Self-Care Picks: Podcast Edition

By Wild Ginger

Self-Care Picks: Podcast Edition

April 26th, 2021 at 6:06 am

As April comes to an end, we find ourselves reflecting on the previous weeks before embarking on another month with more self-awareness. But with work starting to move back to the office, it may have been hard to carve out some time for self-care while readjusting to workplace busyness and multitasking. What we’ve found helpful, when it comes to keeping up with learning and evolving during this time, is tuning into informative self-help podcasts. Make use of your daily commute, whether you’re looking to pump yourself up in the morning or unwind after work, by listening to these engaging podcasts. Here are our picks to help you stay on track of your personal growth journey:


You’ve probably come across some of Dr. Thema’s enlightening quotes on social media – the licensed psychologist is constantly sharing how to grow, change and heal, on her global mission to provide relief and empowerment to marginalized populations. Through her empowering podcast, she helps guide listeners on their journey home to themselves with weekly inspiration and mental health advice. Each episode aims to help create a safe space in your mind and body, with topics such as Getting Past Our Defenses: Truth Telling, Healing Unworthiness and Eliminating Self-Destruction.


If you’re looking for something more spiritual, you can find comfort in the Lightworkers Lounge. Hosted by Stephanie Powers, the lightworker has created a strong and supportive social media community of individuals who are looking to delve deeper into life, love and the universe. Tune into her uplifting podcast for candid conversations about astrology, relationships, holistic living, the law of attraction and other topics about life to help you on your path to awakening. Episodes include Healing With Crystals, Masculine vs Feminine Energy and Spiritual Maintenance. 


From inequality to sustainability, the pandemic has pushed social issues to the forefront – there is no excuse for ignorance now that information is everywhere. One of these educational resources is The Uncomfortable Podcast, made available by creative activist, Dom Roberts, to explore the human experience and what it means to be Black in America. It features honest and entertaining conversations with guests from all walks of life and industries, covering thought-provoking topics like interracial relationships, body positivity, and doing your part.


Hosted by Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., The UnF*ck Your Brain podcast is as hard-hitting as its title. The fun, feminist life coach (and former lawyer) aims to help other high-achievers who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt and importer syndrome. Each episode teaches listeners how to overcome social conditioning and own their self-critical thoughts, so they can reduce anxiety and insecurity, boost their self-confidence, and get what they want in life. The empowering topics range from productivity and perfectionism, to money mindset.


An hour of peace and wisdom dedicated to healing, XO Higher Self will shift your perspective and inspire self-compassion beyond self-love cliches. The podcast features spiritual coach and multidisciplinary artist, Bunny Michael, answering her listeners’ questions with advice and guidance to their Higher Self: the manifestation of love within all humans de-conditioned by the limitations of ego identity. No topics are off limits with episodes like You Don’t Need To Be Fixed, Your Wounds Are Not Your Fault and We Don’t Give Ourselves Enough Credit. It feels as if your own higher self is talking to you.


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