What are Human Rights?

So what exactly are ​Human Rights​?
It is the ​rights​ you have simply because you are ​human​.


What is Human Rights Day?

Human Rights Day is celebrated universally on the 10th of December every year to advocate the rights and freedoms of people across the globe. In 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) which contains 30 articles that touch on freedom, peace, justice, education, healthcare, and dignity, amongst other rights. Human Rights Day was officially established on the 4th of December, 1950 at the meeting of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

The UDHR basically states, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights”.

For the past 70 years, it has been celebrated worldwide to improve the social, cultural, physical, and spiritual well-being and welfare of all vulnerable groups of people.


What is the theme of Human Rights Day 2020?

“Recover Better – Stand Up For Human Rights.”

This year, the theme for Human Rights Day correlates with the COVID-19 pandemic that has left many countries struggling.

The UN Human Rights’ call to action “S​tand Up for Human Rights”, ​is intended for everybody to support transformative action and display practical and inspirational examples that will contribute to recovering better, and cultivating more resilient as well as just societies.

There is a dire need to build back better by making certain that ​Human Rights ​are the main priority of recovery efforts throughout the world.


What are the goals?

The COVID-19 crisis is further aggravated by structural discrimination and racism. The requirements for a post-COVID world would be equality and non-discrimination for all.

The pandemic has shone a bright light on the high and rising inequalities, be it economically, socially, and/or culturally everywhere in the world. A new social contract is needed to birth a new era.

Everyone plays a vital role in building a post-COVID world that’s recovered and better for the present and future generations. It is vital that the voices and pleads of the most vulnerable and affected be heard during the recovery efforts. We are all in this together.

Sustainable development is essential for all people and the planet. ​Human Rights​, the ​2030 Agenda, and the ​Paris Agreement are some of the many foundations of a recovery that includes everybody on this planet. Learn more about this by reading about ​The Sustainable Development Goals which addresses global challenges that we face today.


United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, ​Michelle Bachelet says​, “This is a call to action to seize this opportunity and build the world we want.”

Every person seeks equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal dignity without discrimination. Human rights are the choices that we make every day as human beings. It is the responsibility we all share to respect, to help one another, and protect that in-need.

Those who fight against torture, discrimination, poverty, and injustice are not people with superpowers or any special abilities; they’re normal people like you and me. Free-thinking individuals who refuse to be silent.

So, the question now becomes, ​will ​you stand up for human rights and join in the fight too?