According to a report analysis by World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), Malaysians are Asia’s largest consumer of plastic. Single-use plastic is still one of the biggest culprits behind our serious waste problem, especially when not disposed properly. The wrongful disposal of single-use plastic items, such as plastic bags and plastic water bottles, poses a threat to wildlife – harming innocent animals from accidental consumption, and polluting our ocean waters and coral reefs.

Stepping up to stop this environmental problem, Love Beauty and Planet (Unilever’s eco-friendly beauty brand), has launched a sustainability campaign in partnership with Watsons Malaysia and in conjunction with Earth Month, to educate consumers about the impact of plastic waste and encourage them to play their part in making the planet a better place.

To teach the public about recycling, the brand has created an interactive mobile game that offers Malaysians a chance to be an online eco-warrior and save a virtual marine world. With every successful gameplay, you can earn an exclusive voucher that is valid to be used for any Love Beauty and Planet product at Watsons’ stores, website, or in-app purchases!

When it comes to combatting Malaysia’s low recycling rate of 30%, as reported by Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp)’s last year, the brand is collaborating with Watsons to place recycling bins in 20 Watsons retail stores within the Klang Valley. You can visit the participating Watsons stores from 12 April 2021 to 31 May 2021 to drop off any used plastic bottles to be recycled – all of the collected bottles will be sent to a local plastic management company to be given a second life. As a reward for doing your part for the planet, you will be entitled to a reward voucher from Love Beauty and Planet to be used at Watsons!

To take part in the recycling initiative, you can visit any of the participating stores below:

The theme of this year’s Global Recycling Day is #RecyclingHeroes, and it celebrates the people, places and activities that work hard towards achieving an environmentally stable planet and a greener future for all. We’ve recently been experiencing record-breaking temperatures as we face a climate emergency that threatens international peace and security. This has made it more urgent than ever for us to work together to combat the rising global temperatures, melting ice caps, burning continents and increasing deforestation. 


Today, we wanted to showcase our local #RecyclingHeroes who have continuously campaigned for a better future for our planet. By doing their part and more to preserve the environment, these heroes have become crucial to our wellbeing. Below are 10 Malaysian #RecyclingHeroes that will inspire you to be more eco-friendly with their innovative recycling practices and admirable habits:



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The solid waste management company’s recycling initiative accepts 20 different types of recyclables and encourages the community to partake by buying their recyclable items for cash. You can exchange your waste, including electronics and cooking oil, at their centres and lorries in Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. 



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An initiative by Biji-Biji, this campaign transforms plastic waste into recycled products while offering an alternative source of income to underprivileged communities. Their products include notebooks, key chains, customized award plaques and more, and instil a sustainability mindset in those who produce and purchase them. 




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Short for E-waste Recycling Through Heroes, the electronic waste recycling service will pay you for old electronics to be recycled. If you have any unused devices or appliances, book a free pick-up in Klang Valley or drop it off at their 24/7 centre in Cyberjaya.




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This rewards-based recycling platform motivates users to recycle by allowing them to track their efforts and accumulate points. By sticking personalised barcode stickers on the bags of recyclables you drop off at their bins, you will be credited points to be exchanged for merchandise or cash vouchers.



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At IPC Shopping Centre, you can earn cash by discarding at least 1kg of recyclable waste at their drop off station. They accept items such as old magazines and newspapers, plastics and metals, as well as used bulbs and batteries.




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The first fabric recycling movement in Malaysia, this social entrepreneur keeps fabrics out of landfills by donating them to charitable organisations, exporting them to developing countries, or giving them new life as cloths or upcycled garments. Feel free to donate all your unwanted clothes, shoes and bags – even those that are unwearable. 



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This candle brand recycles used cooking oil for their environmentally-friendly scented candles. They upcycle cooking oil to prevent it from clogging drainage pipes and contaminating surface water and the land – this can disrupt the flow of oxygen for flora and fauna.




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Malaysia’s very first zero-waste store, they also accept items to be recycled, ranging from paper bags and glass jars / bottles to e-waste. The store advocates a zero waste lifestyle for the betterment of our planet by offering the largest bulk whole foods option and other green products.




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This eco-friendly skincare brand packages their natural beauty products in recyclable containers. They have a Reuse, Recycle, Return programme that allows customers to drop off empty bottles at any zero-waste store that stocks them or their own store at The Curve.




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A non-profit organisation, they raise awareness, provide talks and conduct sharing sessions to promote having a zero waste lifestyle. The organisation offers plenty of free resources from maps to handbooks, enabling the public to execute a zero waste action plan.