Although mental health is as important as physical health, the essential services needed to take care of our mental wellbeing are not as accessible as they should be. Many are not able to seek help for their mental illnesses or benefit from therapy because they cannot afford the premium prices.

The Mind Faculty, a private mental health clinic in Solaris Mont Kiara, aims to tackle this problem with TMF Academy. Their TMF Academy Associate Practitioner Program offers high quality mental health services at affordable prices, starting from RM120. To ensure that therapy is accessible without compromising the quality of services, TMF Academy’s Associate Practitioners are supervised by a senior practitioner from The Mind Faculty.

Seeking help is important for everyone, therefore, therapy should not be a luxury. Mental health services are a necessity for individuals and society, to reduce the cost and impact of mental illness, and enhance overall wellbeing and happiness.

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2020 made us all more resilient. If you’re reading this, always remember – you were able to persevere through a global pandemic. You were able to push through despite a world health crisis, and the seemingly never-ending setbacks and obstacles it threw your way. Be very proud of yourself.

We now enter 2021 with a better understanding of how to navigate through uncertainty, and a full understanding that it will entail a lot of stress and fast changes. But how do we maintain our resilience? Before moving forward, take a step back to look at your mental health – be honest with yourself and attend to your needs. Like any physical activity, in order to power through, you need to be fit.

What is mental fitness?

As our mind is a muscle, it needs to be trained and strengthened. Mental fitness involves exercises that develop our mental and emotional abilities – the more we exercise our minds, the stronger it gets. No, these activities aren’t done to increase your IQ. Mentally, they help us become healthier and fitter with skills that allow us to focus better, be more optimistic and connect well with others.

What are the benefits?

Mental fitness has physical benefits too – by being able to slow down, especially at night, our bodies will be able to rest properly. Having a calm mind will also help us become less reactive to stress and solve problems in a more relaxed manner. When it comes to concentration, mental fitness builds cognitive strength, which allows us to ignore distracting thoughts. Socially, it benefits us with the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships as we become less judgemental and more understanding.

How do we practice mental fitness?

When it comes to training, whether physical or mental, consistency is key. It won’t always be easy, but by adding these small actions to our daily routines, we’ll be able to achieve our goals of having a stronger mind. Be patient, be kind, and remember that improving your mental fitness will take time.