Try These Visualization Tools When Social Media Makes You Feel Bad

By Wild Ginger

Try These Visualization Tools When Social Media Makes You Feel Bad

April 6th, 2021 at 3:56 pm

Social media is a place for people to share their lives, so everytime you open an app, you’re being greeted by flawless appearances and fantastic accomplishments. Although more and more people are slowly beginning to open up about their insecurities and failures, our timelines are still mainly filled with lives that have been polished to a social media shine.


Malaysians spend around 3.01 hours a day on social media, adding up to almost an entire day a week. With everyone’s highlight reels being played for that long, it’s definitely going to take a toll on your mental health. You may find yourself feeling unaccomplished or unattractive as you compare your behind-the-scenes to what can be seen. When social media starts to make you feel bad, you need a physical reminder of what matters most in your life.


Think of it as your very own ‘For You Page’ (FYP) – write down your accomplishments, throw in your best selfies, paste some inspiring quotes, list down your values and goals, find pictures that best represent your dreams. You can do this on your computer using Microsoft Word / Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint / Google Slides or Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop, but if you prefer to physically make a list and collage, you can do so in your journal, a scrapbook or on a board.


These visualisation tools can help boost your self-esteem, as well as provide you with clarity, direction and motivation. Sometimes on social media, it is easy to lose sight of what really matters to us because we get caught up in someone else’s path or societal expectations – having a physical reminder will get us back on track to leading a happy, fulfilling life!

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