The athleisure industry has been redesigned with a more inclusive approach, shifting the new wardrobe staples from a product to lose weight to one that helps people of every size embrace a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. One of these body-positive brands is FIT.CO – a homegrown label focused on empowering their community of women by redefining what it means to be fit in today’s world.


Bella Mobijohn, the founder, designs fitness products for the modern woman – or in her fabulous words, ‘babes with busy schedules’. Through comfortable activewear that allows them to feel their best everyday, and effective exercise equipment to elevate their daily workouts, FIT.CO doesn’t disrupt busy lives, but instead integrates activity with self-love and confidence into fast-paced lifestyles.



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How would you describe the FIT.CO community?

We’re all each other’s workout buddies! Our FITbabes are strong, confident, empowering and tenacious! 


What are your bestsellers?

The FITbox – it is equipped with 14 high-quality, light-weight, durable and travel-friendly fitness essentials to help burn belly fat, tone, sculpt and strengthen the body. You can also curate your own as it is Malaysia’s first customisable fitness box!


What sets your activewear apart from the rest?

Made to empower and help women feel their best everyday, we believe that being confident in an outfit can make you feel good and perform better.  What sets our athleisure apart from the rest is definitely its affordability, design and quality! We offer unique designs and colours for matching top and bottom sets, that are made with breathable fabric and following a unique colour palette. 



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The top 3 things your brand values the most are:

Our brand is a platform where women can get inspired to stay fit and healthy, regardless of their busy schedules and whatnot. It’s more about preparing yourself to be more active and physically strong. Here at FIT.CO, we are also making sure that we are doing our part to be a more environmentally conscious brand – we have made sure that our product materials and packaging are as environmentally-friendly as possible. A number of our products are handmade right here in Malaysia by talented local artisans, in order to lessen the negative environmental impacts while still being able to create quality products at an affordable price. Everything we create under the FIT.CO brand is made to help boss babes reach their fitness goals while still keeping it in line with our own goals


As a brand that promotes body positivity, how do you choose your models and influencers?

We believe that “you are more than a body”, hence the diversity seen in our models. Whether you’re petite or plump, short or tall, fair or dark, young or old, all are welcome to be part of our campaign shoots! Most of the time we get DMs or emails stating that they would love to be part of our future shoots. 


What does self-love mean to you as a brand?

Self-love is something that must be allowed rather than something that must be taught. In essence, self-love is all about knowing yourself, and loving whatever it is that makes you uniquely you. As a brand, we encourage our community to express their genuine selves, values and uniqueness.


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2020 made us all more resilient. If you’re reading this, always remember – you were able to persevere through a global pandemic. You were able to push through despite a world health crisis, and the seemingly never-ending setbacks and obstacles it threw your way. Be very proud of yourself.

We now enter 2021 with a better understanding of how to navigate through uncertainty, and a full understanding that it will entail a lot of stress and fast changes. But how do we maintain our resilience? Before moving forward, take a step back to look at your mental health – be honest with yourself and attend to your needs. Like any physical activity, in order to power through, you need to be fit.

What is mental fitness?

As our mind is a muscle, it needs to be trained and strengthened. Mental fitness involves exercises that develop our mental and emotional abilities – the more we exercise our minds, the stronger it gets. No, these activities aren’t done to increase your IQ. Mentally, they help us become healthier and fitter with skills that allow us to focus better, be more optimistic and connect well with others.

What are the benefits?

Mental fitness has physical benefits too – by being able to slow down, especially at night, our bodies will be able to rest properly. Having a calm mind will also help us become less reactive to stress and solve problems in a more relaxed manner. When it comes to concentration, mental fitness builds cognitive strength, which allows us to ignore distracting thoughts. Socially, it benefits us with the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships as we become less judgemental and more understanding.

How do we practice mental fitness?

When it comes to training, whether physical or mental, consistency is key. It won’t always be easy, but by adding these small actions to our daily routines, we’ll be able to achieve our goals of having a stronger mind. Be patient, be kind, and remember that improving your mental fitness will take time.

During the lockdown, social media became one of the only ways we could connect with each other. By sharing our experiences, we all became inspired to make the most of our time from the bread baking frenzy and TikTok takeover to “Hey MTV, welcome to my workout routine!”.

We loved that – the cyber community spirit brought us closer than ever, allowing people from all over the world to help one another become their best selves. While we showed support from behind our screens, we, too, put in the work and it became so routine that we still try to follow it until today.

Have a go at these workouts we’ve saved on Instagram:


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A crowd pleaser for targeting our favorite parts – this signature Sculpt Club workout will leave you feeling the burn (that means it’s working, woo hoo!). All you need is a mat, a pair of weights and if you don’t have a slider – replace it with a towel. Get sculpting!


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Now that you can enjoy the physical support from a workout buddy, take a jab at this superset – a fitness challenge by PWRHOUSE. Let’s see how many sets you can motivate each other to do.


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No equipment is needed for this complete home workout. Just grab a chair, lay out your mat and getting going with Karen Kho’s simple but effective routine for beginners.


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If where you live has a gym – make the most of it! Brand New Waves Running Club shares how they do strength work, a technique you can master if you’re up for the challenge.


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Stretch it out and release your stress and anxiety with this home flow by Omology Yoga founder, Kylie Denis. With how fast everything has been moving, sometimes we just need to slow down and find our ground.

If you enjoyed any of these workouts, make sure to show them your support by signing up for their classes and joining their clubs. Let’s keep the fitness community alive and well running!