Skin Health Awareness Month: Celebrate Your Skin At Cetaphil’s Skin Health Festival!

By Wild Ginger

Skin Health Awareness Month: Celebrate Your Skin At Cetaphil’s Skin Health Festival!

November 1st, 2021 at 2:05 am

The year-end shopping is livelier than ever as Cetaphil is ramping up its skin health awareness efforts, even making it a rewarding experience for people when they tune in to the brand’s Skin Health Festival LIVE on 10th November 2021 at 8pm, livestreaming only on Cetaphil Malaysia’s main Facebook page and the flagship store on Shopee.


With the new year around the corner, Cetaphil is hosting this virtual celebration to commemorate Malaysians’ strive to an end to another taxing pandemic year. The main hosts of the virtual event are none other than Cetaphil Malaysia’s brand ambassadors, Lisa Surihani and Lizz Chloe with an invited clinical dermatologist from the Faculty of Medicine Hospital UiTM, Dr Liyana Dhamirah Aminuddin. Also, joining in the fun is Malaysia’s top rising music girl group, DOLLA, performing and enthralling Cetaphil Malaysia’s Skin Health Festival livestream.


Jessica Chan, Marketing Manager, Galderma Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. expressed, “We are mindful of how people are currently experiencing life stresses and the new norms that we are inevitably so conscious of. Our objective here is to equip people with the know-how, so they can revitalise stronger skin health and better protect their skin against the 5 Signs of Skin Sensitivities, which are Weakened Skin Barrier, Dryness, Irritation, Roughness, and Tightness.” 


Fans and skincare enthusiasts will be glad to find out that Cetaphil Malaysia has been bringing a consultant dermatologist closer to fans by hosting a weekly skin Q&A on its Instagram page through Ask A Derm IG Stories every Fridays, since October. This undertaking was anchored on the findings from Cetaphil Skin Health Survey 2021 conducted in April 2021 with almost 7,000 Malaysian participants, commonly facing the 5 Signs of Skin Sensitivities (5SOSS) and was found that:

  • 62% feel a stinging sensation after using skincare or makeup products, this indicated having a weakened skin barrier.
  • 73% experience dryness. Participants find themselves getting dry skin patches on their face, hands, feet and other parts of their body.
  • 68% reported that their skin experiences irritation because it develops redness or itches easily. 
  • 86% notice dull, uneven skin texture on parts of their face or body, and these are all symptoms of experiencing roughness on the skin.
  • And lastly, 68% feel tightness after washing their faces with a cleanser.
  • More than 50% of Malaysians deal with at least 1 type of skin sensitivity.


Additionally, fans would have also noticed that Cetaphil had an IG LIVE hosted by DOLLA as they took over the brand’s official Instagram page with Dr Liyana. It was a thrilling get-together as fans were pleased with DOLLA’s surprise appearance, turning Cetaphil Malaysia’s first IG LIVE into a captivating sharing session. Furthermore, 20,000 free product samples were given out on Cetaphil’s Facebook and TikTok to trivia and games participants about the learnings of 5SOSS. Days from now, fans and skincare enthusiasts can expect the same level of excitement with Cetaphil rolling out promotions of exclusive huge discounts, vouchers and rewards during the upcoming livestream. 


Galderma and Cetaphil acknowledge that achieving good, healthy skin is not just dependent on products alone. Therefore, the company is proud to announce Clear Skies, a sustainability and social impact initiative with a long-term commitment to thriving forward to a healthier environment by reducing environmental impact and using smarter packaging. For over a decade, Cetaphil has made great strides to reduce its environmental footprint. This presents the company’s global direction to implant responsible practices across its business with aligned goals of hitting 100% renewable energy in its own factories by 2022 and having carbon-neutral production facilities.


Jessica Chan also said, “Air pollution, poor water quality and weather change are environmental stressors to everyone’s skin. As the leader in treating sensitive skin for over 70 years, it is fitting to be sensitive to our environment needs and ensure a positive change that we know our customers, employees and communities can flourish in.” 


For more information about the Cetaphil Skin Health Festival LIVE this coming 10th November at 8pm on Facebook and Shopee, click here

Skin Health Awareness Month: Celebrate Your Skin At Cetaphil’s Skin Health Festival!

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