The Power Of Female Friendships

By Sarah Hannan

The Power Of Female Friendships

March 10th, 2022 at 5:22 am

The best support that can help you advance in your career


March is the month of celebrating girl power and empowering the superwomen in our lives. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day works around breaking the bias in every sphere, yet that is a battle that women keep losing half the time.


This is mainly because women have to work hard to prove that they are worthy of recognition and are worthy to sit at the high seat of the decision making process. This process is often hampered in competitive work environments, as there is always a male who will have better qualifications and more experience given that they are not burdened with the responsibilities of childbearing, running households, and having to strike a work-life balance in an increasingly demanding world.


Having female friends in such a work environment or even in general can benefit immensely for women who are ambitious to shatter the glass ceiling. Not all women have the fortune to work under woman bosses or have a workplace that has a majority of females to work with.


Yet when one gets to work in such a work environment one might notice how supportive they become since they empathise with our daily battles to reach your career goals, improve contribution towards building the company they work for, whilst looking to be a good homemaker or partner to her family.


So why is it important to have a circle of female friends?

In my career progression, I have had many female bosses as well as counterparts that have always supported me in securing consultancy work that they believed that I would be able to take on. Even when I have lost confidence, they would always remind me that I could always learn on the job and that I should take up the offer anyway or go and give it a try at the screening interview.


Their faith in me has partly helped with where I have reached in my career as a writer and as a media consultant.


In a study conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the US they analyzed the gender composition and communication pattern predicted on women’s leadership success within an organization.


Researchers used a quasi-experiment to determine the causal interference in rising to the leadership ranks based on human and social capital variables. While leadership placements based on one’s educational qualification were seemingly equal, high-placing women who have inner-circle contacts act like a clique and were able to maintain a level of contacts that never overlapped with their inner circle’s members.


So how can women improve building their inner-circle, well you have to only follow these steps:

  1.       Go beyond networking – rather than just networking get to know a little bit more about the women that you meet when you go for workshops or conferences
  2.       Give priority to build relationships – while building your relationship with the women you meet, also make an effort to get to know their other female friends
  3.       Nurture the connections that you make – Once you get to know their strengths or specializations always seek advice from them or even lookout for ways you could get their support in your career growth
  4.       Always make space for other women – Recognise the good work and the hard work that women in your workplace do, give credit where it is due and do not be shy to praise such women on their achievements or when they offer to help troubleshoot an issue in your processes.
  5.       Improve your sisterhood – Maintain the inner circle by keeping in touch with them to bounce ideas off, seek advice, and confide in them your grievances. They will be your best support system and will be there to fix your crown when it falls.

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