This Marketing Manager & Spin Instructor Shares His Work-Life Balance Cycle

By Wild Ginger

This Marketing Manager & Spin Instructor Shares His Work-Life Balance Cycle

October 24th, 2021 at 1:00 pm

The recent self-care revolution has empowered many of us to prioritize our own wellbeing. As employee burnout soars during the pandemic, this paradigm shift supports the importance of wellness in the workplace. Workers have been quitting their jobs to put their mental health and wellbeing first after feeling burned out from working through a global health crisis. Now wellness has become a top priority in the workplace to help employees live a more healthy and balanced life.


Signature Market, an online platform for wholesome products, is the first e-commerce company to prioritize work-life balance for mental health and employee wellbeing. The company’s culture and workplace flexibility can be seen in their Portals Marketing Manager, Adrian Choong, who manages to spearhead all of their online external portals and platforms while being a spin instructor at FLYPROJECT and a HIIT instructor at Movement Method Fitness.


Read on for his advice on practicing a healthy work-life balance to avoid getting burnout and having unnecessary stress.


How do you cope by putting on two different professional hats at the same time? 

First of all, I believe whoever that works in the e-commerce industry knows that due to the fast paced working culture, overtime and long working hours are actually a norm for us, but I really appreciate that Signature Market is the first e-commerce company that I work with which really prioritizes work-life balance.


However, I would also like to emphasize that it is very much related to our self-discipline and efficiency. I am always eager to learn new knowledge and skill sets to improve my work quality and speed. I also found that procrastination is one of the biggest issues for most of us, so I started to practice advance planning to minimise as many last minute tasks as possible.


To be honest, anyhow it is still challenging , but I enjoy being busy doing things that I really enjoy, especially when my roles and work-ethics may inspire others.


How do you manage your work-life balance and how has it helped you to keep your mental health in check?

As I mentioned above, for me self-discipline and efficiency are the important keys of my work-life balance.


Efficiency very much depending on how much you understand your profession, I always said defining the ‘why’ is much more important by just knowing the ‘how’ as nowadays a lot of us rush to just looking for methods to complete our task by not understanding the task, so when come to the same task with different situation, a lot of us start making mistakes and this is what low efficiency.


Self-discipline is a huge topic, but here I would like to talk about time management, a lot of us are so used to working for deadlines but then that’s when stress starting to happen, why not working in advance especially for those routine tasks so we could still handle calmly when ad hoc task kick in.


What were the many challenges you’ve experienced in your previous working experience before Signature Market?

I have been working in the e-commerce industry since I graduated from university, long working hours is the biggest challenge that I have experienced in most of my previous companies. But at the same time, I would like to say my previous negative working attitude is actually one of the causes of the challenge as well.


It’s interesting to know you are also a Spin Instructor, is that something that you really like to do as a hobby? 

Definitely! I believe we need to really enjoy what we are doing, only it will be sustainable. If you don’t see me in the gym just yet, I am most probably on my way to the gym.


How do you keep your energy uplifted as a Marketing Manager in a very fast-paced working environment and, at the same time, as a fitness enthusiast / professional Spin Instructor? Don’t you get tired as it must have at least affected your mental wellbeing? 

I do get tired or sometimes a little bit of burnout, however I am lucky to always have support from friends and family (which is so very important!), especially my workout community, a bunch of awesome people that are having great success in every aspect and enjoying life at the same time. They really inspired and motivated me.


In this new-pandemic era, many are struggling with mental health due to work and financial crisis. What’s your advice to the many millennials out there who would like to pursue more than just one profession in order to earn more and maintain a comfortable life?

Be grateful with whatever we have, happiness is precious in our life.


Knowing our own limits, do not over commit, but at the same time do not be too comfortable in your usual zone, always know when to challenge yourself.

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