Skincare Not Working? Try Bodywork

By Sarah Hannan

Skincare Not Working? Try Bodywork

January 12th, 2022 at 7:38 am

Although the skin is our largest organ, when it comes to products or procedures that are available to care for our skin, majority of it is focused on facial skincare. Given that the skin on our faces is thinner and more sensitive, we naturally reach out to grabbing products to protect them from harsh elements.


However, topical skincare alone will not help us achieve the glowing, radiant skin that we require, meaning that we need to look at other areas of well-being that contribute towards achieving better skin. While our skin becomes a reflection of how well we manage our sleep cycles, nutrition, mental health, and physical activity, in recent times practitioners of traditional medicine are consulted for bodywork to achieve glowing facial skin.


According to Board-Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine Dr Debbi Kung, most often when her clients come for facial rejuvenation consultations through acupuncture, she recommends them to attend several body constitutional acupuncture sessions.


“Rejuvenating your face is a bonus of being healthy already because your face reflects your entire body. However, if there’s a lot of other stuff happening in the body that hasn’t been addressed, facial rejuvenation acupuncture won’t be as effective. Your chi can’t get to the face if it’s more needed in the hips, back, or for mental health,” Dr Kung explains.


How does your facial skin benefit from bodywork?

Bodywork is done to relax or relieve pain in your body using body manipulation therapies that allow natural, graceful movement. It is often used on persons who have limited mobility, or those who have unnatural ways of moving or locking their posture following injuries. 


Traditional medicine practitioners can often suggest the internal issues that we are undergoing by looking at our faces and skin. For instance, when our lymph and circulation is stagnant can make our faces puffy. The facial asymmetries indicate that the body is out of alignment. These indications should be taken as cues from our bodies to address the issues at their root cause.


While the ongoing trend for anti-aging has been the use of injectables, Dr Kung says that all these treatments are about freezing your muscles causing stagnation. However, should a person look at acupuncture as a treatment option, it could help them improve the circulation of chi and blood providing proper nourishment to tissues.


Storing issues in tissues

The pandemic somewhat affected our overall well-being, many of us have fallen out of our routines, and as we continue to live in uncertain times, we are involuntarily placing ourselves under physical and mental tension. This is why bodywork requires several sessions that would assist to undo these tensions.


Dr Kung says that the face tends to hold tension and trauma, which is why, most often, it is the worry lines or frown lines that start to show up on your face first; “We store our issues in our tissues, so when we continue with our bodywork and move towards the facial acupuncture work it can make people emotional. It could be a challenging experience for those who repress things and are not ready to share it with anyone, thus creating a healing crisis.”


Some of Dr Kung’s clients have confided in her that after the bodywork sessions, they went home and cried, that is after not having cried for years.


In conclusion, Dr Kung notes that superficial signs of pain, stress, and trauma surface in the form of wrinkles, dullness and sallowness of the facial skin. However, treating these superficial signs will not address the root cause which is often physical and emotional imbalances that people experience.

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