The Importance Of Being Vigilant During The Continuing COVID-Endemic

By Wild Ginger

The Importance Of Being Vigilant During The Continuing COVID-Endemic

February 24th, 2022 at 9:58 am

Bactakleen is on a quest for cleaner, purer air

COVID-19 is an ever evolving virus. Despite the fact that successful vaccination and booster campaigns have been carried out across the country, the rising cases show that these efforts alone aren’t enough to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Standard operating procedure (SOPs) have become laxed as we prepare for the endemic phase, but this false sense of security and misleading messaging is downplaying the seriousness of the situation.


According to Sia Ban Ian, the founder of Bactakleen, we should play our part in the fight against COVID-19 by staying vigilant and using the right disinfectant products to create a safe environment for ourselves and others. Ian believes that the right kind of disinfectants will help reduce cross contamination, eliminating the harmful viruses and bacteria in the air and contact surfaces all together. This has made it crucial for buyers to understand the basics of disinfectant labelling, including active components, inert compounds, warning remarks and effectiveness.


We asked Sia Ban Ian about the importance of good public health and hygienic standards, and how Backtakleen is keeping people and the environment protected and healthy.


How can Malaysians combat the rise in dangerous air-borne viruses and new COVID-19 variants?

“Air-borne viruses have been around since man existed. Air-borne viruses are often forgotten or omitted because it is invisible. People don’t take notice of it and take it for granted especially during COVID-19 when people wear face masks and they think the face masks will protect them. The biggest problem is when people remove their masks to eat at restaurants and cafes. They are immediately exposed to the danger of air-borne viruses.


Air-borne viruses are spread via the air conditioning system where a sick person coughs or sneezes – the droplets get drawn into the air conditioning system’s intake and recirculated out, thus affecting other people in the same room. Our company developed the first disinfection system, Bactakleen Ultra Mist, specifically to treat the air-borne viruses problem by spraying anti-viral and anti-bacterial mist into the air conditioning system. It has been extensively tested and proven to prevent COVID-19.”


What is the importance of being vigilant against the dangers of COVID-19?

“There is a lot that we do not know or understand about the impact of COVID-19 since the virus reacts differently with different people. Ideally we should avoid contracting it as much as possible, contrary to the herd immunity idea. Many people who contracted COVID-19 (different strains) have reported feeling pain or discomfort from underlying health problems. The virus appears to expose or amplify the underlying health problems, which can lead to death.”


What are the various ways Malaysians can keep themselves, their families and the environment around them safe, clean and disinfected? 

“Despite the Omicron variant being milder, it is still recommended to regularly sanitise your hands and contact surfaces, avoid touching your face, wear the face masks properly, and if possible, disinfect the air conditioning system of your car, home or office periodically.”


What are the key considerations in choosing the right kind of disinfectant products? 

“Safety is the key in choosing the right disinfectant. Many disinfectant sellers make wild claims about their product’s safety without any proof, and are not backed by any product liability insurance. In the event of any problems, it is unlikely the disinfectant seller will assist the user. Using products with toxic chemicals is worse than not using any disinfectant, as disinfectants with toxic chemicals will cause more problems. Before buying, always check or ask to see safety test reports such as skin allergy test, inhalation test (for items that may end up being inhaled such as products containing Chlorine Dioxide), and oral ingestion test.”


What is Bactakleen’s efficacy rate against COVID-19, its variants and other harmful viruses?

“All of Bactakleen’s products achieve a 99.9% or more efficacy rate when tested against COVID-19. Bactakleen is one of the very few brands in the market that have multiple products that are tested against the COVID-19 virus. Bactakleen’s products are designed to destroy the virus’ structure and, regardless of the variant, the products will effectively destroy the virus. All of Bactakleen products are also safety tested to ensure it is completely safe for its intended use.”


What about the efficacy and safety of Marvekleen, and its use on food and the human skin?

“Marvekleen has been tested to kill 99.99% of COVID-19 virus and has passed all the safety tests such as skin allergy, oral and inhalation tests. It is completely safe on humans and pets.”


What is the importance of internationally recognised laboratory certified certifications?

“Using internationally recognised laboratories help create credibility. These laboratories adhere to strict standards and are Government recognised. Unlike university test reports which are not audited and often are not recognised by any Government – it is also merely a research report rather than an accredited and auditable test.”

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