Women-Owned Businesses We Love: iWell Natural

By Wild Ginger

Women-Owned Businesses We Love: iWell Natural

March 9th, 2021 at 9:27 am

iWell Natural’s sleeping and wellness products were created to put your sleeping problems to bed. Designed with high quality materials, and a personal handcrafted finish, their best-selling eye mask is packed with real lavender to help soothe you to sleep. Daphne Chee, the founder, had discovered that a well-designed eye mask and the relaxing scent of lavender was just what she needed to fall asleep better.


Daphne is a light sleeper, and when she started traveling a lot, it began to affect her health. As someone who was already sensitive to her surroundings, the ever changing environments caused her to suffer from physical and mental exhaustion. Now, with an immense understanding on the importance of sleep, Daphne is on a mission to help others rest and rejuvenate through iWell Natural.



What are your best-sellers?

Our Lavender Eye Mask, Rose Quartz Silk Eye Mask and Silk Pillowcases


What makes your eye masks special?

We have 2 types of eye masks:

Lavender Eye Mask

  • Filled with real Lavender buds to help improve sleep.
  • We offer a variety of fabrics to choose from.

 Rose Quartz Silk Eye Mask

  • Filled with Rose Quartz crystals – the stone of love to help promote self -love, compassion and peace for a deeper sleep.
  • Made from mulberry silk.

Each piece is handmade and provides a total blackout to create the darkness you need to tell your brain it’s time for bed. 


What are the benefits of silk?

  • Silk is similar to human skin cells – it is made up of a natural protein including fibroin and sericin (which is also found in our bodies) that helps support hydration and maintains our skin’s natural moisture level. 
  • The softness allows our skin to glide gently across it, helping prevent sleep creases and facial wrinkles.
  • It is naturally cooling and acts as a regulator to ensure that our body maintains a comfortable temperature during sleep.
  • Silk is hypoallergenic and a great alternative for those who suffer from allergies.
  • As it is delicate, it reduces hair friction, and keeps our hair smooth and tame, helping prevent split ends, hair breakage, frizzy hair and even hair loss.



You also sell silk hair ties, how damaging are ‘traditional’ hair ties?

Traditional hair ties often tug our hair, causing hair breakage and damage. I have thin and fine hair, so I found that silk hair ties are much more gentle when holding my delicate hair without snagging or breaking. 


What self-care advice do you have as a brand that focuses on rest and rejuvenation?

Self-care is more than just putting on a facemask, it is also a reminder to check in on yourself and provide yourself with rest – mental rest, physical rest, creative and sensory rest, as well as spiritual rest. When I start to feel disconnected and anxious, I know it’s time to unplug – I’ll switch off my devices and get back to nature. Here are some more tips:

  • Mental rest – Unplug from technology, reduce your busy workload, read a good book, play your favourite music or cook yourself a simple but nourishing meal.
  • Physical rest – Getting good and adequate sleep is essential for our well-being. Take a nap if you need to.
  • Creative and sensory rest – Taking a break from creative output can actually provide more inspiration. Go for a long walk in nature to get some fresh air, or try journaling. 
  • Spiritual rest – Realign with your sense of purpose. I personally pray, meditate, embrace selfless acts of kindness, or read literature that grounds me. 


With a big focus on community and connection, iWell Natural encourages their customers to support other local brands from F&B businesses and lifestyle products to local talents, such as graphic designers and photographers. “It is important to support homegrown brands to help them sustain in our economy, as well as create more jobs and opportunities for other Malaysians”, says Daphne. Show your support for iWell Natural by shopping their products here and following them on social media!


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