you can confide in or a professional if needed.”  


What are the benefits of using Safe Space for therapy?

“At Safe Space, we believe that there is “sunshine” for everyone, as in help is provided to anyone regardless of their mental illness, age and identity background. We offer individual, couple and family therapy depending on people’s needs. We also offer video or face-to-face options for mode of therapy. For corporate clients, this is a convenient solution to roll out to employees and their dependents as the platform is easy to use for all ages. It also provides fast access, with clients being able to book an appointment with a therapist within 24 hours. Currently, our corporate EAP utilization is over 50% as compared to the industry benchmark of 4%. Finally, we have a substantial pool of therapists based in Malaysia so will be able to bring local context into the sessions too.”


How can clients get the most out of each Safe Space session?

“It is advisable for them to come for the session with an open mindset, having the trust in their therapist to listen and guide them and additionally having an end goal to work with.” 


What are the benefits of finding the right therapist and how can Safe Space help?

“The right therapist will enhance the state of being of individuals twice fold or even greater. Clients feel refreshed, heard and even confident in themselves to move forward. Undoubtedly it is enabling the “small wins” of their day. Safe Space has a trusted tailored database of therapists to suit the exact needs of people who are seeking help in specific areas. 


From our quarterly impact measurement survey of Q1 2022, clients commonly reported that their Safe Space therapists provided a listening ear, taught them exercises to manage stress and anxiety effectively, helped them recognize distorted thinking and corrected their negative thinking patterns. Over 40% of clients also mentioned that their Safe Space therapists taught them healthier coping mechanisms, and to better express and manage their emotions.”


What does the future look like for Space Space?

“We are thankful and humbled with the current accomplishments of Safe Space, enabling many individuals to get the help they need for themselves. We endeavour to have more innovations around the B2B space and the society at large in the near future. Ultimately we want to be a mental health ecosystem that works across different countries and with different stakeholders such as corporates, insurers, hospitals and schools. We are also constantly looking at mental health tech innovation that can have real impact on individuals.”


You can book an appointment with Safe Space’s vetted therapists on their website.

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