Show Yourself Some Love With These Feel Good Tunes!

By Wild Ginger

Show Yourself Some Love With These Feel Good Tunes!

April 6th, 2021 at 4:15 pm

Music has always been used as a therapeutic tool – even before we could understand it. When we were babies, our parents or caretakers would sing us to sleep and soothe our crying. As teenagers, we would blast our favourite songs for an instant mood boost after a bad, stressful day at school. Now, we don’t only use music as a stress reliever or a motivator, we also tap into these feelings of nostalgia and togetherness with old tunes.

But, what makes music the best stress reliever is that it doesn’t disrupt our daily lives. We can let it play in the background and still feel at ease instead of having to squeeze it into our busy schedules. You can also incorporate it into your self-care routine!¬†Here’s an empowering playlist filled with lyrics that celebrate self-care to help you show yourself some love today:

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