Self-Care Picks: App Edition

By Raisa G

Self-Care Picks: App Edition

August 2nd, 2021 at 12:53 pm

Let’s be honest, our handphones have quite literally become extensions of our hands. Truly, it’s miraculous to be able to own a device that can perform multiple functions; yet, most users rotate between a limited selection of apps, over and over.


Granted, apps like WhatsApp or Telegram are a necessity but apps that benefit your body, mind, and soul should be a necessity, too. If you’re going to be using a device 24/7, why not let it uplift you instead of deplete you?


While there are countless of useful apps available for download, here is a list of 10 wellness apps that will realign you, holistically:



Water Yourself: WaterMinder

Did you know that your water intake can affect your brain functions and energy levels? For real. So, if you’re the type of person that frequently forgets to stay hydrated throughout the day, then WaterMinder is the ideal app for you. It tracks your daily intake and reminds you when or if you need to drink more. Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Ditch Fad Diets: Noom

Dieting can be useful, but it can also be toxic. Instead of constantly judging yourself for your weight, learn to eat mindfully with Noom. The app approaches weight loss from a psychological lens, so it will help you evaluate and identify triggers to curate the most effective game plan for you. Besides working with a coach, you’ll have access to the Noom community as well – all for free! Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Menstruation Matters: MyFlo

Uterus-owners: download this app via the App Store or Play Store right now. Understanding your menstrual cycle is seriously important as it will help you understand yourself on a different level. Unlike most apps that log periods, MyFlo was designed by a functional nutritionist and female hormone expert. A feature that stands out from the rest would be the ability to sync your calendar with activities ideal for your body during the cycle you’re in.



Regain Focus: Flipd

Has this ever happened to you: you’re in the midst of being freakishly productive, then your phone vibrates and you get majorly side-tracked? Don’t lie – it happens to the best of us and that’s why Flipd was created. It encourages you to unplug from your device(s) and even locks apps that may distract you from finishing your tasks. Besides that cruel but much needed feature, other techniques are provided to stay focused. Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Train Your Memory: Lumosity

The aim of Lumosity is to sharpen your attention, processing speed, problem solving skills, and memory. The app has converted scientifically-validated tasks into fun games that change daily. Of course, every task will be tailored exactly to your brain as each brain is different. Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Become Addicted to Self-care: Shine

Battling anxiety or feeling more stressed than usual? Then you should download Shine via the App Store or Play Store. Shine will help you to check in on your mental health daily and can even help lower anxiety through personalised programs. Besides being provided with daily self-care strategies, you’ll have access to meditations and calming sounds, too. Do note that some features need to be paid for, though.



Understand Your Cycles: The Pattern

The Pattern utilises your date and time of birth to identify notable cycles within your life –similar to astrology. To some, the accuracy of the cycles can be considered freaky but only because of how precise a natal chart reading is in comparison to a surface astrology reading. By recognising the pattern you’re in, you can gain in-depth clarity on the bigger picture that is your life outside of what you’re presently feeling. Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Smash Your Goals: WOOP

In order to live your soul’s purpose, you need to be able to determine what goals can connect you to your soul’s purpose. The app WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan and is based on 20 years of research into the science of motivation. WOOP revolves around the idea that the obstacles you think are holding you back, are actually what will help you to achieve your goals. In short, it predicts and plans for potential problems so excuses won’t stop you from living your dream life. Download it via the App Store or Play Store.


Connect To Your Breath: Whim Hof

If you have never experienced Whim Hof breathwork, then know that it will 100% connect you to yourself on a soul level – maybe not the first or second time but with practice you will be able to recognise yourself outside of your body and mind. Download it via the App Store or Play Store. Just like Shine, some features need to be paid for.


Bonus: Sowlmate

Sowlmate is an app created specifically for the LBTGQ+ community. It includes meditations and courses created by mental health profesisonals. Examples of courses include: ‘Dealing with Family Rejection’ and ‘The Myth of Masculinity’. You can try the app for free, but will have to pay for it eventually although it’s worth it if it can help you find peace of mind.


Looking For More?

If you’ve decluttered your home based on Rebecca Jo-Rushdy’s advice and are ready to delete unneeded apps from your phone, too, then why not discover more useful apps? Here’s a list of 5 additional apps that can simplify self-care!

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