Will Getting Paid Motivate You To Workout? Join MOVE!

By Wild Ginger

Will Getting Paid Motivate You To Workout? Join MOVE!

January 19th, 2021 at 3:18 pm

We’ve been working from home for almost a year now, shifting our offices from the bed to the dining table and the couch. Now you can add yoga mat to the mix! Upgrade your at-home workouts to a side hustle with MOVE – a fitness video sharing platform that allows users to monetise their content. As studio doors open and close, owners and instructors have made themselves at home on the platform, along with fit-fluencers and enthusiasts, to share uplifting content and support each other. What’s more motivating is that you don’t have to have any experience to get in on the action! MOVE provides a safe, judgement-free environment for fitness and social interaction. Here’s how you can join them on their mission to inspire more active lifestyles:

What is MOVE?

MOVE is the world’s first dedicated video sharing platform for fitness. MOVE aims to become THE platform to watch, as well as upload original user-generated content and uplift the fitness community more holistically. Our mission is to motivate, support, inspire and empower others wherever they are in their fitness journey. From videos on demand to livestreams, USERs and MOVERs can interact with one another, as well as gift REP$ – our currency which can be cashed out.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely FREE. Users can tune in, watch and workout, as well as upload their own content without any payment. If anything, they’re able to earn money!

What equipment do users require?

To date, most of the workouts uploaded by our MOVERS do not require any equipment. A few incorporate light dumbbells, resistance bands etc. but if you have a yoga mat handy, you’re pretty much good to go.

How experienced must you be to share your videos on MOVE?

Zero requirements as long as it’s fitness content. Certified instructors may use MOVE to educate, while budding instructors can practice teaching or recording their workout videos. Others who are not looking to teach can also share workout progress videos to gain feedback from others, or simply to record their own fitness journey.

What sets it apart from other online fitness platforms?

Community. As all our videos are user-generated and uploaded by content creators – MOVERs, this creates a safe and encouraging environment for those who are looking to workout, share their workouts, or even kickstart their fitness journey. The platform also provides the flexibility to work out anywhere and anytime — there’s always something for everyone. No charges apply unless you want to reward a MOVER for their contribution.

How can users motivate themselves to workout at home?

A key tip would be to share a video with a friend or family member and workout together. Recording and uploading their workouts to MOVE also allows them to track their progress, gain feedback from other viewers and also motivate others who are on their fitness journeys as well!

Sign up now for a free account and receive 300 REP$ to gift any MOVER!
Kickstart your fitness journey with these videos:

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