Talk Therapy Not For You? Try These Alternatives

By Wild Ginger

Talk Therapy Not For You? Try These Alternatives

November 3rd, 2020 at 1:43 pm

Therapy is an immensely valuable tool for mental wellbeing that should be made more accessible – it can not only be costly, but Malaysia has suffered from a critical shortage of clinical psychologists. Traditional talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is the most widely used mental health service. However, if you’re not ready or able to do so, there are other ways you can process your emotions and feelings. Even if you’ve tried counselling and found it wasn’t for you, don’t feel bad because we all have different needs. Try exploring these mental health treatments instead:


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  1. Yoga Therapy
    Yoga therapy helps toimprove mental and physical health by using yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and guided visualisation. Its therapeutic focus covers a wide range of clinical methods that combineboth physical therapy and psychotherapy.
  2. Dance / Movement Therapy
    Dance therapy incorporates movement for a better understanding of self-awareness and self-esteem. By offering a space space to express your feelings, the treatment is beneficial for both physical and mental health.
  3. Music Therapy
    Conducted by a professional therapist, music therapy uses music to promote and sustain overall wellbeing. It involves a variety of musical activities, such as listening to music, singing and playing an instrument.

  4. Art Therapy
    You don’t need to be skilled to partake in art therapy – it just uses the creative process to help people build self-awareness, explore feelings, fix unresolved issues, enhance social skills and boost self-esteem.

  5. Writing Therapy
    Journal writing is a popular tool used by psychotherapists. This form of therapy addresses problems through journaling techniques and prompts to increase awareness and improve mental health conditions.

  6. Ecotherapy
    Also known as nature therapy, ecotherapy offers the opportunity to explore your relationship with nature. The positive impacts of interacting with nature has been illustrated by an increasing amount of research.

If you’re interested in trying any of these treatments, look for a practitioner in your area or ask your doctor for a recommendation. Remember – everyone is different, so be patient when figuring out what therapy works best for you. You may have to try a few or create a combination that suits your situation.

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