Wild Ginger Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

By Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2022

February 7th, 2022 at 5:25 am

It’s that time of year again! As we enter the month of love (and gift-giving), we are excited to share with you what has been on our radar.


As Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, it may be hard for you to plan a staycation or go on a road trip with your partner. Gifts like chocolates and roses are also overly generic, so your special day may just feel like any other day.


Fret not, we’ve got you covered with our Valentine’s Day gift guide! These local self-love brands will definitely make your partner look and feel like a million bucks.


For the body: Lounge-erie

If you care about your partner’s sleep quality, then it’s time to bid goodbye to joggers and say hello to silky nightwear! Getting the best sleep result means choosing the best sleepwear that will keep the body comfortable while sleeping.


Silk and satin are smoother and softer on the skin – these light materials preserve your skin’s natural moisture, which acts as a body temperature regulator, keeping the body cool throughout the night. It’s perfect for the tropical weather here in Malaysia!


Check out these comfy local loungewear brands:



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Summer & Peach


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For the skin: At-Home Spa Treatments

Spa treatments can be pretty pricy, but you can create a similar experience at home to unplug and recharge after each day. Help your partner carve out this self-care space with beauty tools and devices!


Taking care of ourselves, even if it’s just for a few minutes by caring for our skin, can have a positive impact on our overall health. Looking good and feeling good about it contributes to a positive self-image that enhances your sense of wellbeing and long-term health too.


Have a look at these local beauty tools and devices:

Shero Beauty


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For the mind: Fun-ctional Fragrances

Functional fragrances use essential oils as one of their formulas, which helps our bodies recognise the organic scents that were produced by plant molecules. Using synthetic fragrances too frequently can cause issues that can adversely affect our well-being.


These essential oils have a great effect on our unconscious mind, which controls our emotions and psychological responses. Being said, functional fragrances can help reduce stress and trigger certain neurological responses that can improve our health.


Here are our top three local fragrance picks:

Analogue Apotik


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Ikigai Scenting


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Sukka Perfumes


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